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Packages in the standard library

baseThe R Base Package
compilerThe R Compiler Package
datasetsThe R Datasets Package
grDevicesThe R Graphics Devices and Support for Colours and Fonts
graphicsThe R Graphics Package
gridThe Grid Graphics Package
methodsFormal Methods and Classes
parallelSupport for Parallel computation in R
splinesRegression Spline Functions and Classes
statsThe R Stats Package
stats4Statistical Functions using S4 Classes
tcltkTcl/Tk Interface
toolsTools for Package Development
utilsThe R Utils Package

Packages in the CRAN library


A3Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models
AATtoolsReliability and Scoring Routines for the Approach-Avoidance Task
ABACUSApps Based Activities for Communicating and Understanding Statistics
ABC.RAPArray Based CpG Region Analysis Pipeline
ABCanalysisComputed ABC Analysis
ABCoptimImplementation of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Optimization
ABCp2Approximate Bayesian Computational Model for Estimating P2
ABHgenotypeREasy Visualization of ABH Genotypes
ABPSThe Abnormal Blood Profile Score to Detect Blood Doping
ACAAbrupt Change-Point or Aberration Detection in Point Series
ACDCategorical data analysis with complete or missing responses
ACDmTools for Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models
ACEsearch'ACE' Search Engine API
ACEtEstimation of Dynamic Heritability and Comparison of Twin Models
ACNEAffymetrix SNP Probe-Summarization using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
ACSWRA Companion Package for the Book "A Course in Statistics with R"
ACTCDAsymptotic Classification Theory for Cognitive Diagnosis
ADAPTSAutomated Deconvolution Augmentation of Profiles for Tissue Specific Cells
ADCTAdaptive Design in Clinical Trials
ADDTAnalysis of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Test Data
ADGofTestAnderson-Darling GoF test
ADMMAlgorithms using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
ADMMnetRegularized Model with Selecting the Number of Non-Zeros
ADMMsigmaPenalized Precision Matrix Estimation via ADMM
ADMURAncient Demographic Modelling Using Radiocarbon
ADPAdoption Probability, Triers and Users Rate of a New Product
ADPFUse Least Squares Polynomial Regression and Statistical Testing to Improve Savitzky-Golay
ADPclustFast Clustering Using Adaptive Density Peak Detection
ADVICEAutomatic Direct Variable Selection via Interrupted Coefficient Estimation
AEDForecastingChange Point Analysis in ARIMA Forecasting
AEPStatistical Modelling for Asymmetric Exponential Power Distribution
AERApplied Econometrics with R
AEenrichAdverse Event Enrichment Tests
AFModel-Based Estimation of Confounder-Adjusted Attributable Fractions
AFMAtomic Force Microscope Image Analysis
AFheritabilityThe Attributable Fraction (AF) Described as a Function of Disease Heritability, Prevalence and Intervention Specific Factors
AGDAnalysis of Growth Data
AGHmatrixRelationship Matrices for Diploid and Autopolyploid Species
AGPRISAGricultural PRoductivity in Space
AGSDestEstimation in Adaptive Group Sequential Trials
AGreadRead Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors
AHMAdditive Heredity Model: Method for the Mixture-of-Mixtures Experiments
AHMbookFunctions and Data for the Book 'Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology' Vols 1 and 2
AHPhybridAHP Hybrid Method
AICcmodavgModel Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)
AIDBox-Cox Power Transformation
AIGAutomatic Item Generator
AIPWAugmented Inverse Probability Weighting
ALDqrQuantile Regression Using Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
ALEPlotAccumulated Local Effects (ALE) Plots and Partial Dependence (PD) Plots
ALSMultivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least Squares (MCR-ALS)
ALSCPCAccelerated line search algorithm for simultaneous orthogonal transformation of several positive definite symmetric matrices to nearly diagonal form.
ALSMCompanion to Applied Linear Statistical Models
ALToptOptimal Experimental Designs for Accelerated Life Testing
ALassoSurvICAdaptive Lasso for the Cox Regression with Interval Censored and Possibly Left Truncated Data
AMAP.SeqCompare Gene Expressions from 2-Treatment RNA-Seq Experiments
AMAPVoxLiDAR Data Voxelisation
AMCPA Model Comparison Perspective
AMCTestmakeRGenerate LaTeX Code for Auto-Multiple-Choice (AMC)
AMGETPost-processing tool for ADAPT 5
AMModelsAdaptive Management Model Manager
AMOEBAA Multidirectional Optimum Ecotope-Based Algorithm
AMPLEShiny Apps to Support Capacity Building on Harvest Control Rules
AMRAntimicrobial Resistance Data Analysis
ANN2Artificial Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection
ANOMAnalysis of Means
ANOVAIREVAInteractive Document for Working with Analysis of Variance
ANOVAShinyInteractive Document for Working with Analysis of Variance
ANOVAShiny2Interactive Document for Working with Analysis of Variance
ANOVAreplicationTest ANOVA Replications by Means of the Prior Predictive p-Value
ANTsAnimal Network Toolkit Software
AOV1RInference in the Balanced One-Way ANOVA Model with Random Factor
APAtreeComputation of the 'Area Potentially Available' (APA) to Trees
APCIA New Age-Period-Cohort Model for Describing and Investigating Inter-Cohort Differences and Life Course Dynamics
APCanalysisAnalysis of Unreplicated Orthogonal Experiments using All Possible Comparisons
APFrMultiple Testing Approach using Average Power Function (APF) and Bayes FDR Robust Estimation
APISAuto-Adaptive Parentage Inference Software Tolerant to Missing Parents
APMLAn Approach for Machine-Learning Modelling
APML0Augmented and Penalized Minimization Method L0
APPEstimationAdjusted Prediction Model Performance Estimation
APSIMBatchAnalysis the output of Apsim software
APfunGeo-Processing Helper Functions
APtoolsAverage Positive Predictive Values (AP) for Binary Outcomes and Censored Event Times
AQLSchemesRetrieving Acceptance Sampling Schemes
AQuadtreeConfidentiality of Spatial Point Data
ARAnother Look at the Acceptance-Rejection Method
ARCensRegFitting Univariate Censored Linear Regression Model with Autoregressive Errors
ARCokrigAutoregressive Cokriging Models for Multifidelity Codes
ARDLARDL, ECM and Bounds-Test for Cointegration
ARHTAdaptable Regularized Hotelling's T^2 Test for High-Dimensional Data
ARIbrainAll-Resolution Inference
AROCCovariate-Adjusted Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Inference
ARPALDataRetrieving, Managing and Analysing Air Quality and Weather Data for Lombardy (Italy) using ARPA Lombardia Open Database
ARPobservationTools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes
ARTAligned Rank Transform for Nonparametric Factorial Analysis
ARTP2Pathway and Gene-Level Association Test
ARTofRWho Ever Care About the [Art of R] Scripts?
ARToolAligned Rank Transform
ARpLMECCensored Mixed-Effects Models with Different Correlation Structures
ASGS.foyerInterface to the Australian Statistical Geography Standard
ASIPAutomated Satellite Image Processing
ASMapLinkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm
ASPBayBayesian Inference on Causal Genetic Variants using Affected Sib-Pairs Data
ASSAApplied Singular Spectrum Analysis (ASSA)
ASSISTantAdaptive Subgroup Selection in Group Sequential Trials
ASSOCShinyInteractive Document for Working with Association Rule Mining Analysis
ASTAge-Spatial-Temporal Model
ATAforecastingAutomatic Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Using the Ata Method
ATEInference for Average Treatment Effects using Covariate Balancing
ATRAlternative Tree Representation
ATboundsBounding Treatment Effects by Limited Information Pooling
ATmetAdvanced Tools for Metrology
AUCThreshold independent performance measures for probabilistic classifiers.
AUCRFVariable Selection with Random Forest and the Area Under the Curve
AUtestsApproximate Unconditional and Permutation Tests
AWAPerCatchment Area Weighted Climate Data Anywhere in Australia
AWR'AWS' Java 'SDK' for R
AWR.Athena'AWS' Athena 'DBI' Wrapper
AWR.KMSA Simple Client to the 'AWS' Key Management Service
AWR.KinesisAmazon 'Kinesis' Consumer Application for Stream Processing
Ac3netInferring Directional Conservative Causal Core Gene Networks
AcceptanceSamplingCreation and Evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans
AcousticNDLCodeRCoding Sound Files for Use with NDL
AcrossTicA Cost-Minimal Regular Spanning Subgraph with TreeClust
ActCRExtract Circadian Rhythms Metrics from Actigraphy Data
ActFragActivity Fragmentation Metrics Extracted from Minute Level Activity Data
ActiveDriverFinding Cancer Driver Proteins with Enriched Mutations in Post-Translational Modification Sites
ActiveDriverWGSA Driver Discovery Tool for Cancer Whole Genomes
ActivePathwaysIntegrative Pathway Enrichment Analysis of Multivariate Omics Data
ActivityIndexActivity Index Calculation using Raw 'Accelerometry' Data
AcuityViewA Package for Displaying Visual Scenes as They May Appear to an Animal with Lower Acuity
AdMitAdaptive Mixture of Student-t Distributions
AdaSamplingAdaptive Sampling for Positive Unlabeled and Label Noise Learning
AdapEnetClassA Class of Adaptive Elastic Net Methods for Censored Data
AdapSampAdaptive Sampling Algorithms
AdaptFitOSAdaptive Semiparametric Additive Regression with Simultaneous Confidence Bands and Specification Tests
AdaptGaussGaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
AdaptiveSparsityAdaptive Sparsity Models
AdequacyModelAdequacy of Probabilistic Models and General Purpose Optimization
AdhereRAdherence to Medications
AdhereRVizAdherence to Medications
AdjBQRAdjusted Bayesian Quantile Regression Inference
AdvBinomAppsUpper Clopper-Pearson Confidence Limits for Burn-in Studies under Additional Available Information
AdvDif4Solving 1D Advection Bi-Flux Diffusion Equation
AdvancedBasketballStatsAdvanced Basketball Statistics
AeRobiologyA Computational Tool for Aerobiological Data
AeroSampleREstimate Aerosol Particle Collection Through Sample Lines
AggregateRAggregate Numeric, Date and Categorical Variables
AgreementIntervalAgreement Interval of Two Measurement Methods
AgroRExperimental Statistics and Graphics for Agricultural Sciences
AgroRegRegression Analysis Linear and Nonlinear for Agriculture
AhoCorasickTrieFast Searching for Multiple Keywords in Multiple Texts
AirSensorProcess and Display Data from Air Quality Sensors
AkeAssociated Kernel Estimations
AlgDesignAlgorithmic Experimental Design
AlgebraicHaploPackageHaplotype Two Snips Out of a Paired Group of Patients
AllPossibleSpellingsComputes all of a word's possible spellings.
AlleleRetainAllele Retention, Inbreeding, and Demography
AlleleShiftPredict and Visualize Population-Level Changes in Allele Frequencies in Response to Climate Change
AlphaPartPartition/Decomposition of Breeding Values by Paths of Information
AlphaSimRBreeding Program Simulations
AmeliaA Program for Missing Data
AmericanCallOptThis package includes pricing function for selected American call options with underlying assets that generate payouts.
AmesHousingThe Ames Iowa Housing Data
AmigaFFHCommodore Amiga File Format Handler
AmmoniaConcentrationUn-Ionized Ammonia Concentration
AmpGramPrediction of Antimicrobial Peptides
AmpliconDuoStatistical Analysis of Amplicon Data of the Same Sample to Identify Artefacts
AmyloGramPrediction of Amyloid Proteins
AnDEAn extended Bayesian Learning Technique developed by Dr. Geoff Webb
AnaCoDaAnalysis of Codon Data under Stationarity using a Bayesian Framework
AnalyzeFMRIFunctions for Analysis of fMRI Datasets Stored in the ANALYZE or NIFTI Format
AncestryMapperAssigning Ancestry Based on Population References
AnchorRegressionPerform AnchorRegression
AndromedaAsynchronous Disk-Based Representation of Massive Data
AnglerCreelSurveySimulationSimulate a Bus Route Creel Survey of Anglers
AnimalHabitatNetworkNetworks Characterising the Physical Configurations of Animal Habitats
AnnoProbeAnnotate the Gene Symbols for Probes in Expression Array
AnnotListsAnnotLists: A tool to annotate multiple lists from a specific annotation file.
AnnotationBustRExtract Subsequences from GenBank Annotations
AnnuityRIRAnnuity Random Interest Rates
AntAngioCOOLAnti-Angiogenic Peptide Prediction
AntMANAnthology of Mixture Analysis Tools
AntWebprogrammatic interface to the AntWeb
AnthropMMDAn R Package for Smith's Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD)
AnthropometryStatistical Methods for Anthropometric Data
AntibodyTitersAntibody Titer Analysis of Vaccinated Patients
AoptbdtvcA-Optimal Block Designs for Comparing Test Treatments with Controls
AovBayClassic, Nonparametric and Bayesian One-Way Analysis of Variance Panel
ApacheLogProcessorProcess the Apache Web Server Log Files
AppliedPredictiveModelingFunctions and Data Sets for 'Applied Predictive Modeling'
AquaEnvIntegrated Development Toolbox for Aquatic Chemical Model Generation
ArArReduxRigorous Data Reduction and Error Propagation of Ar40 / Ar39 Data
ArCoArtificial Counterfactual Package
ArDecTime series autoregressive-based decomposition
ArchaeoChronBayesian Modeling of Archaeological Chronologies
ArchaeoPhasesPost-Processing of the Markov Chain Simulated by 'ChronoModel', 'Oxcal' or 'BCal'
ArchaeoPhases.datasetData Sets for 'ArchaeoPhases' Vignettes
ArothronGeometric Morphometric Methods and Virtual Anthropology Tools
AsioHeaders'Asio' C++ Header Files
AssetCorrEstimating Asset Correlations from Default Data
AssetPricingOptimal Pricing of Assets with Fixed Expiry Date
AssocAFCAllele Frequency Comparison
AssocTestsGenetic Association Studies
AssotesteRStatistical Tests for Genetic Association Studies
AsthmaNHANESAsthma Data Sets from NHANES
AsyKKernel Density Estimation
AsynchLongRegression Analysis of Sparse Asynchronous Longitudinal Data
AtmChileDownload Air Quality and Meteorological Information of Chile
AtmRayAcoustic Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Atmospheric Models
AugmenterRData Augmentation for Machine Learning on Tabular Data
AurieLSHGaussianCreates a Neighbourhood Using Locality Sensitive Hashing for Gaussian Projections
AustralianPoliticiansProvides Datasets About Australian Politicians
AutoDeskRAn Interface to the 'AutoDesk' 'API' Platform
AutoPipeAutomated Transcriptome Classifier Pipeline: Comprehensive Transcriptome Analysis
AutoSEARCHGeneral-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling
AutoScoreAn Interpretable Machine Learning-Based Automatic Clinical Score Generator
AutoStepwiseGLMBuilds Stepwise GLMs via Train and Test Approach
AutoplotproteinDevelopment of Visualization Tools for Protein Sequence
AutoregressionMDEMinimum Distance Estimation in Autoregressive Model
AutoseedRetrieve Disease-Related Genes from Public Sources
AvInertiaCalculate the Inertial Properties of a Flying Bird
AzureAppInsightsInclude Azure Application Insights in Shiny Apps
AzureAuthAuthentication Services for Azure Active Directory
AzureCognitiveInterface to Azure Cognitive Services
AzureContainersInterface to 'Container Instances', 'Docker Registry' and 'Kubernetes' in 'Azure'
AzureCosmosRInterface to the 'Azure Cosmos DB' 'NoSQL' Database Service
AzureGraphSimple Interface to 'Microsoft Graph'
AzureKeyVaultKey and Secret Management in 'Azure'
AzureKustoInterface to 'Kusto'/'Azure Data Explorer'
AzureQstorInterface to 'Azure Queue Storage'
AzureRMRInterface to 'Azure Resource Manager'
AzureStorStorage Management in 'Azure'
AzureTableStorInterface to the Table Storage Service in 'Azure'
AzureVMVirtual Machines in 'Azure'
AzureVMmetadataInterface to Azure Virtual Machine Instance Metadata
AzureVisionInterface to Azure Computer Vision Services
aCRMConvenience functions for analytical Customer Relationship Management
aGEAdaptive Set-Based Gene-Environment Interaction Test for Rare Variants
aLFQEstimating Absolute Protein Quantities from Label-Free LC-MS/MS Proteomics Data
aMNLFAAutomated Moderated Nonlinear Factor Analysis Using 'M-plus'
aPCoACovariate Adjusted PCoA Plot
aRchiQuantitative Structural Model ('QSM') Treatment for Tree Architecture
aRpsDCAArps Decline Curve Analysis in R
aRtsyGenerative Art with 'ggplot2'
aRxivInterface to the arXiv API
aSPCAn Adaptive Sum of Powered Correlation Test (aSPC) for Global Association Between Two Random Vectors
aSPUAdaptive Sum of Powered Score Test
aTSAAlternative Time Series Analysis
aVirtualTwinsAdaptation of Virtual Twins Method from Jared Foster
aaSEAAmino Acid Substitution Effect Analyser
abbyyRAccess to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API
abcTools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
abc.dataData Only: Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
abcADMFit Accumulated Damage Models and Estimate Reliability using ABC
abcdeFBAABCDE_FBA: A-Biologist-Can-Do-Everything of Flux Balance Analysis with this package.
abcrfApproximate Bayesian Computation via Random Forests
abcrldaAsymptotically Bias-Corrected Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis
abctoolsTools for ABC Analyses
abdThe Analysis of Biological Data
abdivAlpha and Beta Diversity Measures
abeAugmented Backward Elimination
abessAdaptive Best Subset Selection in Polynomial Time
abf2Load Gap-Free Axon ABF2 Files
abglassoAdaptive Bayesian Graphical Lasso
abindCombine Multidimensional Arrays
abjutilsUseful Tools for Jurimetrical Analysis Used by the Brazilian Jurimetrics Association
abnormalityMeasure a Subject's Abnormality with Respect to a Reference Population
abodOutlierAngle-Based Outlier Detection
abstrR Interface to the A/B Street Transport System Simulation Software
abstractrAn R-Shiny Application for Creating Visual Abstracts
abtestBayesian A/B Testing
academictwitteRAccess the Twitter Academic Research Product Track V2 API Endpoint
accExploring Accelerometer Data
accSDAAccelerated Sparse Discriminant Analysis
accelerometryFunctions for Processing Accelerometer Data
accelmissingMissing Value Imputation for Accelerometer Data
acceptThe Acute COPD Exacerbation Prediction Tool (ACCEPT)
accrualBayesian Accrual Prediction
accucorNatural Abundance Correction of Mass Spectrometer Data
ace2fastqACE File to FASTQ Converter
aceEditorThe 'Ace' Editor as a HTML Widget
acebayesOptimal Bayesian Experimental Design using the ACE Algorithm
acepackACE and AVAS for Selecting Multiple Regression Transformations
acfMPeriodRobust Estimation of the ACF from the M-Periodogram
acidAnalysing Conditional Income Distributions
acled.apiAutomated Retrieval of ACLED Conflict Event Data
acmeRImplements ACME Estimator of Bird and Bat Mortality by Wind Turbines
acnrAnnotated Copy-Number Regions
acopulaModelling Dependence with Multivariate Archimax (or any User-Defined Continuous) Copulas
acpAutoregressive Conditional Poisson
acronameEngine for Acronyms and Initialisms
acrtAutocorrelation Robust Testing
acsDownload, Manipulate, and Present American Community Survey and Decennial Data from the US Census
acssAlgorithmic Complexity for Short Strings
acss.dataData Only: Algorithmic Complexity of Short Strings (Computed via Coding Theorem Method)
actAligned Corpus Toolkit
actelAcoustic Telemetry Data Analysis
activPALAdvanced Processing and Chart Generation from activPAL Events Files
activatrUtilities for Parsing and Plotting Activities
activegpGaussian Process Based Design and Analysis for the Active Subspace Method
activityAnimal Activity Statistics
activityCountsGenerate ActiLife Counts
activityGCMMCircular Mixed Effect Mixture Models of Animal Activity Patterns
actogrammrRead in Activity Data and Plot Actograms
actuarActuarial Functions and Heavy Tailed Distributions
actuaryrDevelop Actuarial Models
acumos'Acumos' R Interface
adaThe R Package Ada for Stochastic Boosting
adabagApplies Multiclass AdaBoost.M1, SAMME and Bagging
adagioDiscrete and Global Optimization Routines
adamethodsArchetypoid Algorithms and Anomaly Detection
adapt4pvAdaptive Approaches for Signal Detection in Pharmacovigilance
adaptDiagBayesian Adaptive Designs for Diagnostic Trials
adaptMCMCImplementation of a Generic Adaptive Monte Carlo Markov Chain Sampler
adaptMTAdaptive P-Value Thresholding for Multiple Hypothesis Testing with Side Information
adaptTestAdaptive two-stage tests
adaptalintCheck Code Style Painlessly
adaptiveGPCAAdaptive Generalized PCA
adaptivetauTau-Leaping Stochastic Simulation
adaptsmoFMRIAdaptive Smoothing of FMRI Data
adassAdaptive Smoothing Spline (AdaSS) Estimator for the Function-on-Function Linear Regression
add2ggplotAdd to 'ggplot2'
addScalesAdds Labeled Center Line and Scale Lines/Regions to Trellis Plots
addhazBinomial and Multinomial Additive Hazard Models
addhazardFit Additive Hazards Models for Survival Analysis
addinsJoaoMeloAddins Made of Joao Melo
addinsOutline'RStudio' Addins for Show Outline of a R Markdown/'LaTeX' Project
addinslistDiscover and Install Useful RStudio Addins
additiveBindings for Generalized Additive Models (GAM)
additiveDEAAdditive Data Envelopment Analysis Models
additivityTestsAdditivity Tests in the Two Way Anova with Single Sub-class Numbers
addregAdditive Regression for Discrete Data
ade4Analysis of Ecological Data: Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences
ade4TkGUI'ade4' Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface
adeaAlternate DEA Package
adegenetExploratory Analysis of Genetic and Genomic Data
adegraphicsAn S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data
adehabitatHRHome Range Estimation
adehabitatHSAnalysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
adehabitatLTAnalysis of Animal Movements
adehabitatMATools to Deal with Raster Maps
adephyloExploratory Analyses for the Phylogenetic Comparative Method
adeproA 'shiny' Application for the (Audio-)Visualization of Adverse Event Profiles
adeptAdaptive Empirical Pattern Transformation
adeptdataAccelerometry Data Sets
adespatialMultivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis
adfExplorerImport from and Export to Amiga Disk Files
adheRenceRXAssess Medication Adherence from Pharmaceutical Claims Data
adhocCalculate Ad Hoc Distance Thresholds for DNA Barcoding Identification
adimproAdaptive Smoothing of Digital Images
adivAnalysis of Diversity
adjclustAdjacency-Constrained Clustering of a Block-Diagonal Similarity Matrix
adjustedcranlogsRemove Automated and Repeated Downloads from 'RStudio' 'CRAN' Download Logs
adklakedataAdirondack Long-Term Lake Data
adliftAn Adaptive Lifting Scheme Algorithm
admiscAdrian Dusa's Miscellaneous
admixPackage Admix for Admixture (aka Contamination) Models
admixrAn Interface for Running 'ADMIXTOOLS' Analyses
admmDensestSubmatrixAlternating Direction Method of Multipliers to Solve Dense Dubmatrix Problem
adnutsNo-U-Turn MCMC Sampling for 'ADMB' Models
adobeanalyticsrR Client for 'Adobe Analytics' API 2.0
adoptrAdaptive Optimal Two-Stage Designs in R
adpssDesign and Analysis of Locally or Globally Efficient Adaptive Designs
adsSpatial Point Patterns Analysis
adsDataHubRGoogle Ads Data Hub API Client
advclustObject Oriented Advanced Clustering
adventrInteractive R Tutorials to Accompany Field (2016), "An Adventure in Statistics"
adwaveWavelet Analysis of Genomic Data from Admixed Populations
adwordsRAccess the 'Google Adwords' API
aemoDownload and Process AEMO Price and Demand Data
afcGeneralized Discrimination Score
afdxDiagnosis Performance Using Attributable Fraction
afexAnalysis of Factorial Experiments
affinityRaster Georeferencing, Grid Affine Transforms, Cell Abstraction
affinitymatrixEstimation of Affinity Matrix
affluenceIndexAffluence (Richness) Indices
afmToolkitFunctions for Atomic Force Microscope Force-Distance Curves Analysis
afptTools for Modelling of Animal Flight Performance
aftgeeAccelerated Failure Time Model with Generalized Estimating Equations
afthdAccelerated Failure Time for High Dimensional Data with MCMC
agReeVarious Methods for Measuring Agreement
aggregationp-Value Aggregation Methods
aghqAdaptive Gauss Hermite Quadrature for Bayesian Inference
aglmAccurate Generalized Linear Model
agopAggregation Operators and Preordered Sets
agriTutorialTutorial Analysis of Some Agricultural Experiments
agricolaeStatistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
agricolaeplotrVisualization of Design of Experiments from the 'agricolae' Package
agridatAgricultural Datasets
agriwaterEvapotranspiration and Energy Fluxes Spatial Analysis
agrmtCalculate Concentration and Dispersion in Ordered Rating Scales
agrostabStability Analysis for Agricultural Research
agsemiscMiscellaneous plotting and utility functions
agtboostAdaptive and Automatic Gradient Boosting Computations
ahMLEMethods for the Additive Hazard Model
ahazRegularization for semiparametric additive hazards regression
ahnrAn Implementation of the Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks
ahpsurveyAnalytic Hierarchy Process for Survey Data
ahptopsis2nHybrid Method for Multiple Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM)
aiRlyR Wrapper for 'Airly' API
aiRthermoAtmospheric Thermodynamics and Visualization
aibdAttraction Indian Buffet Distribution
aidarTools for Reading AIDA Files
aif360Help Detect and Mitigate Bias in Machine Learning Models
aimPlotCreate Pie Like Plot for Completeness
aimsir17Irish Weather Observing Stations Hourly Records for 2017
airGRSuite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
airGRdatassimEnsemble-Based Data Assimilation with GR Hydrological Models
airGRteachingTeaching Hydrological Modelling with the GR Rainfall-Runoff Models ('Shiny' Interface Included)
aire.zmvmDownload Mexico City Pollution, Wind, and Temperature Data
airportrConvenience Tools for Working with Airport Data
airportsData on Airports
airqualityESAir Quality Measurements in Spain from 2011 to 2018
airrAIRR Data Representation Reference Library
airtEvaluation of Algorithm Collections Using Item Response Theory
ajvAnother JSON Schema Validator
akcAutomatic Knowledge Classification
akiFlaggerFlags Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
akimaInterpolation of Irregularly and Regularly Spaced Data
akmbiclustAlternating K-Means Biclustering
akmeansAdaptive Kmeans algorithm based on threshold
akmedoidsAnchored Kmedoids for Longitudinal Data Clustering
alabamaConstrained Nonlinear Optimization
alakazamImmunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis
albatrossPARAFAC Analysis of Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices
albopictusAge-Structured Population Dynamics Model
aldThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
aldvmmAdjusted Limited Dependent Variable Mixture Models
alfrConnectivity to 'Alfresco' Content Management Repositories
alfredDownloading Time Series from ALFRED Database for Various Vintages
algaeClassifyDetermine Phytoplankton Functional Groups Based on Functional Traits
algoImplement an Address Search Auto Completion Menu on 'Shiny' Text Inputs Using the 'Algolia Places' 'Javascript' Library
algorithmiaAllows you to Easily Interact with the Algorithmia Platform
aliases2entrezConverts Human gene symbols to entrez IDs
alignfigRVisualizing Multiple Sequence Alignments with 'ggplot2'
allcontributorsAcknowledge all Contributors to a Project
alleHapAllele Imputation and Haplotype Reconstruction from Pedigree Databases
allelematchIdentifying Unique Multilocus Genotypes where Genotyping Error and Missing Data may be Present
allestimatesEffect Estimates from All Models
alluvialAlluvial Diagrams
almanacTools for Working with Recurrence Rules
alookrModel Classifier for Binary Classification
alpacaFit GLM's with High-Dimensional k-Way Fixed Effects
alphaOutlierObtain Alpha-Outlier Regions for Well-Known Probability Distributions
alphabetrAlgorithms for High-Throughput Sequencing of Antigen-Specific T Cells
alphahullGeneralization of the Convex Hull of a Sample of Points in the Plane
alphashape3dImplementation of the 3D Alpha-Shape for the Reconstruction of 3D Sets from a Point Cloud
alphastableInference for Stable Distribution
alphavantagerLightweight R Interface to the Alpha Vantage API
alr4Data to Accompany Applied Linear Regression 4th Edition
altR2Alternative Estimators to Adjusted R-Squared
altadataAPI Wrapper for
altairInterface to 'Altair'
altfuelrProvides an Interface to the NREL Alternate Fuels Locator
altmetaAlternative Meta-Analysis Methods
amanidaMeta-Analysis for Non-Integral Data
amanpgAlternating Manifold Proximal Gradient Method for Sparse PCA
amapAnother Multidimensional Analysis Package
amapGeocodeAn Interface to the 'AutoNavi Maps' API Geocoding Services
ambhasGWGround Water Modelling
ambientA Generator of Multidimensional Noise
ambiorixWeb Framework Inspired by 'Express.js'
amelieAnomaly Detection with Normal Probability Functions
amenAdditive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and Relational Data
amerikaAmerican Politics-Inspired Color Palette Generator
amlAdaptive Mixed LASSO
ammistabilityAdditive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model Stability Parameters
ampdAn Algorithm for Automatic Peak Detection in Noisy Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Signals
ampirPredict Antimicrobial Peptides
amtAnimal Movement Tools
anMCCompute High Dimensional Orthant Probabilities
anacorSimple and Canonical Correspondence Analysis
analogseaInterface to 'Digital Ocean'
analogueAnalogue and Weighted Averaging Methods for Palaeoecology
analogueExtraAdditional Functions for Use with the Analogue Package
analysisPipelinesCompose Interoperable Analysis Pipelines & Put Them in Production
analyzModel Layer for Automatic Data Analysis via CSV File Interpretation
analyzerData Analysis and Automated R Notebook Generation
anapuceTools for Microarray Data Analysis
anchorsStatistical analysis of surveys with anchoring vignettes
andrewsAndrews curves
andurinhaMake Spectroscopic Data Processing Easier
anesrakeANES Raking Implementation
angstromsTools for 'ROMS' the Regional Ocean Modeling System
aniDomInferring Dominance Hierarchies and Estimating Uncertainty
anim.plotsSimple Animated Plots for R
animalEKFExtended Kalman Filters for Animal Movement
animalTrackAnimal track reconstruction for high frequency 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) movement data.
animaltrackerAnimal Tracker
animationA Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations
anipathsAnimation of Multiple Trajectories with Uncertainty
aniviewAnimate Shiny and R Markdown Content when it Comes into View
anndata'anndata' for R
anocvaA Non-Parametric Statistical Test to Compare Clustering Structures
anomalizeTidy Anomaly Detection
anomalyDetecting Anomalies in Data
anovirAnalysis of Virulence
anscombiserCreate Datasets with Identical Summary Statistics
antaresEditObjectEdit an 'Antares' Simulation
antaresProcessing'Antares' Results Processing
antaresReadImport, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation
antaresVizAntares Visualizations
anthroComputation of the WHO Child Growth Standards
anthroplusComputation of the WHO 2007 References for School-Age Children and Adolescents (5 to 19 Years)
anticlustSubset Partitioning via Anticlustering
antitrustTools for Antitrust Practitioners
antiwordExtract Text from Microsoft Word Documents
anyLibInstall and Load Any Package from CRAN, Bioconductor or Github
anybadgerCreate Custom Pipeline Badges
anyflightsQuery 'nycflights13'-Like Air Travel Data for Given Years and Airports
anytimeAnything to 'POSIXct' or 'Date' Converter
aoAlternating Optimization
aodAnalysis of Overdispersed Data
aods3Analysis of Overdispersed Data using S3 Methods
aofOntogenetic Shifts in Central-Place Foraging Insects
aoosAnother Object Orientation System
aopdataData from the 'Access to Opportunities Project (AOP)'
aoristicGenerates Aoristic Probability Distributions
aosAnimate on Scroll Library for 'shiny'
apTreeshapeAnalyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape
apaFormat Outputs of Statistical Tests According to APA Guidelines
apaTablesCreate American Psychological Association (APA) Style Tables
apaTextCreate R Markdown Text for Results in the Style of the American Psychological Association (APA)
apache.sedonaR Interface for Apache Sedona
apcAge-Period-Cohort Analysis
apcfAdapted Pair Correlation Function
apclusterAffinity Propagation Clustering
apdesignAn Implementation of the Additive Polynomial Design Matrix
apeAnalyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
apercuQuick Look at your Data
apexPhylogenetic Methods for Multiple Gene Data
apexcharterCreate Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'ApexCharts' Library
aphidAnalysis with Profile Hidden Markov Models
apisensrInterface to 'episensr' for Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiological Results
aplore3Datasets from Hosmer, Lemeshow and Sturdivant, "Applied Logistic Regression" (3rd Ed., 2013)
aplotDecorate a 'ggplot' with Associated Information
aplpackAnother Plot Package: 'Bagplots', 'Iconplots', 'Summaryplots', Slider Functions and Others
apngConvert Png Files into Animated Png
apolloTools for Choice Model Estimation and Application
appler'Apple App Store' and 'iTunes' Data Extraction
applicableA Compilation of Applicability Domain Methods
appnnAmyloid Propensity Prediction Neural Network
approximatorBayesian Prediction of Complex Computer Codes
approxmatchApproximately Optimal Fine Balance Matching with Multiple Groups
aprean3Datasets from Draper and Smith "Applied Regression Analysis" (3rd Ed., 1998)
aprofAmdahl's Profiler, Directed Optimization Made Easy
apsimxInspect, Read, Edit and Run 'APSIM' "Next Generation" and 'APSIM' Classic
apsrtableapsrtable model-output formatter for social science
aptAsymmetric Price Transmission
apyramidVisualize Population Pyramids Aggregated by Age
aqpAlgorithms for Quantitative Pedology
aquodomAccess to Aquo domaintables from R (Dutch)
ar.matrixSimulate Auto Regressive Data from Precision Matricies
arabic2kansujiConvert Arabic Numerals to Kansuji
arabicStemRArabic Stemmer for Text Analysis
araknoARAchnid KNowledge Online
arcAssociation Rule Classification
archdataExample Datasets from Archaeological Research
archeofragRefitting and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology
archetyperAn Archetype for Data Mining and Data Science Projects
archetypesArchetypal Analysis
archiDARTPlant Root System Architecture Analysis Using DART and RSML Files
archiveMulti-Format Archive and Compression Support
archiveRetrieverRetrieve Archived Web Pages from the 'Internet Archive'
archivistTools for Storing, Restoring and Searching for R Objects
archivist.githubTools for Archiving, Managing and Sharing R Objects via GitHub
arcosLoad ARCOS Prescription Data Prepared by the Washington Post
arcpullrPull Data from an 'ArcGIS REST' API
arctoolsProcessing and Physical Activity Summaries of Minute Level Activity Data
areabiplotArea Biplot
arealAreal Weighted Interpolation
areaplotPlot Stacked Areas and Confidence Bands as Filled Polygons
arena2rPlots, Summary Statistics and Tools for Arena Simulation Users
arenarArena for the Exploration and Comparison of any ML Models
arfimaFractional ARIMA (and Other Long Memory) Time Series Modeling
argoAccurate Estimation of Influenza Epidemics using Google Search Data
argoFloatsAnalysis of Oceanographic Argo Floats
argon2Secure Password Hashing
argonDashArgon Shiny Dashboard Template
argonRR Interface to Argon HTML Design
argosfilterArgos locations filter
argparseCommand Line Optional and Positional Argument Parser
argparserCommand-Line Argument Parser
ariAutomated R Instructor
ariExtraTools for Creating Automated Courses
aricodeEfficient Computations of Standard Clustering Comparison Measures
arkdbArchive and Unarchive Databases Using Flat Files
arkheRepresentation of Archaeological Data
armData Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
armadaA Statistical Methodology to Select Covariates in High-Dimensional Data under Dependence
armsppAdaptive Rejection Metropolis Sampling (ARMS) via 'Rcpp'
arnie"Arnie" box office records 1982-2014
aroma.affymetrixAnalysis of Large Affymetrix Microarray Data Sets
aroma.apdA Probe-Level Data File Format Used by 'aroma.affymetrix' [deprecated]
aroma.cnCopy-Number Analysis of Large Microarray Data Sets
aroma.coreCore Methods and Classes Used by 'aroma.*' Packages Part of the Aroma Framework
arprAdvanced R Pipes
arrApplyApply a Function to a Margin of an Array
arrangementsFast Generators and Iterators for Permutations, Combinations, Integer Partitions and Compositions
arrayhelpersConvenience Functions for Arrays
arrowIntegration to 'Apache' 'Arrow'
arsAdaptive Rejection Sampling
arseArea of Resilience to Stress Event
arsenalAn Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
artfimaARTFIMA Model Estimation
arulesMining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
arulesCBAClassification Based on Association Rules
arulesNBMinerMining NB-Frequent Itemsets and NB-Precise Rules
arulesSequencesMining Frequent Sequences
arulesVizVisualizing Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
asVPCAverage Shifted Visual Predictive Checks
asaurData Sets for "Applied Survival Analysis Using R""
asbioA Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
asciiExport R Objects to Several Markup Languages
asciiSetupReaderReads Fixed-Width ASCII Data Files (.txt or .dat) that Have Accompanying Setup Files (.sps or .sas)
asciicastCreate 'Ascii' Screen Casts from R Scripts
asciichartrLightweight ASCII Line Graphs
asciirulerRender an ASCII Ruler
asdSimulations for Adaptive Seamless Designs
asdreaderReading ASD Binary Files in R
ashDavid Scott's ASH Routines
ashrMethods for Adaptive Shrinkage, using Empirical Bayes
ashtApplied Statistical Hypothesis Tests
askpassSafe Password Entry for R, Git, and SSH
aslibInterface to the Algorithm Selection Benchmark Library
asnipeAnimal Social Network Inference and Permutations for Ecologists
aspectA General Framework for Multivariate Analysis with Optimal Scaling
aspiAnalysis of Symmetry of Parasitic Infections
asremlPlusAugments 'ASReml-R' in Fitting Mixed Models and Packages Generally in Exploring Prediction Differences
assemblerrAssembly of Pharmacometric Models
assertValidate Function Arguments
assertableVerbose Assertions for Tabular Data (Data.frames and Data.tables)
assertiveReadable Check Functions to Ensure Code Integrity
assertive.baseA Lightweight Core of the 'assertive' Package
assertive.codeAssertions to Check Properties of Code
assertive.dataAssertions to Check Properties of Data to Check Properties of Strings to Check Properties of Strings
assertive.datetimesAssertions to Check Properties of Dates and Times
assertive.filesAssertions to Check Properties of Files
assertive.matricesAssertions to Check Properties of Matrices
assertive.modelsAssertions to Check Properties of Models
assertive.numbersAssertions to Check Properties of Numbers
assertive.propertiesAssertions to Check Properties of Variables
assertive.reflectionAssertions for Checking the State of R
assertive.setsAssertions to Check Properties of Sets
assertive.stringsAssertions to Check Properties of Strings
assertive.typesAssertions to Check Types of Variables
assertrAssertive Programming for R Analysis Pipelines
assertthatEasy Pre and Post Assertions
assignPOPPopulation Assignment using Genetic, Non-Genetic or Integrated Data in a Machine Learning Framework
assignRInfer Geographic Origin from Isotopic Data
assistA Suite of R Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
assocIndImplements New and Existing Association Indices for Constructing Animal Social Networks
assortnetCalculate the Assortativity Coefficient of Weighted and Binary Networks
asteRiskComputation of Satellite Position
asterAster Models
aster2Aster Models
astroFnsAstronomy: time and position functions, misc. utilities
astrochronA Computational Tool for Astrochronology
astrodatRAstronomical Data
astrolibRAstronomy Users Library
astsaApplied Statistical Time Series Analysis
asusAdaptive SURE Thresholding Using Side Information
asylumData on Asylum and Resettlement for the UK
asymLDAsymmetric Linkage Disequilibrium (ALD) for Polymorphic Genetic Data
asymmetryMultidimensional Scaling of Asymmetric Data
asymmetry.measuresAsymmetry Measures for Probability Density Functions
asympTestA Simple R Package for Classical Parametric Statistical Tests and Confidence Intervals in Large Samples
asymptorEstimate Asymptomatic Cases via Capture/Recapture Methods
asypowCalculate Power Utilizing Asymptotic Likelihood Ratio Methods
ataAutomated Test Assembly
atableCreate Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials
atakrigArea-to-Area Kriging
atlasStanford 'ATLAS' Search Engine API
atmcmcAutomatically Tuned Markov Chain Monte Carlo
atsdSupport Querying Axibase Time-Series Database
attachmentDeal with Dependencies
attemptTools for Defensive Programming
attenuationCorrecting for Attenuation Due to Measurement Error
attribAttributable Burden of Disease
auRocVarious Methods to Estimate the AUC
aucmAUC Maximization
auctestrStatistical Testing for AUC Data
auctionrEstimate First-Price Auction Model
audioAudio Interface for R
audiolyzRaudiolyzR: Give your data a listen
audiometryStandard Conform Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) Plots
auditBounds for Accounting Populations
auditorModel Audit - Verification, Validation, and Error Analysis
audrexAutomatic Dynamic Regression using Extreme Gradient Boosting
augSIMEXAnalysis of Data with Mixed Measurement Error and Misclassification in Covariates
augmentedRCBDAnalysis of Augmented Randomised Complete Block Designs
aukeBird Data Extraction and Processing in R
aureliusGenerates PFA Documents from R Code and Optionally Runs Them
ausplotsRTERN AusPlots Analysis Package
auth0Secure Authentication in Shiny with Auth0
auto.pcaAutomatic Variable Reduction Using Principal Component Analysis
autoBaggingLearning to Rank Bagging Workflows with Metalearning
autoCovariateSelectionAutomated Covariate Selection Using HDPS Algorithm
autoFCAutomatic Construction of Forced-Choice Tests
autoFRKAutomatic Fixed Rank Kriging
autoMFAAlgorithms for Automatically Fitting MFA Models
autoMrPImproving MrP with Ensemble Learning
autoTSAutomatic Model Selection and Prediction for Univariate Time Series
autocartAutocorrelation Regression Trees
autocogsAutomatic Cognostic Summaries
autoencoderSparse Autoencoder for Automatic Learning of Representative Features from Unlabeled Data
autoharpSemi-Automatic Grading of R and Rmd Scripts
autohdHigh Dimensional Bayesian Survival Mediation Analysis
autoimageMultiple Heat Maps for Projected Coordinates
autokerasR Interface to 'AutoKeras'
automagicAutomagically Document and Install Packages Necessary to Run R Code
automapAutomatic interpolation package
automlDeep Learning with Metaheuristic
autoplotlyAutomatic Generation of Interactive Visualizations for Statistical Results
autoshinyAutomatic Transformation of an 'R' Function into a 'shiny' App
autostatsAuto Stats
autostsmAutomatic Structural Time Series Models
autothresholdrAn R Port of the 'ImageJ' Plugin 'Auto Threshold'
avWorking with Audio and Video in R
availableCheck if the Title of a Package is Available, Appropriate and Interesting
avarAllan Variance
averiskCalculation of Average Population Attributable Fractions and Confidence Intervals
avocadoWeekly Hass Avocado Sales Summary
aweSOMInteractive Self-Organizing Maps
aweekConvert Dates to Arbitrary Week Definitions
awsAdaptive Weights Smoothing
aws.alexaClient for the Amazon Alexa Web Information Services API
aws.comprehendClient for 'AWS Comprehend'
aws.ec2metadataGet EC2 Instance Metadata
aws.ecxCommunicating with AWS EC2 and ECS using AWS REST APIs
aws.iamAWS IAM Client Package
aws.kms'AWS Key Management Service' Client Package
aws.lambdaAWS Lambda Client Package
aws.pollyClient for AWS Polly
aws.s3'AWS S3' Client Package
aws.signatureAmazon Web Services Request Signatures
aws.transcribeClient for 'AWS Transcribe'
aws.translateClient for 'AWS Translate'
awsMethodsClass and Methods Definitions for Packages 'aws', 'adimpro', 'fmri', 'dwi'
aziztestNovel Statistical Test for Aberration Enrichment
azuremlsdkInterface to the 'Azure Machine Learning' 'SDK'
BACCOBayesian Analysis of Computer Code Output (BACCO)
BACCTBayesian Augmented Control for Clinical Trials
BACpriorChoice of the Hyperparameter Omega in the Bayesian Adjustment for Confounding (BAC) Algorithm
BAEssdBayesian Average Error approach to Sample Size Determination
BAGofTA Binary Regression Adaptive Goodness-of-Fit Test (BAGofT)
BALCONYBetter ALignment CONsensus analYsis
BALLIExpression RNA-Seq Data Analysis Based on Linear Mixed Model
BAMBIBivariate Angular Mixture Models
BAMMtoolsAnalysis and Visualization of Macroevolutionary Dynamics on Phylogenetic Trees
BANOVAHierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
BARISAccess and Import Data from the French Open Data Portal
BARTBayesian Additive Regression Trees
BASBayesian Variable Selection and Model Averaging using Bayesian Adaptive Sampling
BASIXBASIX: An efficient C/C++ toolset for R.
BASSBayesian Adaptive Spline Surfaces
BASiNETClassification of RNA Sequences using Complex Network Theory
BATBiodiversity Assessment Tools
BAYSTAROn Bayesian analysis of Threshold autoregressive model (BAYSTAR)
BAwiRAnalysis of Basketball Data
BBSolving and Optimizing Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems
BBESTBayesian Estimation of Incoherent Neutron Scattering Backgrounds
BBIBenthic Biotic Indices Calculation from Composition Data
BBMMBrownian bridge movement model
BBMVModels for Continuous Traits Evolving in Macroevolutionary Landscapes of any Shape
BBRecaptureBayesian Behavioural Capture-Recapture Models
BBSSLBayesian Bootstrap Spike-and-Slab LASSO
BBcorBayesian Bootstrapping Correlations
BBmiscMiscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl
BCA1SGBlock Coordinate Ascent with One-Step Generalized Rosen Algorithm
BCBCSFBias-Corrected Bayesian Classification with Selected Features
BCC1997Calculation of Option Prices Based on a Universal Solution
BCDatingBusiness Cycle Dating and Plotting Tools
BCEBayesian composition estimator: estimating sample (taxonomic) composition from biomarker data
BCEABayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis
BCEEThe Bayesian Causal Effect Estimation Algorithm
BCHMClinical Trial Calculation Based on BCHM Design
BCRABreast Cancer Risk Assessment
BCSubA Bayesian Semiparametric Factor Analysis Model for Subtype Identification (Clustering)
BCTBayesian Context Trees for Discrete Time Series
BCellMAB Cell Receptor Somatic Hyper Mutation Analysis
BCgeeBias-Corrected Estimates for Generalized Linear Models for Dependent Data
BClustLonGA Dirichlet Process Mixture Model for Clustering Longitudinal Gene Expression Data
BDEsizeEfficient Determination of Sample Size in Balanced Design of Experiments
BDP2Bayesian Adaptive Designs for Phase II Trials with Binary Endpoint
BDWregBayesian Inference for Discrete Weibull Regression
BDgraphBayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC
BEBioequivalence Study Data Analysis
BEACHBiometric Exploratory Analysis Creation House
BEDBiological Entity Dictionary (BED)
BEDASSLEQuantifies effects of geo/eco distance on genetic differentiation
BEDMatrixExtract Genotypes from a PLINK .bed File
BENMMIBenthic Multi-Metric Index
BESTBayesian Estimation Supersedes the t-Test
BESTreeBranch-Exclusive Splits Trees
BETBinary Expansion Testing
BETSBrazilian Economic Time Series
BFSSearch and Download Data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS)
BFpackFlexible Bayes Factor Testing of Scientific Expectations
BGDataA Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data
BGGEBayesian Genomic Linear Models Applied to GE Genome Selection
BGGMBayesian Gaussian Graphical Models
BGLRBayesian Generalized Linear Regression
BGSIMDBlock Gibbs Sampler with Incomplete Multinomial Distribution
BGVARBayesian Global Vector Autoregressions
BGmiscBehavior Genetic Modeling Functions
BHBoost C++ Header Files
BHAIEstimate the Burden of Healthcare-Associated Infections
BHH2Useful Functions for Box, Hunter and Hunter II
BHMSMAfMRIBayesian Hierarchical Multi-Subject Multiscale Analysis of Functional MRI Data
BHSBVARStructural Bayesian Vector Autoregression Models
BHTSpackBayesian Multi-Plate High-Throughput Screening of Compounds
BIBlinding Assessment Indexes for Randomized, Controlled, Clinical Trials
BICORNIntegrative Inference of De Novo Cis-Regulatory Modules
BIENTools for Accessing the Botanical Information and Ecology Network Database
BIFIEsurveyTools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
BIGDAWGCase-Control Analysis of Multi-Allelic Loci
BIGLBiochemically Intuitive Generalized Loewe Model
BINCOREstimate the Correlation Between Two Irregular Time Series
BINtoolsBayesian BIN (Bias, Information, Noise) Model of Forecasting
BIOM.utilsUtilities for the BIOM (Biological Observation Matrix) Format
BIOMASSEstimating Aboveground Biomass and Its Uncertainty in Tropical Forests
BIOdryMultilevel Modeling of Dendroclimatical Fluctuations
BKPCBayesian Kernel Projection Classifier
BLCOPBlack-Litterman and Copula Opinion Pooling Frameworks
BLModelBlack-Litterman Posterior Distribution
BLOQImpute and Analyze Data with BLOQ Observations
BLPestimatoRPerforms a BLP Demand Estimation
BLRBayesian Linear Regression
BLRPMStochastic Rainfall Generator Bartlett-Lewis Rectangular Pulse Model
BLRShinyInteractive Document for Working with Binary Logistic Regression Analysis
BLRShiny2Interactive Document for Working with Binary Logistic Regression Analysis
BLSMBayesian Latent Space Model
BMABayesian Model Averaging
BMAmevtMultivariate Extremes: Bayesian Estimation of the Spectral Measure
BMRBr'BMRB' File Downloader
BMRMMAn Implementation of the Bayesian Markov (Renewal) Mixed Models
BMRSrWrapper Functions to the 'BMRS API'
BMRVBayesian Models for Rare Variant Association Analysis
BMSBayesian Model Averaging Library
BMTThe BMT Distribution
BMTARBayesian Approach for MTAR Models with Missing Data
BMTMEBayesian Multi-Trait Multi-Environment for Genomic Selection Analysis
BMiscMiscellaneous Functions for Panel Data, Quantiles, and Printing Results
BNDataGeneratorData Generator based on Bayesian Network Model
BNPMIXclusterBayesian Nonparametric Model for Clustering with Mixed Scale Variables
BNPTSclustA Bayesian Nonparametric Algorithm for Time Series Clustering
BNPdensityFerguson-Klass Type Algorithm for Posterior Normalized Random Measures
BNPmixBayesian Nonparametric Mixture Models
BNSLBayesian Network Structure Learning
BNSPBayesian Non- And Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
BNrichPathway Enrichment Analysis Based on Bayesian Network
BOGBacterium and Virus Analysis of Orthologous Groups (BOG) is a Package for Identifying Differentially Regulated Genes in the Light of Gene Functions
BOINBayesian Optimal INterval (BOIN) Design for Single-Agent and Drug- Combination Phase I Clinical Trials
BOJInterface to Bank of Japan Statistics
BOSOBilevel Optimization Selector Operator
BOSSregBest Orthogonalized Subset Selection (BOSS)
BPECBayesian Phylogeographic and Ecological Clustering
BPMBayesian Purity Model to Estimate Tumor Purity
BPmodelBeta-Prime Regression Model
BRACoD.RBRACoD: Bayesian Regression Analysis of Compositional Data
BRDTBinomial Reliability Demonstration Tests
BRETIGEABrain Cell Type Specific Gene Expression Analysis
BRINDAComputation of BRINDA Adjusted Micronutrient Biomarkers for Inflammation
BRISCFast Inference for Large Spatial Datasets using BRISC
BRLBeta Record Linkage
BRugsInterface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software
BSBTThe Bayesian Spatial Bradley--Terry Model
BSDABasic Statistics and Data Analysis
BSGSBayesian Sparse Group Selection
BSGWBayesian Survival Model with Lasso Shrinkage Using Generalized Weibull Regression
BSLBayesian Synthetic Likelihood
BSPADATABayesian Proposal to Fit Spatial Econometric Models
BSSBrownian Semistationary Processes
BSSasympAsymptotic Covariance Matrices of Some BSS Mixing and Unmixing Matrix Estimates
BSSprepWhitening Data as Preparation for Blind Source Separation
BSWFitting a Log-Binomial Model using the Bekhit-Schöpe-Wagenpfeil (BSW) Algorithm
BSagriSafety Assessment in Agricultural Field Trials
BTLLassoModelling Heterogeneity in Paired Comparison Data
BTMBiterm Topic Models for Short Text
BTSPASBayesian Time-Stratified Population Analysis
BTYDImplementing BTYD Models with the Log Sum Exp Patch
BTYDplusProbabilistic Models for Assessing and Predicting your Customer Base
BTdecayLassoBradley-Terry Model with Exponential Time Decayed Log-Likelihood and Adaptive Lasso
BUCSSBias and Uncertainty Corrected Sample Size
BVARHierarchical Bayesian Vector Autoregression
BVARverseTidy Bayesian Vector Autoregression
BVSNLPBayesian Variable Selection in High Dimensional Settings using Nonlocal Priors
BWGSBreedWheat Genomic Selection Pipeline
BWStestBaumgartner Weiss Schindler Test of Equal Distributions
BaBooNBayesian Bootstrap Predictive Mean Matching - Multiple and Single Imputation for Discrete Data
BaMFunctions and Datasets for "Bayesian Methods: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Approach"
BaPreStoProBayesian Prediction of Stochastic Processes
BaSTAAge-Specific Survival Analysis from Incomplete Capture-Recapture/Recovery Data
BacArenaModeling Framework for Cellular Communities in their Environments
BalanceCheckBalance Check for Multiple Covariates in Matched Observational Studies
BalancedSamplingBalanced and Spatially Balanced Sampling
BallStatistical Inference and Sure Independence Screening via Ball Statistics
BallMapperThe Ball Mapper Algorithm
BarBorGradientFunction Minimum Approximator
BarcodingRSpecies Identification using DNA Barcodes
BarnardBarnard's Unconditional Test
BarycenterRegularized Wasserstein Distances and Barycenters
BaseSetWorking with Sets the Tidy Way
BasketballAnalyzeRAnalysis and Visualization of Basketball Data
BatchExperimentsStatistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters
BatchGetSymbolsDownloads and Organizes Financial Data for Multiple Tickers
BatchJobsBatch Computing with R
BayHazR Functions for Bayesian Hazard Rate Estimation
BayLumChronological Bayesian Models Integrating Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Radiocarbon Age Dating
BaySICBayesian Analysis of Significantly Mutated Genes in Cancer
BayesARIMAXBayesian Estimation of ARIMAX Model
BayesBEKKBayesian Estimation of Bivariate Volatility Model
BayesBPBayesian Estimation using Bernstein Polynomial Fits Rate Matrix
BayesBinMixBayesian Estimation of Mixtures of Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions
BayesCACEBayesian Model for CACE Analysis
BayesCRBayesian Analysis of Censored Regression Models Under Scale Mixture of Skew Normal Distributions
BayesCTDesignTwo Arm Bayesian Clinical Trial Design with and Without Historical Control Data
BayesComboBayesian Evidence Combination
BayesCommBayesian Community Ecology Analysis
BayesDAFunctions and Datasets for the book "Bayesian Data Analysis"
BayesDesignBayesian Single-Arm Design with Survival Endpoints
BayesESSDetermining Effective Sample Size
BayesFMBayesian Inference for Factor Modeling
BayesFactorComputation of Bayes Factors for Common Designs
BayesGESMBayesian Analysis of Generalized Elliptical Semi-Parametric Models and Flexible Measurement Error Models
BayesGOFBayesian Modeling via Frequentist Goodness-of-Fit
BayesGPfitFast Bayesian Gaussian Process Regression Fitting
BayesGWQSBayesian Grouped Weighted Quantile Sum Regression
BayesLCABayesian Latent Class Analysis
BayesLNBayesian Inference for Log-Normal Data
BayesLogitPolyaGamma Sampling
BayesMFSurvBayesian Misclassified-Failure Survival Model
BayesMRABayesian Multi-Resolution Gaussian Process Approximations
BayesMallowsBayesian Preference Learning with the Mallows Rank Model
BayesMassBalBayesian Data Reconciliation of Separation Processes
BayesMixSurvBayesian Mixture Survival Models using Additive Mixture-of-Weibull Hazards, with Lasso Shrinkage and Stratification
BayesNIBayesNI: Bayesian Testing Procedure for Noninferiority with Binary Endpoints
BayesNSGPBayesian Analysis of Non-Stationary Gaussian Process Models
BayesNetBPBayesian Network Belief Propagation
BayesOrdDesignBayesian Group Sequential Design for Ordinal Data
BayesPPDBayesian Power Prior Design
BayesPieceHazSelectVariable Selection in a Hierarchical Bayesian Model for a Hazard Function
BayesPiecewiseICARHierarchical Bayesian Model for a Hazard Function
BayesPostEstGenerate Postestimation Quantities for Bayesian MCMC Estimation
BayesProjectFast Projection Direction for Multivariate Changepoint Detection
BayesRGMMBayesian Robust Generalized Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data
BayesRSBayes Factors for Hierarchical Linear Models with Continuous Predictors
BayesReversePLLHFits the Bayesian Piecewise Linear Log-Hazard Model
BayesS5Bayesian Variable Selection Using Simplified Shotgun Stochastic Search with Screening (S5)
BayesSAEBayesian Analysis of Small Area Estimation
BayesSPsurvBayesian Spatial Split Population Survival Model
BayesSURBayesian Seemingly Unrelated Regression
BayesSamplingBayes Linear Estimators for Finite Population
BayesSenMCDifferent Models of Posterior Distributions of Adjusted Odds Ratio
BayesSpecBayesian Spectral Analysis Techniques
BayesSummaryStatLMMCMC Sampling of Bayesian Linear Models via Summary Statistics
BayesSurvivalBayesian Survival Analysis for Right Censored Data
BayesToolsTools for Bayesian Analyses
BayesTreeBayesian Additive Regression Trees
BayesTreePriorBayesian Tree Prior Simulation
BayesTwinBayesian Analysis of Item-Level Twin Data
BayesValidateBayesValidate Package
BayesVarSelBayes Factors, Model Choice and Variable Selection in Linear Models
BayesXR Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX
BayesXsrcR Package Distribution of the BayesX C++ Sources
BayesianAnimalTrackerBayesian Melding of GPS and DR Path for Animal Tracking
BayesianFROCFROC Analysis by Bayesian Approaches
BayesianGLassoBayesian Graphical Lasso
BayesianLateralityPredict Brain Asymmetry Based on Handedness and Dichotic Listening
BayesianNetworkBayesian Network Modeling and Analysis
BayesianPowerSample Size and Power for Comparing Inequality Constrained Hypotheses
BayesianReasoningPlot Positive and Negative Predictive Values for Medical Tests
BayesianToolsGeneral-Purpose MCMC and SMC Samplers and Tools for Bayesian Statistics
BayesiangammaregBayesian Gamma Regression: Joint Mean and Shape Modeling
BayesrelBayesian Reliability Estimation
BcDiagDiagnostics Plots for Bicluster Data
BchronRadiocarbon Dating, Age-Depth Modelling, Relative Sea Level Rate Estimation, and Non-Parametric Phase Modelling
BeSSBest Subset Selection in Linear, Logistic and CoxPH Models
BeastJarJAR Dependency for MCMC Using 'BEAST'
BenchmarkingBenchmark and Frontier Analysis Using DEA and SFA
BenfordTestsStatistical Tests for Evaluating Conformity to Benford's Law
BergmBayesian Exponential Random Graph Models
BesselComputations and Approximations for Bessel Functions
BestieBayesian Estimation of Intervention Effects
BetaBitMini Games from Adventures of Beta and Bit
BetaPASSCalculate Power and Sample Size with Beta Regression
BeviMedBayesian Evaluation of Variant Involvement in Mendelian Disease
BeyondBenfordCompare the Goodness of Fit of Benford's and Blondeau Da Silva's Digit Distributions to a Given Dataset
BhatGeneral likelihood exploration
BiBitRR Wrapper for Java Implementation of BiBit
BiDAGBayesian Inference for Directed Acyclic Graphs
BiDimRegressionCalculates the Bidimensional Regression Between Two 2D Configurations
BiProbitPartialBivariate Probit with Partial Observability
BiSEpToolkit to Identify Candidate Synthetic Lethality
BiTrinABinarization and Trinarization of One-Dimensional Data
BiasCorrectorA GUI to Correct Measurement Bias in DNA Methylation Analyses
BiasedUrnBiased Urn Model Distributions
BibPlotsPlot Functions for Use in Bibliometrics
BifactorIndicesCalculatorBifactor Indices Calculator
BigQuicBig Quadratic Inverse Covariance Estimation
BigTSPTop Scoring Pair based methods for classification
BigVARDimension Reduction Methods for Multivariate Time Series
BimodalIndexThe Bimodality Index
BinGSDCalculation for Single Arm Group Sequential Test with Binary Endpoint
BinMatProcesses Binary Data Obtained from Fragment Analysis
BinNonNorData Generation with Binary and Continuous Non-Normal Components
BinNorSimultaneous Generation of Multivariate Binary and Normal Variates
BinOrdNonNorConcurrent Generation of Binary, Ordinal and Continuous Data
BinQuasiAnalyzing Replicated ChIP Sequencing Data Using Quasi-Likelihood
BinSegBstrapPiecewise Smooth Regression by Bootstrapped Binary Segmentation
BinarizeBinarization of One-Dimensional Data
BinaryDosageCreates, Merges, and Reads Binary Dosage Files
BinaryEMVSVariable Selection for Binary Data Using the EM Algorithm
BinaryEPPMMean and Variance Modeling of Binary Data
BinarybalancedCutThreshold Cut Point of Probability for a Binary Classifier Model
BioCircosInteractive Circular Visualization of Genomic Data using 'htmlwidgets' and 'BioCircos.js'
BioFTFBiodiversity Assessment Using Functional Tools
BioInsightFilter and Plot RNA Biotypes
BioMarkFind Biomarkers in Two-Class Discrimination Problems
BioPETBiomarker Prognostic Enrichment Tool
BioPETsurvBiomarker Prognostic Enrichment Tool for Time-to-Event Trial
BioProbabilityProbability in Biostatistics
BioStatRInitiation à La Statistique Avec R
BioVennCreate Area-Proportional Venn Diagrams from Biological Lists
BiocManagerAccess the Bioconductor Project Package Repository
BiocombFeature Selection and Classification with the Embedded Validation Procedures for Biomedical Data Analysis
BiodemBiodemography Functions
BiodiversityRPackage for Community Ecology and Suitability Analysis
BioiBiological Image Analysis
BiolinvModelling and Forecasting Biological Invasions
BiopeakIdentification of Impulse-Like Gene Expression Changes in Short Genomic Series Data
Bios2corFrom Biological Sequences and Simulations to Correlation Analysis
BiostatisticsStatistics Tutorials for Biologists
BiplotMLBiplots Estimation with Algorithms ML
BisRNAAnalysis of RNA Cytosine-5 Methylation
BisqueRNADecomposition of Bulk Expression with Single-Cell Sequencing
BivGeoBasu-Dhar Bivariate Geometric Distribution
BivRecBivariate Alternating Recurrent Event Data Analysis
BivRegBLSTolerance Interval and EIV Regression - Method Comparison Studies
BivUnifBinGeneration of Bivariate Uniform Data and Its Relation to Bivariate Binary Data
BivarPEstimating the Parameters of Some Bivariate Distributions
Bivariate.ParetoBivariate Pareto Models
BlackCarbonProcessing Raw Black Carbon Concentration
BlakerCIBlaker's Binomial and Poisson Confidence Limits
BlandAltmanLehPlots (Slightly Extended) Bland-Altman Plots
BlanketStatsmentsBuild and Compare Statistical Models
BlendstatJoint Analysis of Experiments with Mixtures and Random Effects
BlockCovEstimation of Large Block Covariance Matrices
BlockFeSTBayesian Calculation of Region-Specific Fixation Index to Detect Local Adaptation
BlockMessageCreates strings that show a text message in 8 by 8 block letters
BlythStillCasellaCIBlyth-Still-Casella Exact Binomial Confidence Intervals
BmixBayesian Sampling for Stick-Breaking Mixtures
BoSSAA Bunch of Structure and Sequence Analysis
BoardGamesBoard Games and Tools for Building Board Games
BolstadFunctions for Elementary Bayesian Inference
Bolstad2Bolstad functions
BoltzMMBoltzmann Machines with MM Algorithms
BonEVAn Improved Multiple Testing Procedure for Controlling False Discovery Rates
BondValuationFixed Coupon Bond Valuation Allowing for Odd Coupon Periods and Various Day Count Conventions
BoneProfileRTools to Study Bone Compactness
BoolFilterOptimal Estimation of Partially Observed Boolean Dynamical Systems
BoolNetConstruction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks
BoomBayesian Object Oriented Modeling
BoomSpikeSlabMCMC for Spike and Slab Regression
BoostMLRBoosting for Multivariate Longitudinal Responses
BootMRMRBootstrap-MRMR Technique for Informative Gene Selection
BootPRBootstrap Prediction Intervals and Bias-Corrected Forecasting
BootstrapQTLBootstrap cis-QTL Method that Corrects for the Winner's Curse
BoptbdBayesian Optimal Block Designs
BorutaWrapper Algorithm for All Relevant Feature Selection
BosonSamplingClassical Boson Sampling
BoutrosLab.plotting.generalFunctions to Create Publication-Quality Plots
BradleyTerry2Bradley-Terry Models
BrailleRImproved Access for Blind Users
BrainConInference the Partial Correlations Based on Time Series Data
BranchingSimulation and Estimation for Branching Processes
BrazilMetDownload and Processing of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) Data of INMET-Brazil
BreakPointsIdentify Breakpoints in Series of Data
BrobdingnagVery Large Numbers in R
BrownDogBrown Dog R Interface
BrqBayesian Analysis of Quantile Regression Models
BrundleNormalisation Tools for Inter-Condition Variability of ChIP-Seq Data
BsMDBayes Screening and Model Discrimination
BuddleA Deep Learning for Statistical Classification and Regression Analysis with Random Effects
BuildSysSystem for Building and Debugging C/C++ Dynamic Libraries
BullsEyeRTopic Modelling
BurStFinBurns Statistics Financial
BurStMiscBurns Statistics Miscellaneous
BusinessDurationCalculates Business Duration Between Two Dates
BuyseTestGeneralized Pairwise Comparisons
BvalueB-Value and Empirical Equivalence Bound
b6e6rlAdaptive differential evolution, b6e6rl variant
bPeaksbPeaks: an intuitive peak-calling strategy to detect transcription factor binding sites from ChIP-seq data in small eukaryotic genomes
bReezeFunctions for Wind Resource Assessment
bSimsBird Point Count Simulator
bWGRBayesian Whole-Genome Regression
baRcodeRLabel Creation for Tracking and Collecting Data from Biological Samples
baRulhoQuantifying Habitat-Induced Acoustic Signal Degradation
babarBayesian Bacterial Growth Curve Analysis in R
babelRibosome Profiling Data Analysis
babelgeneGene Orthologs for Model Organisms in a Tidy Data Format
babelwhaleTalking to 'Docker' and 'Singularity' Containers
babetteControl 'BEAST2'
babsim.hospitalBartz & Bartz Simulation Hospital
babynamesUS Baby Names 1880-2017
bacistoolBayesian Classification and Information Sharing (BaCIS) Tool for the Design of Multi-Group Phase II Clinical Trials
backShiftLearning Causal Cyclic Graphs from Unknown Shift Interventions
backboneExtracts the Backbone from Weighted Graphs
backpipeBackward Pipe (Right-to-Left) Operator
backportsReimplementations of Functions Introduced Since R-3.0.0
backtestExploring Portfolio-Based Conjectures About Financial Instruments
bacondecompGoodman-Bacon Decomposition
bacrBayesian Adjustment for Confounding
badgecreatrCreate Badges for 'Travis', 'Repostatus' '' Etc in Github Readme
badgerBadge for R Package
bagged.outliertreesRobust Explainable Outlier Detection Based on OutlierTree
baggedcvBagged Cross-Validation for Kernel Density Bandwidth Selection
baggingbwselBagging Bandwidth Selection in Kernel Density and Regression Estimation
baggrBayesian Aggregate Treatment Effects
baguetteEfficient Model Functions for Bagging
bahcFilter Covariance and Correlation Matrices with Bootstrapped-Averaged Hierarchical Ansatz
bainBayes Factors for Informative Hypotheses
bamaHigh Dimensional Bayesian Mediation Analysis
bambooProtein Secondary Structure Prediction Using the Bamboo Method
bamditBayesian Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Data
bamlssBayesian Additive Models for Location, Scale, and Shape (and Beyond)
bampBayesian Age-Period-Cohort Modeling and Prediction
banditFunctions for simple A/B split test and multi-armed bandit analysis
bangBayesian Analysis, No Gibbs
bannerCommenterMake Banner Comments with a Consistent Format
banterBioAcoustic EveNT ClassifiER
banxicoRDownload Data from the Bank of Mexico
bapredBatch Effect Removal and Addon Normalization (in Phenotype Prediction using Gene Data)
barcodeBarcode distribution plots
bardrComplete Works of William Shakespeare in Tidy Format
barplot3dCreate 3D Barplots
bartBMABayesian Additive Regression Trees using Bayesian Model Averaging
bartCauseCausal Inference using Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
bartMachineBayesian Additive Regression Trees
bartMachineJARsbartMachine JARs
basadBayesian Variable Selection with Shrinking and Diffusing Priors
base.rmsConvert Regression Between Base Function and 'rms' Package
base64Base64 Encoder and Decoder
base64encTools for base64 encoding
base64urlFast and URL-Safe Base64 Encoder and Decoder
baseballDBRSabermetrics and Advanced Baseball Statistics
basecambUtilities for Streamlined Data Import, Imputation and Modelling
basedosdados'Base Dos Dados' R Client
baseflowComputes Hydrograph Separation
basefunInfrastructure for Computing with Basis Functions
baselineBaseline Correction of Spectra
basemapsAccessing Spatial Basemaps in R
basethemeThemes for Base Graphics Plots
basfPlot Simple Features with 'base' Sensibilities
basicMCMCplotsTrace Plots, Density Plots and Chain Comparisons for MCMC Samples
basicTrendlineAdd Trendline and Confidence Interval of Basic Regression Models to Plot
basicspaceRecovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales
basictablerConstruct Rich Tables for Output to 'HTML'/'Excel'
basifoRRetrieval and Processing of the Spanish National Forest Inventory
basketBasket Trial Analysis
baskexactExact Calculation of Basket Trial Operating Characteristics
bastahBig Data Statistical Analysis for High-Dimensional Models
batataManaging Packages Removal and Installation
batchBatching Routines in Parallel and Passing Command-Line Arguments to R
batchmeansConsistent Batch Means Estimation of Monte Carlo Standard Errors
batchscrBatch Script Helpers
batchtmaBatch Effect Adjustments
batchtoolsTools for Computation on Batch Systems
batmanConvert Categorical Representations of Logicals to Actual Logicals
batteryreductionAn R Package for Data Reduction by Battery Reduction
baycnBayesian Inference for Causal Networks
bayefdrBayesian Estimation and Optimisation of Expected False Discovery Rate
bayes4psyUser Friendly Bayesian Data Analysis for Psychology
bayesABFast Bayesian Methods for AB Testing
bayesCTSimulation and Analysis of Adaptive Bayesian Clinical Trials
bayesDPImplementation of the Bayesian Discount Prior Approach for Clinical Trials
bayesDccGarchMethods and Tools for Bayesian Dynamic Conditional Correlation GARCH(1,1) Model
bayesGAMFit Multivariate Response Generalized Additive Models using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
bayesGARCHBayesian Estimation of the GARCH(1,1) Model with Student-t Innovations
bayesImageSBayesian Methods for Image Segmentation using a Potts Model
bayesLifeBayesian Projection of Life Expectancy
bayesPOBayesian Inference for Presence-Only Data
bayesPopProbabilistic Population Projection
bayesQRBayesian Quantile Regression
bayesSurvBayesian Survival Regression with Flexible Error and Random Effects Distributions
bayesTFRBayesian Fertility Projection
bayesZIBBayesian Zero-Inflated Bernoulli Regression Model
bayesammiBayesian Estimation of the Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model
bayesanovaBayesian Inference in the Analysis of Variance via Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Gaussian Mixture Models
bayesbioMiscellaneous Functions for Bioinformatics and Bayesian Statistics
bayesbootAn Implementation of Rubin's (1981) Bayesian Bootstrap
bayesbrBeta Regression on a Bayesian Model
bayescopularegBayesian Copula Regression
bayescountPower Calculations and Bayesian Analysis of Count Distributions and FECRT Data using MCMC
bayesdfaBayesian Dynamic Factor Analysis (DFA) with 'Stan'
bayesdistregBayesian Distribution Regression
bayesforecastBayesian Time Series Modeling with Stan
bayesianBindings for Bayesian TidyModels
bayesianETASBayesian Estimation of the ETAS Model for Earthquake Occurrences
bayeslincomLinear Combinations of Bayesian Posterior Samples
bayesloglinBayesian Analysis of Contingency Table Data
bayeslongitudinalAdjust Longitudinal Regression Models Using Bayesian Methodology
bayesmBayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics
bayesmetaBayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
bayesmixBayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
bayesmodelsThe 'Tidymodels' Extension for Bayesian Models
bayesmoveNon-Parametric Bayesian Analyses of Animal Movement
bayesnecA Bayesian No-Effect- Concentration (NEC) Algorithm
bayesplayThe Bayes Factor Playground
bayesplotPlotting for Bayesian Models
bayesprefHierarchical Bayesian analysis of ecological count data
bayesregBayesian Regression Models with Global-Local Shrinkage Priors
bayesrulesDatasets and Supplemental Functions from Bayes Rules! Book
bayessBayesian Essentials with R
bayestEffect Size Targeted Bayesian Two-Sample t-Tests via Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Gaussian Mixture Models
bayestestRUnderstand and Describe Bayesian Models and Posterior Distributions
bayesvlVisually Learning the Graphical Structure of Bayesian Networks and Performing MCMC with 'Stan'
bayfoxrGlobal Bayesian Foraminifera Core Top Calibration
baymedrComputation of Bayes Factors for Common Biomedical Designs
baystabilityBayesian Stability Analysis of Genotype by Environment Interaction (GEI)
baytrendsLong Term Water Quality Trend Analysis
bazarMiscellaneous Basic Functions
bbdetectionIdentification of Bull and Bear States of the Market
bbefkrBayesian bandwidth estimation and semi-metric selection for the functional kernel regression with unknown error density
bbemkrBayesian bandwidth estimation for multivariate kernel regression with Gaussian error
bblBoltzmann Bayes Learner
bbmleTools for General Maximum Likelihood Estimation
bboBiogeography-Based Optimization
bbotkBlack-Box Optimization Toolkit
bbregBessel and Beta Regressions via Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Continuous Bounded Data
bbricksBayesian Methods and Graphical Model Structures for Statistical Modeling
bbsBayesHierarchical Bayesian Analysis of North American BBS Data
bbwBlocked Weighted Bootstrap
bc3netGene Regulatory Network Inference with Bc3net
bcROCsurfaceBias-Corrected Methods for Estimating the ROC Surface of Continuous Diagnostic Tests
bcTSNEProjected t-SNE for Batch Correction
bcabootBias Corrected Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
bccBeta Control Charts
bccpBias Correction under Censoring Plan
bcdataSearch and Retrieve Data from the BC Data Catalogue
bcfCausal Inference for a Binary Treatment and Continuous Outcome using Bayesian Causal Forests
bcfrailphSemiparametric Bivariate Correlated Frailty Model
bcfrailphdvBivariate Correlated Frailty Models with Varied Variances
bcgamBayesian Constrained Generalised Linear Models
bcmapsMap Layers and Spatial Utilities for British Columbia
bcmixedMixed Effect Model with the Box-Cox Transformation
bcpBayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems
bcpaBehavioral change point analysis of animal movement
bcpmetaBayesian Multiple Changepoint Detection Using Metadata
bcputilityWrapper for SQL Server bcp Utility
bcrmBayesian Continual Reassessment Method for Phase I Dose-Escalation Trials
bcrypt'Blowfish' Password Hashing Algorithm
bcvCross-Validation for the SVD (Bi-Cross-Validation)
bdDwCDarwinizer: Darwin Core (DwC) Field Names Standardization
bdaBinned Data Analysis
bdchecksBiodiversity Data Checks
bdcleanA User-Friendly Biodiversity Data Cleaning App for the Inexperienced R User
bdeBounded Density Estimation
bdlInterface and Tools for 'BDL' API
bdlpTransparent and Reproducible Artificial Data Generation
bdotsBootstrapped Differences of Time Series
bdparBig Data Preprocessing Architecture
bdpoptOptimisation of Bayesian Decision Problems
bdpvInference and Design for Predictive Values in Diagnostic Tests
bdrcBayesian Discharge Rating Curves
bdribsBayesian Detection of Potential Risk Using Inference on Blinded Safety Data
bdscaleRemove Weekends and Holidays from ggplot2 Axes
bdsmatrixRoutines for Block Diagonal Symmetric Matrices
bdvisBiodiversity Data Visualizations
bdynsysBayesian Dynamical System Model
bea.RBureau of Economic Analysis API
beadarrayFilterBead filtering for Illumina bead arrays
beadplexrAnalysis of Multiplex Cytometric Bead Assays
beakrA Minimalist Web Framework for R
beamFast Bayesian Inference in Large Gaussian Graphical Models
beanplotVisualization via Beanplots (like Boxplot/Stripchart/Violin Plot)
beansData on Dried Beans
beanzBayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
beastBayesian Estimation of Change-Points in the Slope of Multivariate Time-Series
beastierCall 'BEAST2'
beautier'BEAUti' from R
bedrGenomic Region Processing using Tools Such as 'BEDTools', 'BEDOPS' and 'Tabix'
beeprEasily Play Notification Sounds on any Platform
beeswarmThe Bee Swarm Plot, an Alternative to Stripchart
beezdemandBehavioral Economic Easy Demand
befprojMakes a Local Population Projection
beginrFunctions for R Beginners
behaviorchangeTools for Behavior Change Researchers and Professionals
behavrCanonical Data Structure for Behavioural Data
belexDownload Historical Data from the Belgrade Stock Exchange
belgBoltzmann Entropy of a Landscape Gradient
bellregCount Regression Models Based on the Bell Distribution
benchHigh Precision Timing of R Expressions
benchden28 benchmark densities from Berlinet/Devroye (1994)
benchmarkmeCrowd Sourced System Benchmarks
benchmarkmeDataData Set for the 'benchmarkme' Package
benchrHigh Precise Measurement of R Expressions Execution Time
benderBender Client
benfordBenford's Analysis on Large Data Sets
benford.analysisBenford Analysis for Data Validation and Forensic Analytics
bentcableARBent-Cable Regression for Independent Data or Autoregressive Time Series
benthosMarine Benthic Ecosystem Analysis
berryFunctionsFunction Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology
bestNormalizeNormalizing Transformation Functions
bestSDPBurden Estimate of Common Communicable Diseases in Settlements of Displaced Populations
bestglmBest Subset GLM and Regression Utilities
bestridgeA Comprehensive R Package for Best Subset Selection
betaBayesBayesian Beta Regression
betaboostBoosting Beta Regression
betacalBeta Calibration
betafamDetecting rare variants for quantitative traits using nuclear families
betafunctionsFunctions for Working with Two- And Four-Parameter Beta Probability Distributions
betapartPartitioning Beta Diversity into Turnover and Nestedness Components
betaperTaxonomic Uncertainty on Multivariate Analyses of Ecological Data
betaregBeta Regression
betategarchSimulation, Estimation and Forecasting of Beta-Skew-t-EGARCH Models
bethelBethel's algorithm.
bets.covid19The BETS Model for Early Epidemic Data
bettermcEnhanced Fork-Based Parallelization
beyondWhittleBayesian Spectral Inference for Stationary Time Series
bezierToolkit for Bezier Curves and Splines
bfastBreaks for Additive Season and Trend
bfpBayesian Fractional Polynomials
bfsMapsPlot Maps from Switzerland by Swiss Federal Statistical Office
bfslBest-Fit Straight Line
bfwBayesian Framework for Computational Modeling
bgevaBinary Generalized Extreme Value Additive Models
bggAnalyticsBoardGameGeek's Board Game Data Analysis Tools
bggumBayesian Estimation of Generalized Graded Unfolding Model Parameters
bgmfilesExample BGM Files for the Atlantis Ecosystem Model
bgmmGaussian Mixture Modeling Algorithms and the Belief-Based Mixture Modeling
bgsmtrBayesian Group Sparse Multi-Task Regression
bgumbelBimodal Gumbel Distribution
bhmBiomarker Threshold Models
bhmbasketBayesian Hierarchical Models for Basket Trials
bhpmBayesian Hierarchical Poisson Models for Multiple Grouped Outcomes with Clustering
biClassifyBinary Classification Using Extensions of Discriminant Analysis
biasbetaregBias correction of the parameter estimates of the beta regression model
bib2dfParse a BibTeX File to a Data Frame
bibliometrixComprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
bibliometrixDataBibliometrix Example Datasets
biblionetworkCreate Different Types of Bibliometric Networks
bibtexBibtex Parser
bicliqueMaximal Biclique Enumeration in Bipartite Graphs
biclustBiCluster Algorithms
biclustermdBiclustering with Missing Data
bidaskEfficient Estimation of Bid-Ask Spreads from Open, High, Low, and Close Prices
bifeBinary Choice Models with Fixed Effects
bifurcatingrBifurcating Autoregressive Models
bigGPDistributed Gaussian Process Calculations
bigMapBig Data Mapping
bigQFQuadratic Forms in Large Matrices
bigQueryRInterface with Google BigQuery with Shiny Compatibility
bigRegGeneralized Linear Models (GLM) for Large Data Sets
bigSurvSGDBig Survival Analysis Using Stochastic Gradient Descent
bigalgebra'BLAS' and 'LAPACK' Routines for Native R Matrices and 'big.matrix' Objects
biganalyticsUtilities for 'big.matrix' Objects from Package 'bigmemory'
bigassertrAssertion and Message Functions
bigchessRead, Write, Manipulate, Explore Chess PGN Files and R API to UCI Chess Engines
bigdatadistDistances for Machine Learning and Statistics in the Context of Big Data
bigdistStore Distance Matrices on Disk
biglassoExtending Lasso Model Fitting to Big Data
bigleafPhysical and Physiological Ecosystem Properties from Eddy Covariance Data
biglmBounded Memory Linear and Generalized Linear Models
biglmmBounded Memory Linear and Generalized Linear Models
bigmatchMaking Optimal Matching Size-Scalable Using Optimal Calipers
bigmdsMultidimensional Scaling for Big Data
bigmemoryManage Massive Matrices with Shared Memory and Memory-Mapped Files
bigmemory.sriA shared resource interface for Bigmemory Project packages
bignumArbitrary-Precision Integer and Floating-Point Mathematics
bigparallelrEasy Parallel Tools
bigreadrRead Large Text Files
bigrqueryAn Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
bigsimrFast Generation of High-Dimensional Random Vectors
bigsnprAnalysis of Massive SNP Arrays
bigsparserSparse Matrix Format with Data on Disk
bigsplinesSmoothing Splines for Large Samples
bigstatsrStatistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices
bigstepStepwise Selection for Large Data Sets
bigtabulateTable, Apply, and Split Functionality for Matrix and 'big.matrix' Objects
bigtcrNonparametric Analysis of Bivariate Gap Time with Competing Risks
bigtimeSparse Estimation of Large Time Series Models
bigutilsrUtility Functions for Large-scale Data
bikeshare14Bay Area Bike Share Trips in 2014
bikm1Co-Clustering Adjusted Rand Index and Bikm1 Procedure for Contingency and Binary Data-Sets
bildA Package for BInary Longitudinal Data
billboardContains Data of Billboard Hot 100 Songs
billboarderCreate Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'Billboard' Library
bimetallicPower for SNP analyses using silver standard cases
bimetsTime Series and Econometric Modeling
bimixtEstimates Mixture Models for Case-Control Data
binGroupEvaluation and Experimental Design for Binomial Group Testing
binGroup2Identification and Estimation using Group Testing
binMtoMany-to-One Comparisons of Proportions
binancerAPI Client to 'Binance'
binaryGPFit and Predict a Gaussian Process Model with (Time-Series) Binary Response
binaryLogicBinary Logic
binb'binb' is not 'Beamer'
bindaMulti-Class Discriminant Analysis using Binary Predictors
bindataGeneration of Artificial Binary Data
bindrParametrized Active Bindings
bindrcppAn 'Rcpp' Interface to Active Bindings
binequalityMethods for Analyzing Binned Income Data
binfordBinford's Hunter-Gatherer Data
bingatBinary Graph Analysis Tools
binhfHaar-Fisz Functions for Binomial Data
binmanA Binary Download Manager
binnednpNonparametric Estimation for Interval-Grouped Data
binomBinomial Confidence Intervals For Several Parameterizations
binomSamSizeConfidence Intervals and Sample Size Determination for a Binomial Proportion under Simple Random Sampling and Pooled Sampling
binomialRFBinomial Random Forest Feature Selection
binomialcftpGenerates binomial random numbers via the coupling from the past algorithm
binomlogitEfficient MCMC for Binomial Logit Models
binovisualfieldsDepth-Dependent Binocular Visual Fields Simulation
binrCut Numeric Values into Evenly Distributed Groups
binsegRcppEfficient Implementation of Binary Segmentation
binseqtestExact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis
binsmoothGenerate PDFs and CDFs from Binned Data
binsregBinscatter Estimation and Inference
binstData Preprocessing, Binning for Classification and Regression
bio.inferPredict Environmental Conditions from Biological Observations
bio3dBiological Structure Analysis
bioC.logsBioConductor Package Downloads Stats
bioOEDSensitivity Analysis and Optimum Experiment Design for Microbial Inactivation
bioPNSimulation of deterministic and stochastic biochemical reaction networks using Petri Nets
bioRadBiological Analysis and Visualization of Weather Radar Data
bioacousticsAnalyse Audio Recordings and Automatically Extract Animal Vocalizations
bioassaysSummarising Multi Well Plate Cellular Assay
biocomputeCreate and Manipulate BioCompute Objects
biogasProcess Biogas Data and Predict Biogas Production
biogeoPoint Data Quality Assessment and Coordinate Conversion
biogramN-Gram Analysis of Biological Sequences
biogrowthModelling of Population Growth
bioimagetoolsTools for Microscopy Imaging
bioinactivationMathematical Modelling of (Dynamic) Microbial Inactivation
biokNNBi-Objective k-Nearest Neighbors Imputation for Multilevel Data
biomartrGenomic Data Retrieval
biomod2Ensemble Platform for Species Distribution Modeling
bionetdataBiological and chemical data networks
bios2mdsFrom Biological Sequences to Multidimensional Scaling
bioseqA Toolbox for Manipulating Biological Sequences
biosetConvert a Matrix of Raw Values into Nice and Tidy Data
biosignalEMGTools for Electromyogram Signals (EMG) Analysis
biospearBiomarker Selection in Penalized Regression Models
biostat3Utility Functions, Datasets and Extended Examples for Survival Analysis
biosurveyTools for Biological Survey Planning
bioticCalculation of Freshwater Biotic Indices
biotoolsTools for Biometry and Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science
bipartiteVisualising Bipartite Networks and Calculating Some (Ecological) Indices
bipartiteD3Interactive Bipartite Graphs
biplotbootGUIBootstrap on Classical Biplots and Clustering Disjoint Biplot
birankrRanking Nodes in Bipartite and Weighted Networks
birdringMethods to Analyse Ring Re-Encounter Data
birkMA Birk's Functions
birtrThe R Package for "The Basics of Item Response Theory Using R"
biscaleTools and Palettes for Bivariate Thematic Mapping
bisectEstimating Cell Type Composition from Methylation Sequencing Data
bisectrTools to find bad commits with git bisect
bisqueApproximate Bayesian Inference via Sparse Grid Quadrature Evaluation (BISQuE) for Hierarchical Models
bistablehistoryCumulative History Analysis for Bistable Perception Time Series
bitClasses and Methods for Fast Memory-Efficient Boolean Selections
bit64A S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers
biteBayesian Integrative Models of Trait Evolution
bitmexrR Client for BitMEX
bitopsBitwise Operations
bitsqueezrQuantize Floating-Point Numbers for Improved Compressibility
bittermelonMonochrome Bitmap Font Tools
bivgeomRoy's Bivariate Geometric Distribution
bivquantEstimation of Bivariate Quantiles
bivrpBivariate Residual Plots with Simulation Polygons
biwaveletConduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses
biwtFunctions to compute the biweight mean vector and covariance & correlation matrices
bizdaysBusiness Days Calculations and Utilities
bjscrapeRAn API Wrapper for the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
bkmrBayesian Kernel Machine Regression
bkmrhatParallel Chain Tools for Bayesian Kernel Machine Regression
blackboxBlack Box Optimization and Exploration of Parameter Space
blaiseRead and Write FWF Files in the 'Blaise' Format
blandrBland-Altman Method Comparison
blapsrBayesian Inference with Laplace Approximations and P-Splines
blasterNative R Implementation of an Efficient BLAST-Like Algorithm
blastulaEasily Send HTML Email Messages
blatentBayesian Latent Variable Models
blavaanBayesian Latent Variable Analysis
blenderAnalyze biotic homogenization of landscapes
blinBipartite Longitudinal Influence Network (BLIN) Estimation
blindrecalcBlinded Sample Size Recalculation
blissBayesian Functional Linear Regression with Sparse Step Functions
blmBinomial linear and linear-expit regression
blmeBayesian Linear Mixed-Effects Models
blmecoData Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"
blobA Simple S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS')
blockCVSpatial and Environmental Blocking for K-Fold Cross-Validation
blockForestBlock Forests: Random Forests for Blocks of Clinical and Omics Covariate Data
blockRARBlock Design for Response-Adaptive Randomization
blockToolsBlock, Assign, and Diagnose Potential Interference in Randomized Experiments
blockclusterCo-Clustering Package for Binary, Categorical, Contingency and Continuous Data-Sets
blocklengthSelect an Optimal Block-Length to Bootstrap Dependent Data (Block Bootstrap)
blockmatrixblockmatrix: Tools to solve algebraic systems with partitioned matrices
blockmodelingGeneralized and Classical Blockmodeling of Valued Networks
blockmodelsLatent and Stochastic Block Model Estimation by a 'V-EM' Algorithm
blockrandRandomization for Block Random Clinical Trials
blocksdesignNested and Crossed Block Designs for Factorial and Unstructured Treatment Sets
blogdownCreate Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
blorrTools for Developing Binary Logistic Regression Models
blrmDose Escalation Design in Phase I Oncology Trial Using Bayesian Logistic Regression Modeling
blsRMake Requests from the Bureau of Labor Statistics API
bltmBayesian Latent Threshold Modeling
bmabasketBayesian Model Averaging for Basket Trials
bmassBayesian Multivariate Analysis of Summary Statistics
bmemMediation Analysis with Missing Data Using Bootstrap
bmgarchBayesian Multivariate GARCH Models
bmggumBayesian Multidimensional Generalized Graded Unfolding Model
bmixtureBayesian Estimation for Finite Mixture of Distributions
bmkMCMC diagnostics package
bmlmBayesian Multilevel Mediation
bmmixBayesian multinomial mixture
bmotifMotif Analyses of Bipartite Networks
bmpRead Windows Bitmap (BMP) Images
bmrmBundle Methods for Regularized Risk Minimization Package
bmscstanBayesian Multilevel Single Case Models using 'Stan'
bnclassifyLearning Discrete Bayesian Network Classifiers from Data
bndovbBounding Omitted Variable Bias Using Auxiliary Data
bnlearnBayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
bnmaBayesian Network Meta-Analysis using 'JAGS'
bnmonitorAn Implementation of Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian Networks
bnnSurvivalBagged k-Nearest Neighbors Survival Prediction
bnormnlrBayesian Estimation for Normal Heteroscedastic Nonlinear Regression Models
bnpaBayesian Networks & Path Analysis
bnpsdSimulate Genotypes from the BN-PSD Admixture Model
bnspatialSpatial Implementation of Bayesian Networks and Mapping
bnstructBayesian Network Structure Learning from Data with Missing Values
bnviewerBayesian Networks Interactive Visualization and Explainable Artificial Intelligence
boaBayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC
bodenmillerProfiling of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells using CyTOF
boilerpipeRInterface to the Boilerpipe Java Library
boldInterface to Bold Systems API
bookdownAuthoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
bookdownplusGenerate Assorted Books and Documents with R 'bookdown' Package
boomerDebugging Tools to Inspect the Intermediate Steps of a Call
boostmtreeBoosted Multivariate Trees for Longitudinal Data
bootBootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S)
boot.heterogeneityA Bootstrap-Based Heterogeneity Test for Meta-Analysis
boot.pvalBootstrap p-Values
bootCombCombine Parameter Estimates via Parametric Bootstrap
bootESBootstrap Confidence Intervals on Effect Sizes
bootGOFBootstrap Based Goodness-of-Fit Tests
bootImputeBootstrap Inference for Multiple Imputation
bootLRBootstrapped Confidence Intervals for (Negative) Likelihood Ratio Tests
bootPLSBootstrap Hyperparameter Selection for PLS Models and Extensions
bootSVDFast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Data
bootStepAICBootstrap stepAIC
bootURBootstrap Unit Root Tests
bootclusterBootstrapping Estimates of Clustering Stability
bootf2Simulation and Comparison of Dissolution Profiles
bootnetBootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
bootruinA Bootstrap Test for the Probability of Ruin in the Classical Risk Process
bootsPLSBootstrap Subsamplings of Sparse Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis for Classification and Signature Identification
bootspecdensTesting equality of spectral densities
bootstrapFunctions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"
bootstrapFPBootstrap Algorithms for Finite Population Inference
boottolBootstrap Tolerance Levels for Credit Scoring Validation Statistics
borTransforming Behavioral Observation Records into Data Matrices
boralBayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis
borrowrEstimate Causal Effects with Borrowing Between Data Sources
botor'AWS Python SDK' ('boto3') for R
boundingboxCreate a Bounding Box in an Image
boussinesqAnalytic Solutions for (ground-water) Boussinesq Equation
boutliersOutlier Detection and Influence Diagnostics for Meta-Analysis
boxWrite Reusable, Composable and Modular R Code
boxcoxmixBox-Cox-Type Transformations for Linear and Logistic Models with Random Effects
boxplotdblDouble Box Plot for Two-Axes Correlation
boxrInterface for the ' API'
bpBlood Pressure Analysis in R
bpDirBoxplots for Directional Data
bpaBasic Pattern Analysis
bpboundsNonparametric Bounds for the Average Causal Effect Due to Balke and Pearl and Extensions
bpcaBiplot of Multivariate Data Based on Principal Components Analysis
bpcpBeta Product Confidence Procedure for Right Censored Data
bpcsBayesian Paired Comparison Analysis with Stan
bpgmmBayesian Model Selection Approach for Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Models
bpnregBayesian Projected Normal Regression Models for Circular Data
bppComputations Around Bayesian Predictive Power
bprFitting Bayesian Poisson Regression
bqrorBayesian Quantile Regression for Ordinal Models
bqtlBayesian QTL Mapping Toolkit
bracerBrace Expansions
braggRCalculate the Revealed Aggregator of Probability Predictions
braidReportsVisualize Combined Action Response Surfaces and Report BRAID Analyses
braidrmFitting Dose Response with the BRAID Combined Action Model
brainGraphGraph Theory Analysis of Brain MRI Data
brainKCCARegion-Level Connectivity Network Construction via Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
brainRHelper Functions to 'misc3d' and 'rgl' Packages for Brain Imaging
brandwatchR'Brandwatch' API to R
brantTest for Parallel Regression Assumption
bravoBayesian Screening and Variable Selection
breaBayesian Recurrent Event Analysis
breakDownModel Agnostic Explainers for Individual Predictions
breakageSICM pipette tip geometry estimation
breakfastMethods for Fast Multiple Change-Point Detection and Estimation
breakpointAn R Package for Multiple Break-Point Detection via the Cross-Entropy Method
breathtestcoreCore Functions to Read and Fit 13c Time Series from Breath Tests
breathteststanStan-Based Fit to Gastric Emptying Curves
brewTemplating Framework for Report Generation
brglmBias Reduction in Binomial-Response Generalized Linear Models
brglm2Bias Reduction in Generalized Linear Models
briKmeansPackage for Brik and Fabrik Algorithms to Initialise Kmeans
brickrEmulate LEGO Bricks in 2D and 3D
bridgedistAn Implementation of the Bridge Distribution with Logit-Link as in Wang and Louis (2003)
bridgerBridge Hand Generator with Criteria Selector
bridger2Genome-Wide RNA Degradation Analysis Using BRIC-Seq Data
bridgesamplingBridge Sampling for Marginal Likelihoods and Bayes Factors
brintonA Graphical EDA Tool
brioBasic R Input Output
briqrInterface to the 'Briq' API
briskaRBiological Risk Assessment
brlrmrBias Reduction with Missing Binary Response
brmBinary Regression Model
brmsBayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'
brnnBayesian Regularization for Feed-Forward Neural Networks
brokenstickBroken Stick Model for Irregular Longitudinal Data
brolgarBrowse Over Longitudinal Data Graphically and Analytically in R
bromanKarl Broman's R Code
broomConvert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles
broom.helpersHelpers for Model Coefficients Tibbles
broom.mixedTidying Methods for Mixed Models
broomExtraEnhancements for 'broom' and 'easystats' Package Families
brotliA Compression Format Optimized for the Web
brrBayesian Inference on the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates
brranchingFetch 'Phylogenies' from Many Sources
bruceRBroadly Useful Convenient and Efficient R Functions
brunnermunzel(Permuted) Brunner-Munzel Test
brxxBayesian Test Reliability Estimation
bs4DashA 'Bootstrap 4' Version of 'shinydashboard'
bs4cardsGenerate Bootstrap Cards
bsToolsCreate HTML Content with Bootstrap 5 Classes and Layouts
bsamBayesian State-Space Models for Animal Movement
bsamGPBayesian Spectral Analysis Models using Gaussian Process Priors
bsearchtoolsBinary Search Tools
bsemBayesian Structural Equation Models
bshazardNonparametric Smoothing of the Hazard Function
bslibCustom 'Bootstrap' 'Sass' Themes for 'shiny' and 'rmarkdown'
bspecBayesian Spectral Inference
bsplinePsdBayesian Nonparametric Spectral Density Estimation Using B-Spline Priors
bsplusAdds Functionality to the R Markdown + Shiny Bootstrap Framework
bspmBridge to System Package Manager
bspmmaBayesian Semiparametric Models for Meta-Analysis
bsregBayesian Spatial Regression Models
bssmBayesian Inference of Non-Linear and Non-Gaussian State Space Models
bssnBirnbaum-Saunders Model
bstGradient Boosting
bstsBayesian Structural Time Series
bsubSubmitter and Monitor of the 'LSF Cluster'
btbBeyond the Border - Kernel Density Estimation for Urban Geography
btergmTemporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood
bubblyrBeautiful Bubbles for 'shiny' and 'rmarkdown' Backgrounds
buckyBucky's Archive for Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
buffeRsBuffer Generation for Spatial Models
buildmerStepwise Elimination and Term Reordering for Mixed-Effects Regression
buildrOrganize & Run Build Scripts Comfortably
bujarBuckley-James Regression for Survival Data with High-Dimensional Covariates
bulletcpAutomatic Groove Identification via Bayesian Changepoint Detection
bulletrAlgorithms for Matching Bullet Lands
bullwhipgameBullwhip Effect Demo in Shiny
bumblTools for Modeling Bumblebee Colony Growth and Decline
bumblebeeQuantify Disease Transmission Within and Between Population Groups
bunchingEstimate Bunching
bunchrAnalyze Bunching in a Kink or Notch Setting
bundesbankDownload Data from Bundesbank
bundesligRAll Final Tables of the Bundesliga
bupaRBusiness Process Analysis in R
burnrForest Fire History Analysis
burstsMarkov model for bursty behavior in streams
busdaterStandard Date Calculations for Business
butcherModel Butcher
bvarsvBayesian Analysis of a Vector Autoregressive Model with Stochastic Volatility and Time-Varying Parameters
bvartoolsBayesian Inference of Vector Autoregressive Models
bvennA Simple alternative to proportional Venn diagrams
bvlsThe Stark-Parker algorithm for bounded-variable least squares
bvpSolveSolvers for Boundary Value Problems of Differential Equations
bwdBackward Procedure for Change-Point Detection
bwimageDescribe Image Patterns in Natural Structures
bwsToolsTools for Case 1 Best-Worst Scaling (MaxDiff) Designs
bysykkelGet City Bike Data from Norway
bytescircleStatistics About Bytes Contained in a File as a Circle Plot
bzinbBivariate Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Model Estimator
C443See a Forest for the Trees
C50C5.0 Decision Trees and Rule-Based Models
CA3variantsThree-Way Correspondence Analysis Variants
CADFtestA Package to Perform Covariate Augmented Dickey-Fuller Unit Root Tests
CADStatProvides a GUI to Several Statistical Methods
CAISErComparison of Algorithms with Iterative Sample Size Estimation
CALANGOComparative Analysis with Annotation-Based Genomic Components
CALFCoarse Approximation Linear Function
CALIBERrfimputeMultiple Imputation Using MICE and Random Forest
CAMANFinite Mixture Models and Meta-Analysis Tools - Based on C.A.MAN
CAMMLCell-Typing using Variance Adjusted Mahalanobis Distances with Multi-Labeling
CANSIM2RDirectly Extracts Complete CANSIM Data Tables
CARBayesSpatial Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
CARBayesSTSpatio-Temporal Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
CARBayesdataData Used in the Vignettes Accompanying the CARBayes and CARBayesST Packages
CARE1Statistical package for population size estimation in capture-recapture models.
CARLITEcological Quality Ratios Calculation and Plot
CARRoTPredicting Categorical and Continuous Outcomes Using One in Ten Rule
CARSCovariate Assisted Ranking and Screening for Large-Scale Two-Sample Inference
CARlassoConditional Autoregressive LASSO
CASMAPDetection of Statistically Significant Combinations of SNPs in Association Mapping
CAST'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models
CATTThe Cochran-Armitage Trend Test
CATTexactComputation of the p-Value for the Exact Conditional Cochran-Armitage Trend Test
CATkitChronomics Analysis Toolkit (CAT): Periodicity Analysis
CAinterprToolsGraphical Aid in Correspondence Analysis Interpretation and Significance Testings
CAvariantsCorrespondence Analysis Variants
CB2CRISPR Pooled Screen Analysis using Beta-Binomial Test
CBCgrpsCompare Baseline Characteristics Between Groups
CBDACompressive Big Data Analytics
CBPSCovariate Balancing Propensity Score
CBSrFits Cubic Bezier Spline Functions to Intertemporal and Risky Choice Data
CBTConfidence Bound Target Algorithm
CCControl Charts
CCACanonical Correlation Analysis
CCAMLRGISAntarctic Spatial Data Manipulation
CCMCorrelation Classification Method
CCPSignificance Tests for Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA)
CCTpackConsensus Analysis, Model-Based Clustering, and Cultural Consensus Theory Applications
CCWeightsPerform Weighted Linear Regression for Calibration Curve
CCpopOne and two locus GWAS of binary phenotype with case-control-population design
CDFtDownscaling and Bias Correction via Non-Parametric CDF-Transform
CDLassoCoordinate Descent Algorithms for Lasso Penalized L1, L2, and Logistic Regression
CDMCognitive Diagnosis Modeling
CDNmoneyComponents of Canadian Monetary and Credit Aggregates
CDROMPhylogenetically Classifies Retention Mechanisms of Duplicate Genes from Gene Expression Data
CDSeqA Complete Deconvolution Method using Sequencing Data
CDVineCopulaConditionalSampling from Conditional C- and D-Vine Copulas
CDatanetModeling Count Data with Peer Effects
CECCross-Entropy Clustering
CEDARSSimple and Efficient Pipeline for Electronic Health Record Annotation
CEGOCombinatorial Efficient Global Optimization
CENFAClimate and Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
CEoptimCross-Entropy R Package for Optimization
CFAcoopColony Formation Assay: Taking into Account Cellular Cooperation
CFCCause-Specific Framework for Competing-Risk Analysis
CFFSimple Similarity for User-Based Collaborative Filtering Systems
CFiltCollaborative Filtering by Reference Classes
CGEComputing General Equilibrium
CGGPComposite Grid Gaussian Processes
CGManalyzerContinuous Glucose Monitoring Data Analyzer
CGPComposite Gaussian Process Models
CGPfunctionsPowell Miscellaneous Functions for Teaching and Learning Statistics
CHCNCanadian Historical Climate Network
CHFFClosest History Flow Field Forecasting for Bivariate Time Series
CHMMCoupled Hidden Markov Models
CHNCapitalStockCompute Chinese Capital Stocks
CHNOSZThermodynamic Calculations and Diagrams for Geochemistry
CHOIRBMPlots the CHOIR Body Map
CHsharpChoi and Hall Style Data Sharpening
CIAAWconsensusIsotope Ratio Meta-Analysis
CICAClusterwise Independent Component Analysis
CIDERMeta-Clustering for Single-Cell Data Integration and Evaluation
CIEEEstimating and Testing Direct Effects in Directed Acyclic Graphs using Estimating Equations
CIFsmryWeighted summary of cumulative incidence functions
CIMCompositional Impact of Migration
CIMTxCausal Inference for Multiple Treatments with a Binary Outcome
CINIDCurculionidae INstar IDentification
CINNADeciphering Central Informative Nodes in Network Analysis
CINmetricsCalculate Chromosomal Instability Metrics
CISECommon and Individual Structure Explained for Multiple Graphs
CITANCITation ANalysis Toolpack
CIplotFunctions to Plot Confidence Interval
CJAMPCopula-Based Joint Analysis of Multiple Phenotypes
CKATComposite Kernel Association Test for Pharmacogenetics Studies
CKLRTComposite Kernel Machine Regression Based on Likelihood Ratio Test
CKMRpopForward-in-Time Simulation and Tallying of Pairwise Relationships
CLMEConstrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
CLONETv2Clonality Estimates in Tumor
CLSOCPA smoothing Newton method SOCP solver
CLUSTShinyInteractive Document for Working with Cluster Analysis
CLVToolsTools for Customer Lifetime Value Estimation
CMAPSSCommercial Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulation Data Set
CMCCronbach-Mesbah Curve
CMFCollective Matrix Factorization
CMLSConstrained Multivariate Least Squares
CMShinyInteractive Document for Working with Confusion Matrix
CMapVizRepresentation Tool For Output Of Connectivity Map (CMap) Analysis
CMatchingMatching Algorithms for Causal Inference with Clustered Data
CMplotCircle Manhattan Plot
CNAIMCommon Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM)
CNLTregComplex-Valued Wavelet Lifting for Signal Denoising
CNLTtsaComplex-Valued Wavelet Lifting for Univariate and Bivariate Time Series Analysis
CNOGproCopy Numbers of Genes in prokaryotes
CNPSNonparametric Statistics
CNVRGDirichlet Multinomial Modeling of Relative Abundance Data
CNVScopeA Versatile Toolkit for Copy Number Variation Relationship Data Analysis and Visualization
CNprepPre-process DNA Copy Number (CN) Data for Detection of CN Events
CNullFast Algorithms for Frequency-Preserving Null Models in Ecology
COBRANonlinear Aggregation of Predictors
COCONUTCOmbat CO-Normalization Using conTrols (COCONUT)
COINrComposite Indicator Construction and Analysis
COMBATA Combined Association Test for Genes using Summary Statistics
COMPoissonRegConway-Maxwell Poisson (COM-Poisson) Regression
CONCURCopy Number Profile Curve-Based Association Test
CORECores of Recurrent Events
CORElearnClassification, Regression and Feature Evaluation
CORMThe Clustering of Regression Models Method
COSINECOndition SpecIfic sub-NEtwork
COSTCopula-Based Semiparametric Models for Spatio-Temporal Data
COUNTFunctions, Data and Code for Count Data
COUSCOusA Residue-Residue Contact Detecting Method
COVID19R Interface to COVID-19 Data Hub
COVIDIBGEDownloading, Reading and Analyzing PNAD COVID19 Microdata
CPConditional Power Calculations
CPATChange Point Analysis Tests
CPBayesBayesian Meta Analysis for Studying Cross-Phenotype Genetic Associations
CPGLIBCompeting Proximal Gradients Library
CPMCGLMCorrection of the P-Value after Multiple Coding in Generalized Linear Models
CPNCoverageAnalysisConceptual Properties Norming Studies as Parameter Estimation
CPPComposition of Probabilistic Preferences (CPP)
CPsurvNonparametric Change Point Estimation for Survival Data
CRACCosmology R Analysis Code
CRANsearcherRStudio Addin for Searching Packages in CRAN Database Based on Keywords
CREAMClustering of Genomic Regions Analysis Method
CRFConditional Random Fields
CRMContinual Reassessment Method (CRM) for Phase I Clinical Trials
CRTSizeSample Size Estimation Functions for Cluster Randomized Trials
CRTgeeDRDoubly Robust Inverse Probability Weighted Augmented GEE Estimator
CRWRMChanging the Reference Group without Re-Running the Model
CSESACRISPR-Based Salmonella Enterica Serotype Analyzer
CSFAConnectivity Scores with Factor Analysis
CSGoCollecting Counter Strike Global Offensive Data
CSIndicatorsClimate Services' Indicators Based on Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Predictions
CSMESCost-Sensitive Multi-Criteria Ensemble Selection for Uncertain Cost Conditions
CSTECovariate Specific Treatment Effect (CSTE) Curve
CSToolsAssessing Skill of Climate Forecasts on Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescales
CSUVCombined Selection and Uncertainty Visualiser (CSUV)
CScloneBayesian Nonparametric Modeling in R
CSeqpatFrequent Contiguous Sequential Pattern Mining of Text
CTAShinyInteractive Application for Working with Contingency Tables
CTDA Method for 'Connecting The Dots' in Weighted Graphs
CTMA Text Mining Toolkit for Chinese Document
CTPClosed Testing Procedure (CTP)
CTShinyInteractive Document for Working with Classification Tree Analysis
CTShiny2Interactive Document for Working with Classification Tree Analysis
CTTClassical Test Theory Functions
CTTShinyClassical Test Theory via Shiny
CTTinShinyShiny Interface for the CTT Package
CUBA Class of Mixture Models for Ordinal Data
CUFFCharles's Utility Function using Formula
CUMPAnalyze Multivariate Phenotypes by Combining Univariate Results
CUSUMdesignCompute Decision Interval and Average Run Length for CUSUM Charts
CVDColor Vision Deficiencies
CVEKCross-Validated Kernel Ensemble
CVRCanonical Variate Regression
CVSTFast Cross-Validation via Sequential Testing
CVThreshLevel-Dependent Cross-Validation Thresholding
CVTuningCovRegularized Estimators of Covariance Matrices with CV Tuning
CVXRDisciplined Convex Optimization
CVarEConditional Variance Estimator for Sufficient Dimension Reduction
CVcalibrationEstimation of the Calibration Equation with Error-in Observations
CVglassoLasso Penalized Precision Matrix Estimation
CVriskCompute Risk Scores for Cardiovascular Diseases
CaDENCEConditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation
CaPO4SimA Virtual Patient Simulator in the Context of Calcium and Phosphate Homeostasis
CairoR Graphics Device using Cairo Graphics Library for Creating High-Quality Bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), Vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and Display (X11 and Win32) Output
CalSimThe Calibration Simplex
Calculator.LR.FNsCalculator for LR Fuzzy Numbers
CalibratRMapping ML Scores to Calibrated Predictions
CalibrateSSBWeighting and Estimation for Panel Data with Non-Response
CallEshotgunProviding an Interface to the e-Shotgun Algorithm for Bayesian Optimization
CamelUp'CamelUp' Board Game as a Teaching Aid for Introductory Statistics
CancerGramPrediction of Anticancer Peptides
CanopyAccessing Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity and Tracking Longitudinal and Spatial Clonal Evolutionary History by Next-Generation Sequencing
CarletonStatsFunctions for Statistics Classes at Carleton College
CarlsonCarlson Elliptic Integrals and Incomplete Elliptic Integrals
CascadeSelection, Reverse-Engineering and Prediction in Cascade Networks
CascadeDataExperimental Data of Cascade Experiments in Genomics
CatDataAnalysisDatasetsfor Categorical Data Analysis by Agresti
CatDynFishery Stock Assessment by Catch Dynamics Models
CatEncodersEncoders for Categorical Variables
CatRegSolution Paths for Linear and Logistic Regression Models with Categorical Predictors, with SCOPE Penalty
CateSelectionCategorical Variable Selection Methods
CauchyCPPowerful Test for Survival Data under Non-Proportional Hazards
CausalGAMEstimation of Causal Effects with Generalized Additive Models
CausalGPSMatching on Generalized Propensity Scores with Continuous Exposures
CausalImpactInferring Causal Effects using Bayesian Structural Time-Series Models
CausalKinetiXLearning Stable Structures in Kinetic Systems
CausalMBSTSMBSTS Models for Causal Inference and Forecasting
CausalQueriesMake, Update, and Query Binary Causal Models
CautiousLearningControl Charts with Guaranteed In-Control Performance and Cautious Parameters Learning
CePaCentrality-Based Pathway Enrichment
CeRNASeekIdentification and Analysis of ceRNA Regulation
CenBARBroken Adaptive Ridge AFT Model with Censored Data
CensMFMFinite Mixture of Multivariate Censored/Missing Data
CensRegModFits Normal and Student-t Censored Regression Model
CensSpatialCensored Spatial Models
Census2016Data from the Australian Census 2016
CepLDADiscriminant Analysis of Time Series in the Presence of Within-Group Spectral Variability
CerioliOutlierDetectionOutlier Detection Using the Iterated RMCD Method of Cerioli (2010)
CfEstimateQuantilesEstimate quantiles using any order Cornish-Fisher expansion
ChIPtestNonparametric Methods for Identifying Differential Enrichment Regions with ChIP-Seq Data
ChainLadderStatistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
ChangePointTaylorIdentify Changes in Mean
ChangepointTestingChange Point Estimation for Clustered Signals
ChannelAttributionMarkov Model for Online Multi-Channel Attribution
ChannelAttributionAppShiny Web Application for the Multichannel Attribution Problem
Chaos010-1 Test for Chaos
ChaosGameChaos Game
ChargeTransportCharge Transfer Rates and Charge Carrier Mobilities
CheckDigitCalculate and verify check digits
ChemoSpecExploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
ChemoSpec2DExploratory Chemometrics for 2D Spectroscopy
ChemoSpecUtilsFunctions Supporting Packages ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D
ChillModelsProcessing Chill and Heat Models for Temperate Fruit Trees
ChineseNamesChinese Name Database 1930-2008
ChoRChordalysis R Package
ChoiceModelRChoice Modeling in R
CholWishartCholesky Decomposition of the Wishart Distribution
CircMLEMaximum Likelihood Analysis of Circular Data
CircNNTSRStatistical Analysis of Circular Data using Nonnegative Trigonometric Sums (NNTS) Models
CircOutlierDetection of Outliers in Circular-Circular Regression
CircSpaceTimeSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Model for Circular Data
CircStatsCircular Statistics, from "Topics in Circular Statistics" (2001)
CircularDDMCircular Drift-Diffusion Model
CityPlotVisualization of structure and contents of a database
CityWaterBalanceTrack Flows of Water Through an Urban System
Ckmeans.1d.dpOptimal, Fast, and Reproducible Univariate Clustering
CladdisMeasuring Morphological Diversity and Evolutionary Tempo
ClaimsProblemsAnalysis of Conflicting Claims
ClamRTime Series Modeling for Climate Change Proxies
ClassComparisonClasses and Methods for "Class Comparison" Problems on Microarrays
ClassDiscoveryClasses and Methods for "Class Discovery" with Microarrays or Proteomics
CleanBSequencesClean Biological Sequences
ClickClustModel-Based Clustering of Categorical Sequences
ClickClustContMixtures of Continuous Time Markov Models
CliftLRDComplex-Valued Wavelet Lifting Estimators of the Hurst Exponent for Irregularly Sampled Time Series
ClimClassClimate Classification According to Several Indices
ClimDownClimate Downscaling Library for Daily Climate Model Output
ClimIndClimate Indices
ClimMobToolsAPI Client for the 'ClimMob' Platform
ClimProjDiagsSet of Tools to Compute Various Climate Indices
ClinSigMeasuresClinical Significance Measures
ClinicalTrialSummarySummary Measures for Clinical Trials with Survival Outcomes
ClinicalUtilityRecalRecalibration Methods for Improved Clinical Utility of Risk Scores
CliquePercolationClique Percolation for Networks
CloneSeekerSeeking and Finding Clones in Copy Number and Sequencing Data
CluMPClustering of Micro Panel Data
ClueRCluster Evaluation
ClusBootBootstrap Clustering
ClusPredSimultaneous Semi-Parametric Estimation of Clustering and Regression
ClusTorusPrediction and Clustering on the Torus by Conformal Prediction
ClusVisGaussian-Based Visualization of Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Model-Based Clustering
ClussClusterSimultaneous Detection of Clusters and Cluster-Specific Genes in High-Throughput Transcriptome Data
ClustAssessTools for Assessing Clustering
ClustBlockClustering of Datasets
ClustGeoHierarchical Clustering with Spatial Constraints
ClustImputeK-Means Clustering with Build-in Missing Data Imputation
ClustMMDDVariable Selection in Clustering by Mixture Models for Discrete Data
ClustOfVarClustering of Variables
ClustVarLVClustering of Variables Around Latent Variables
Cluster.OBeuCluster Analysis ''
ClusterBootstrapAnalyze Clustered Data with Generalized Linear Models using the Cluster Bootstrap
ClusterRGaussian Mixture Models, K-Means, Mini-Batch-Kmeans, K-Medoids and Affinity Propagation Clustering
ClusterRankTestRank Tests for Clustered Data
ClusterStabilityAssessment of Stability of Individual Objects or Clusters in Partitioning Solutions
ClusteredMutationsLocation and Visualization of Clustered Somatic Mutations
ClusteringTechniques for Evaluating Clustering
CoClustCopula Based Cluster Analysis
CoDiNACo-Expression Differential Network Analysis
CoFRAComplete Functional Regulation Analysis
CoImpCopula Based Imputation Method
CoMiReConvex Mixture Regression
CoNICorrelation Guided Network Integration (CoNI)
CoOLCauses of Outcome Learning
CoRpowerPower Calculations for Assessing Correlates of Risk in Clinical Efficacy Trials
CoSMoSComplete Stochastic Modelling Solution
CoTiMAContinuous Time Meta-Analysis ('CoTiMA')
CodataGSGenomic Prediction Using SNP Codata
CodeDependsAnalysis of R Code for Reproducible Research and Code Comprehension
CohortPlatSimulation of Cohort Platform Trials for Combination Treatments
CoinMinDSimultaneous Confidence Interval for Multinomial Proportion
CoinprofileCoincident Profile
CollapseLevelsCollapses Levels, Computes Information Value and WoE
CollocInferCollocation Inference for Dynamic Systems
ColorNameRGive Colors a Name
ColorPaletteColor Palettes Generator
ComICSComputational Methods for Immune Cell-Type Subsets
CombMSCCombined Model Selection Criteria
CombinSConstruction Methods of some Series of PBIB Designs
CombinePValueCombine a Vector of Correlated p-values
CombinePortfolioEstimation of Optimal Portfolio Weights by Combining Simple Portfolio Strategies
CommEcolCommunity Ecology Analyses
CommTComparative Phylogeographic Analysis using the Community Tree Framework
CommonJavaJarsUseful Libraries for Building a Java Based GUI under R
CommonMean.CopulaCommon Mean Vector under Copula Models
CommunityCorrelogramEcological Community Correlogram
Comp2ROCCompare Two ROC Curves that Intersect
CompAREdesignStatistical Functions for the Design of Studies with Composite Endpoints
CompDistMultisection Composite Distributions
CompLognormalFunctions for actuarial scientists
CompModelsPseudo Computer Models for Optimization
CompQuadFormDistribution Function of Quadratic Forms in Normal Variables
CompRPaired Comparison Data Analysis
CompRandFldComposite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields
CompackRegression with Compositional Covariates
CompareCausalNetworksInterface to Diverse Estimation Methods of Causal Networks
CompareTestsCorrect for Verification Bias in Diagnostic Accuracy & Agreement
ComparisonCRComparison of Cumulative Incidence Between Two Groups Under Competing Risks
ComparisonSurvComparison of Survival Curves Between Two Groups
CompindComposite Indicators Functions
ComplexUpsetCreate Complex UpSet Plots Using 'ggplot2' Components
CompositionalCompositional Data Analysis
CompoundEventsStatistical Modeling of Compound Events
CompoundingComputing Continuous Distributions
ConConPiWiFunOptimisation with Continuous Convex Piecewise (Linear and Quadratic) Functions
ConNEcTContingency Measure-Based Networks for Binary Time Series
ConRComputation of Parameters Used in Preliminary Assessment of Conservation Status
ConSplinePartial Linear Least-Squares Regression using Constrained Splines
ConakeContinuous Associated Kernel Estimation
ConcordanceTestAn Alternative to the Kruskal-Wallis Based on the Kendall Tau Distance
CondIndTestsNonlinear Conditional Independence Tests
CondRegCondition Number Regularized Covariance Estimation
ConfIntVarianceConfidence Interval for the Univariate Population Variance without Normality Assumption
ConfigParserPackage to Parse an INI File, Including Variable Interpolation
ConformalSmallestEfficient Tuning-Free Conformal Prediction
ConfusionTableRConfusion Matrix Toolset
CongreveLamsdell2016Distance Metrics for Trees Generated by Congreve and Lamsdell
ConigraveFlexible Tools for Multiple Imputation
ConjointChecksA package to check the cancellation axioms of conjoint measurement.
ConnMatToolsTools for Working with Connectivity Data
ConsRankCompute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach
ConsRankClassClassification and Clustering of Preference Rankings
ConsRegFits Regression & ARMA Models Subject to Constraints to the Coefficient
ContaminatedMixtClustering and Classification with the Contaminated Normal
ContourFunctionsCreate Contour Plots from Data or a Function
ConvergenceClubsFinding Convergence Clubs
ConvergenceConceptsSeeing Convergence Concepts in Action
ConvolutionerConvolution of Data
CoopGameImportant Concepts of Cooperative Game Theory
CoordinateCleanerAutomated Cleaning of Occurrence Records from Biological Collections
CopCTSCopula-Based Semiparametric Analysis for Time Series Data with Detection Limits
CopernicusDEMCopernicus Digital Elevation Models
Copula.MarkovCopula-Based Estimation and Statistical Process Control for Serially Correlated Time Series
Copula.Markov.survivalCopula Markov Model with Dependent Censoring
Copula.survAssociation Analysis of Bivariate Survival Data Based on Copulas
CopulaCenRCopula-Based Regression Models for Bivariate Censored Data
CopulaDTACopula Based Bivariate Beta-Binomial Model for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
CopulaREMADACopula Mixed Models for Multivariate Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
CopyDetectComputing Response Similarity Indices for Multiple-Choice Tests
CorBinGenerate High-Dimensional Binary Data with Correlation Structures
CorDiffSet-Based Differential Covariance Testing for Genomics
CorbiCollection of Rudimentary Bioinformatics Tools
CornerstoneRCollection of Scripts for Interface Between 'Cornerstone' and 'R'
CorrBinNonparametrics with Clustered Binary and Multinomial Data
CorrMixedEstimate Correlations Between Repeatedly Measured Endpoints (E.g., Reliability) Based on Linear Mixed-Effects Models
CorrToolBoxModeling Correlational Magnitude Transformations in Discretization Contexts
CorrectOverloadedPeaksCorrect Overloaded Peaks from GC-APCI-MS Data
CorrectedFDRCorrecting False Discovery Rates
CosWThe CosW Distribution
CounterfactualEstimation and Inference Methods for Counterfactual Analysis
CountrFlexible Univariate Count Models Based on Renewal Processes
CountsEPPMMean and Variance Modeling of Count Data
CovCombRCombine Partial Covariance / Relationship Matrices
CovSelModel-Free Covariate Selection
CovSelHighModel-Free Covariate Selection in High Dimensions
CovToolsStatistical Tools for Covariance Analysis
CovidMutationsMutation Analysis Toolkit for COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)
CoxICPenVariable Selection for Cox's Model with Interval-Censored Data
CoxPhLbAnalyzing Right-Censored Length-Biased Data
CoxPlusCox Regression (Proportional Hazards Model) with Multiple Causes and Mixed Effects
CoxR2R-Squared Measure Based on Partial LR Statistic, for the Cox PH Regression Model
CpGFilterCpG Filtering Method Based on Intra-Class Correlation Coefficients
CpGassocAssociation Between Methylation and a Phenotype of Interest
CprobThe Conditional Probability Function of a Competing Event
CreditRiskEvaluation of Credit Risk with Structural and Reduced Form Models
CronbachCronbach's Alpha
CropDetectRCrop Row Detector
CropScapeRAccess Cropland Data Layer Data via the 'CropScape' Web Service
CrossVAVerbal Autopsy Data Transformation for InSilicoVA and InterVA5 Algorithms
CrossValidateClasses and Methods for Cross Validation of "Class Prediction" Algorithms
CrossoverAnalysis and Search of Crossover Designs
CruzPlotPlot Shipboard DAS Data
CrypticIBDcheckIdentifying Cryptic Relatedness in Genetic Association Studies
CsChangeTesting for Change in C-Statistic
CubistRule- And Instance-Based Regression Modeling
CustomerScoringMetricsEvaluation Metrics for Customer Scoring Models Depending on Binary Classifiers
CustosAscensorCosts Allocation for the Installation of an Elevator
CutpointsOEHROptimal Equal-HR Method to Find Two Cutpoints for U-Shaped Relationships in Cox Model
CyclopsCyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and Survival Analysis
CytobankAPICytobank API Wrapper for R
CytobankBridgeRBridging and Extending the CytobankAPI Package in R to the Cytobank Web Application
c060Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models
c212Methods for Detecting Safety Signals in Clinical Trials Using Body-Systems (System Organ Classes)
c2cCompare Two Classifications or Clustering Solutions of Varying Structure'c2d4u' - CRAN Packages for 'Ubuntu'
c3'C3.js' Chart Library
c3netInfering large-scale gene networks with C3NET
cAIC4Conditional Akaike Information Criterion for 'lme4' and 'nlme'
cIRTChoice Item Response Theory
cNORMContinuous Norming
cOdeAutomated C Code Generation for 'deSolve', 'bvpSolve'
cPCGEfficient and Customized Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for Solving System of Linear Equations
cPseudoMaRgConstructs a Correlated Pseudo-Marginal Sampler
cRegulomeObtain and Visualize Regulome-Gene Expression Correlations in Cancer
cSEMComposite-Based Structural Equation Modeling
caSimple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
caMSTMixed Computerized Adaptive Multistage Testing
caROCContinuous Biomarker Evaluation with Adjustment of Covariates
caRamelAutomatic Calibration by Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm
caRecallGovernment of Canada Vehicle Recalls Database API Wrapper
caRpoolsCRISPR AnalyzeR for Pooled CRISPR Screens
caToolsTools: Moving Window Statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc
cabinetsProject Specific Workspace Organization Templates
cabootcrsBootstrap Confidence Regions for Simple and Multiple Correspondence Analysis
cacIRTClassification Accuracy and Consistency under Item Response Theory
cacheCache and Retrieve Computation Results
cachemCache R Objects with Automatic Pruning
caesarEncrypts and Decrypts Strings
caffsimSimulation of Plasma Caffeine Concentrations by Using Population Pharmacokinetic Model
cairoDeviceEmbeddable Cairo Graphics Device Driver
calACSCalculations for All Common Subsequences
calcUniqueSimple Wrapper for Computationally Expensive Functions
calcWOICalculates the Wavelet-Based Organization Index
calculusHigh Dimensional Numerical and Symbolic Calculus
calendRReady to Print Monthly and Yearly Calendars Made with 'ggplot2'
calendarCreate, Read, Write, and Work with 'iCalander' Files, Calendars and Scheduling Data
calibrarAutomated Parameter Estimation for Complex (Ecological) Models
calibrateCalibration of Scatterplot and Biplot Axes
calibrateBinaryCalibration for Computer Experiments with Binary Responses
calibratorBayesian Calibration of Complex Computer Codes
callrCall R from R
calmateImproved Allele-Specific Copy Number of SNP Microarrays for Downstream Segmentation
calpassapiR Interface to Access CalPASS API
campfinWrangle Campaign Finance Data
camsRadClient for CAMS Radiation Service
camtrapRCamera Trap Data Management and Preparation of Occupancy and Spatial Capture-Recapture Analyses
canadamapsMaps of the Political and Administrative Divisions of Canada
cancensusAccess, Retrieve, and Work with Canadian Census Data and Geography
cancerGIAnalyses of Cancer Gene Interaction
cancerTimingEstimation of Temporal Ordering of Cancer Abnormalities
candiscVisualizing Generalized Canonical Discriminant and Canonical Correlation Analysis
canprotCompositional Analysis of Differentially Expressed Proteins in Cancer
cansimAccessing Statistics Canada Data Table and Vectors
canvasXpressVisualization Package for CanvasXpress in R
canvasXpress.dataDatasets for the 'canvasXpress' Package
capCovariate Assisted Principal (CAP) Regression for Covariance Matrix Outcomes
capeCombined Analysis of Pleiotropy and Epistasis for Diversity Outbred Mice
caperComparative Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R
capitalRCapital Budgeting Analysis, Annuity Loan Calculations and Amortization Schedules
caplCompute and Visualize CAPL-2 Scores and Interpretations
capmCompanion Animal Population Management
capnCapital Asset Pricing for Nature
captionerNumbers Figures and Creates Simple Captions
captrClient for the Captricity API
capusheCAlibrating Penalities Using Slope HEuristics
capwireEstimates population size from non-invasive sampling
carCompanion to Applied Regression
carDataCompanion to Applied Regression Data Sets
carSurvCorrelation-Adjusted Regression Survival (CARS) Scores
caracasComputer Algebra
caratCovariate-Adaptive Randomization for Clinical Trials
carbonateInteract with 'carbon.js'
carcassEstimation of the Number of Fatalities from Carcass Searches
cardCardiovascular and Autonomic Research Design
cardidatesIdentification of Cardinal Dates in Ecological Time Series
careHigh-Dimensional Regression and CAR Score Variable Selection
carelessProcedures for Computing Indices of Careless Responding
caretClassification and Regression Training
caretEnsembleEnsembles of Caret Models
carfimaContinuous-Time Fractionally Integrated ARMA Process for Irregularly Spaced Long-Memory Time Series Data
cargoDevelop R Packages using Rust
caribouEstimation of caribou abundance based on large scale aggregations monitored by radio telemetry
carolineA Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R
carpenterBuild Common Tables of Summary Statistics for Reports
carrierIsolate Functions for Remote Execution
cartograflowFiltering Matrix for Flow Mapping
cartogramCreate Cartograms with R
cartogramRContinuous Cartogram
cartographyThematic Cartography
cartoolsTools for Understanding Highway Performance
carxCensored Autoregressive Model with Exogenous Covariates
cascadessA Style Pronoun for 'htmltools' Tags
caschronoSries Temporelles Avec R
cascsimCasualty Actuarial Society Individual Claim Simulator
caseMatchIdentify Similar Cases for Qualitative Case Studies
casebaseFitting Flexible Smooth-in-Time Hazards and Risk Functions via Logistic and Multinomial Regression
casenMetodos De Estimacion Con Disenio Probabilistico y Estratificado en Encuesta CASEN (Estimation Methods with Probabilistic Stratified Sampling in CASEN Survey)
casinoPlay Casino Games
cassandRaFinds Missing Links and Metric Confidence Intervals in Ecological Bipartite Networks
castorEfficient Phylogenetics on Large Trees
catAnalysis of categorical-variable datasets with missing values
cat.dtComputerized Adaptive Testing and Decision Trees
cat2catMapping of a Categorical Variable in a Panel Dataset
catIrtAn R Package for Simulating IRT-Based Computerized Adaptive Tests
catRGeneration of IRT Response Patterns under Computerized Adaptive Testing
catSplitEncode Categorical Variables with Split Information from CART
catSurvComputerized Adaptive Testing for Survey Research
cataAnalysis of Check-All-that-Apply (CATA) Data
catalogAccess the 'Spark Catalog' API via 'sparklyr'
catchCovariate-Adjusted Tensor Classification in High-Dimensions
catchrTaking the Pain Out of Catching and Handling Conditions
catcontTest, Identify, Select and Mutate Categorical or Continuous Values
catdapCategorical Data Analysis Program Package
catdataCategorical Data
cateHigh Dimensional Factor Analysis and Confounder Adjusted Testing and Estimation
categoryEncodingsCategory Variable Encodings
catenaryFits a Catenary to Given Points
catfunCategorical Data Analysis
catiCommunity Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond
catlearnFormal Psychological Models of Categorization and Learning
catmapCase-Control and TDT Meta-Analysis Package
catmaplyHeatmap for Categorical Data using 'plotly'
catnetCategorical Bayesian Network Inference
catseyesCreate Catseye Plots Illustrating the Normal Distribution of the Means
catsimBinary and Categorical Image Similarity Index
catspecSpecial models for categorical variables
cattonumEncode Categorical Features
causactAccelerated Bayesian Analytics with DAGs
causal.decompCausal Decomposition Analysis
causalCmprskNonparametric and Cox-Based Estimation of ATE in Competing Risks
causalPAFCausal Effect for Population Attributable Fractions (PAF)
causaldataExample Data Sets for Causal Inference Textbooks
causaldrfTools for Estimating Causal Dose Response Functions
causaleffectDeriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models
causaloptimAn Interface to Specify Causal Graphs and Compute Bounds on Causal Effects
causalsensSelection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
causalweightEstimation Methods for Causal Inference Based on Inverse Probability Weighting
caviarpdCluster Analysis via Random Partition Distributions
cbaClustering for Business Analytics
cbanalysisCoffee Break Descriptive Analysis
cbarContextual Bayesian Anomaly Detection in R
cbinomContinuous Analog of a Binomial Distribution
cbirdClustering of Multivariate Binary Data with Dimension Reduction via L1-Regularized Likelihood Maximization
cblasrThe C Interface to 'BLAS' Routines
cbqConditional Binary Quantile Models
cbsodataRStatistics Netherlands (CBS) Open Data API Client
ccChooserDeveloping a core collections
ccRemoverRemoves the Cell-Cycle Effect from Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data
ccTensorCUR/CX Tensor Decomposition
ccaPP(Robust) Canonical Correlation Analysis via Projection Pursuit
ccboostRobust Boosting
cccdClass Cover Catch Digraphs
cccpCone Constrained Convex Problems
cccrmConcordance Correlation Coefficient for Repeated (and Non-Repeated) Measures
ccdaCombined Cluster and Discriminant Analysis
ccdfDistribution-Free Single-Cell Differential Expression Analysis
ccdrAlgorithmCCDr Algorithm for Learning Sparse Gaussian Bayesian Networks
cchsCox Model for Case-Cohort Data with Stratified Subcohort-Selection
cchsflowTransforming and Harmonizing CCHS Variables
ccidCross-Covariance Isolate Detect: a New Change-Point Method for Estimating Dynamic Functional Connectivity
cclustConvex Clustering Methods and Clustering Indexes
ccmEstimatorComparative Causal Mediation Estimation
ccmReportRWraps 'CCM' with Utility Functions
ccmmCompositional Mediation Model
ccoptimalmatchImplementation of Case-Control Optimal Matching
ccostrEstimation of Mean Costs in Censored Data
ccrsCorrect and Cluster Response Style Biased Data
ccrtmCoupled Chain Radiative Transfer Models
ccssCluster Circular Systematic Sampling
cctoolsTools for the Continuous Convolution Trick in Nonparametric Estimation
cdCD Data for Entity Resolution
cdataFluid Data Transformations
cdbReading and Writing Constant DataBases
cdcatRCognitive Diagnostic Computerized Adaptive Testing
cdcfluviewRetrieve Flu Season Data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ('CDC') 'FluView' Portal
cdcsisConditional Distance Correlation Based Feature Screening and Conditional Independence Inference
cderInterface to the California Data Exchange Center
cdfquantregQuantile Regression for Random Variables on the Unit Interval
cdlToolsTools to Download and Work with USDA Cropscape Data
cdleiCause-Deleted Life Expectancy Improvement Procedure
cdmToolsUseful Tools for Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
cdomR Functions to Model CDOM Spectra
cdparcoordTop Frequency-Based Parallel Coordinates
cdrcRLoad 'CDRC' Data
cdsConstrained Dual Scaling for Detecting Response Styles
ceRtaintyCertainty Equivalent
cec2013Benchmark functions for the Special Session and Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013
cedThe Compact Encoding Detector
cegChain Event Graph
celestialCollection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and Functions
cellOriginsFinds RNASeq Source Tissues Using In Situ Hybridisation Data
cellVolumeDistFunctions to fit cell volume distributions and thereby estimate cell growth rates and division times
cellWiseAnalyzing Data with Cellwise Outliers
cellrangerTranslate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns
celltrackRMotion Trajectory Analysis
cemCoarsened Exact Matching
cenGAMCensored Regression with Smooth Terms
cenROCEstimation of the Time-Dependent ROC Curve and AUC for Censored Survival Data
censCovLinear Regression with a Randomly Censored Covariate
censNIDcensored NID samples
censRegCensored Regression (Tobit) Models
censableMaking Census Data More Usable
censo2017Base de Datos de Facil Acceso del Censo 2017 de Chile (2017 Chilean Census Easy Access Database)
censorcopulaEstimate Parameter of Bivariate Copula
censusGeographyChanges United States Census Geographic Code into Name of Location
censusapiRetrieve Data from the Census APIs
censusrCollect Data from the Census API
censusxyAccess the U.S. Census Bureau's Geocoding A.P.I. System
censysTools to Query the 'Censys' API
centiserveFind Graph Centrality Indices
centralplotShow the Strength of Relationships Between Centre and Peripheral Items
centrifugeRNon-Trivial Balance of Centrifuge Rotors
cepRBusca CEPs Brasileiros
cepiigeodistCEPII's GeoDist Datasets
ceppContext Driven Exploratory Projection Pursuit
cepreaderRead 'CEP' and Legacy 'CANOCO' Files
ceramicDownload Online Imagery Tiles
cernnCovariance Estimation Regularized by Nuclear Norm Penalties
cesRAccess the Canadian Election Study Datasets
ceserCluster Estimated Standard Errors
cetcolorCET Perceptually Uniform Colour Maps
ceterisParibusCeteris Paribus Profiles
cfaConfigural Frequency Analysis (CFA)
cfbfastRFunctions to Access College Football Play by Play Data
cfdaCategorical Functional Data Analysis
cfdecompCounterfactual Decomposition: MC Integration of the G-Formula
cffdrsCanadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
cffrGenerate Citation File Format ('cff') Metadata for R Packages
cfidIdentification of Counterfactual Queries in Causal Models
cfmaCausal Functional Mediation Analysis
cfmortalityCystic Fibrosis Survival Prediction Model Based on Stanojevic Model
cforwardForward Selection using Concordance/C-Index
cgCompare Groups, Analytically and Graphically
cgAUCCalculate AUC-type measure when gold standard is continuous and the corresponding optimal linear combination of variables with respect to it.
cgal4h'CGAL' Version 4 C++ Header Files
cgamConstrained Generalized Additive Model
cgdsrR-Based API for Accessing the MSKCC Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)
cghRAArray CGH Data Analysis and Visualization
cglassoConditional Graphical LASSO for Gaussian Graphical Models with Censored and Missing Values
cglmFits Conditional Generalized Linear Models
cgmanalysisClean and Analyze Continuous Glucose Monitor Data
cgmquantifyAnalyzing Glucose and Glucose Variability
cgraphComputational Graphs
cgrcusumContinuous Time Generalized Rapid Response CUSUM
cgwtoolsMiscellaneous Tools
chAbout some Small Functions
chameleonAutomatic Colors for Multi-Dimensional Data
chandwichChandler-Bate Sandwich Loglikelihood Adjustment
changedetectionNonparametric Change Detection in Multivariate Linear Relationships
changepointMethods for Changepoint Detection
changepoint.geoGeometrically Inspired Multivariate Changepoint Detection
changepoint.influencePackage to Calculate the Influence of the Data on a Changepoint Segmentation
changepoint.mvChangepoint Analysis for Multivariate Time Series
changepoint.npMethods for Nonparametric Changepoint Detection
changepointTestsChange Point Tests for Joint Distributions and Copulas
changepointsHDChange-Point Estimation for Expensive and High-Dimensional Models
changepointsVarChange-Points Detections for Changes in Variance
changerChange R Package Name
chantricsLoglikelihood Adjustments for Econometric Models
charlatanMake Fake Data
chartqlSimplified Language for Plots and Charts
cheatRCatch Cheaters
cheatsheetDownload R Cheat Sheets Locally
chebDiscrete Linear Chebyshev Approximation
chebpolMultivariate Interpolation
checkLuhnChecks if a Number is Valid Using the Luhn Algorithm
checkargCheck the Basic Validity of a (Function) Argument
checkdownCheck-Fields and Check-Boxes for 'rmarkdown'
checkmateFast and Versatile Argument Checks
checkpointInstall Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
checkrCheck the Properties of Common R Objects
cheddarAnalysis and Visualisation of Ecological Communities
cheeseTools for Working with Data During Statistical Analysis
chemCalCalibration Functions for Analytical Chemistry
chemmodlabA Cheminformatics Modeling Laboratory for Fitting and Assessing Machine Learning Models
chemometricsMultivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
cherryMultiple Testing Methods for Exploratory Research
cherryblossomCherry Blossom Run Race Results
chessRead, Write, Create and Explore Chess Games
chestChange-in-Estimate Approach to Assess Confounding Effects
chiThe Chi Distribution
chi2x3wayPartitioning Chi-Squared and Tau Index for Three-Way Contingency Tables
chicaneCapture Hi-C Analysis Engine
chickn'Compressive' Hierarchical Kernel Clustering Toolbox
childdevdataChild Development Data
childesrAccessing the 'CHILDES' Database
childhoodmortalityCalculating Childhood Mortality Rates
childsdsData and Methods Around Reference Values in Pediatrics
chilemapasMapas de las Divisiones Politicas y Administrativas de Chile (Maps of the Political and Administrative Divisions of Chile)
chillRStatistical Methods for Phenology Analysis in Temperate Fruit Trees
chinese.miscMiscellaneous Tools for Chinese Text Mining and More
chipPCRToolkit of Helper Functions to Pre-Process Amplification Data
chirpsAPI Client for CHIRPS
chisq.posthoc.testA Post Hoc Analysis for Pearson's Chi-Squared Test for Count Data
chkCheck User-Supplied Function Arguments
chlorpromazineRConvert Antipsychotic Doses to Chlorpromazine Equivalents
chngptEstimation and Hypothesis Testing for Threshold Regression
choiceDesDesign Functions for Choice Studies
choleraAmend, Augment and Aid Analysis of John Snow's Cholera Map
choplumpChoplump tests
chopthinThe Chopthin Resampler
chordsEstimation in Respondent Driven Samples
choroplethrSimplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
choroplethrAdmin1Contains an Administrative-Level-1 Map of the World
choroplethrMapsContains Maps Used by the 'choroplethr' Package
chorrrdsMusic Chords Extraction
christmasGeneration of Christmas Cards
chromerInterface to Chromosome Counts Database API
chromoMapInteractive Genomic Visualization of Biological Data
chromseqSplit Chromosome 'Fasta' File
chronChronological Objects which can Handle Dates and Times
chronicleGrammar for Creating R Markdown Reports
chronochrtCreating Chronological Charts with R
chronosphereEarth System History Variables
chunkRRead Tables in Chunks
chunkedChunkwise Text-File Processing for 'dplyr'
chunkhooksChunk Hooks for 'R Markdown'
chyperFunctions for Conditional Hypergeometric Distributions
ciToolsConfidence or Prediction Intervals, Quantiles, and Probabilities for Statistical Models
ciccrCausal Inference in Case-Control Studies
ciceroneProvide Tours of 'Shiny' Applications
cifCointegrated ICU Forecasting
ciftiToolbox for Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative ('CIFTI') Files
ciftiToolsTools for Reading, Writing, Viewing and Manipulating CIFTI Files
cimirInterface to the CIMIS Web API
cinCausal Inference for Neuroscience
cinaRA Computational Pipeline for Bulk 'ATAC-Seq' Profiles
cinaRgenesetsReady-to-Use Curated Gene Sets for 'cinaR'
cinterpolateInterpolation From C
cirCentered Isotonic Regression and Dose-Response Utilities
circacompareAnalyses of Circadian Data
circleR Client Package for Circle CI
circletyperCurve Text Elements in 'Shiny' Using 'CircleType.js'
circlizeCircular Visualization
circularCircular Statistics
circularEVExtreme Value Analysis for Circular Data
circumplexAnalysis and Visualization of Circular Data
citCausal Inference Test
citationSoftware Citation Tools
citbcmstCIT Breast Cancer Molecular SubTypes Prediction
citccmstCIT Colon Cancer Molecular SubTypes Prediction
citecorpClient for the Open Citations Corpus
citrusCustomer Intelligence Tool for Rapid Understandable Segmentation
ciuContextual Importance and Utility
ciuupiConfidence Intervals Utilizing Uncertain Prior Information
ciuupi2Kabaila and Giri (2009) Confidence Interval
civisR Client for the 'Civis Platform API'
cjbartHeterogeneous Effects Analysis of Conjoint Experiments
cjointAMCE Estimator for Conjoint Experiments
ckanrClient for the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network ('CKAN') API
clValidValidation of Clustering Results
cladoRcppC++ Implementations of Phylogenetic Cladogenesis Calculations
clamClassical Age-Depth Modelling of Cores from Deposits
clampSegIdealisation of Patch Clamp Recordings
clarifaiAccess to Clarifai API
clarkeTestDistribution-Free Tests of Non-Nested Models
classFunctions for Classification
classGraphConstruct Graphs of S4 Class Hierarchies
classIntChoose Univariate Class Intervals
classifierplotsGenerates a Visualization of Classifier Performance as a Grid of Diagnostic Plots
classiflyExplore classification models in high dimensions
classmapVisualizing Classification Results
cld2Google's Compact Language Detector 2
cld3Google's Compact Language Detector 3
cldaConvolution-Based Linear Discriminant Analysis
cleanFast and Easy Data Cleaning
cleanNLPA Tidy Data Model for Natural Language Processing
cleanTSTestbench for Univariate Time Series Cleaning
cleancallC Resource Cleanup via Exit Handlers
cleandataTo Inspect and Manipulate Data; and to Keep Track of This Process
cleanerFast and Easy Data Cleaning
cleanerRHow to Handle your Missing Data
cleangeoCleaning Geometries from Spatial Objects
cleanrHelps You to Code Cleaner
clereSimultaneous Variables Clustering and Regression
clesprComposite Likelihood Estimation for Spatial Data
clevrClustering and Link Prediction Evaluation in R
clhsConditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling
cliHelpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces
cliappCreate Rich Command Line Applications
clickRSemi-Automatic Preprocessing of Messy Data with Change Tracking for Dataset Cleaning
clickstreamAnalyzes Clickstreams Based on Markov Chains
cliffExecute Command Line Programs Interactively
cliffordArbitrary Dimensional Clifford Algebras
clifroEasily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo
clikcorrCensoring Data and Likelihood-Based Correlation Estimation
climaemetClimate AEMET Tools
climateInterface to Download Meteorological (and Hydrological) Datasets
climateStabilityEstimating Climate Stability from Climate Model Data
climatolClimate Tools (Series Homogenization and Derived Products)
climatrendsClimate Variability Indices for Ecological Modelling
climdex.pcicPCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines
climeConstrained L1-minimization for Inverse (covariance) Matrix Estimation
climextRemesTools for Analyzing Climate Extremes
climwinClimate Window Analysis
clinDRSimulation and Analysis Tools for Clinical Dose Response Modeling
clinDataReviewClinical Data Review Tool
clinPKClinical Pharmacokinetics Toolkit
clinUtiDNAClinical Utility of DNA Testing
clinUtilsGeneral Utility Functions for Analysis of Clinical Data
clinfunClinical Trial Design and Data Analysis Functions
clinmonHemodynamic Calculations from Clinical Monitoring
clinsigClinical Significance Functions
clinspacyClinical Natural Language Processing using 'spaCy', 'scispaCy', and 'medspaCy'
clintoolsTools for Clinical Research
clippCalculating Likelihoods by Pedigree Paring
cliprRead and Write from the System Clipboard
clisymbolsUnicode Symbols at the R Prompt
clockDate-Time Types and Tools
clockifyA Wrapper for the 'Clockify' API
clogitL1Fitting Exact Conditional Logistic Regression with Lasso and Elastic Net Penalties
clogitLassoSparse Conditional Logistic Regression for Matched Studies
clogitboostBoosting Conditional Logit Model
clordrComposite Likelihood Inference and Diagnostics for Replicated Spatial Ordinal Data
cloudUtilCloud Utilization Plots
cloudmlInterface to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform
cloudosR Client Library for CloudOS
cloudstoRSimplifies Access to Cloudstor API
clrCurve Linear Regression via Dimension Reduction
clttoolsCentral Limit Theorem Experiments (Theoretical and Simulation)
clubSandwichCluster-Robust (Sandwich) Variance Estimators with Small-Sample Corrections
clueCluster Ensembles
clusTransitionMonitor Changes in Cluster Solutions of Dynamic Datasets
cluscovClustered Covariate Regression
clusrankWilcoxon Rank Tests for Clustered Data
clust.bin.pairStatistical Methods for Analyzing Clustered Matched Pair Data
clustDRMClustering Dose-Response Curves and Fitting Appropriate Models to Them
clustEffClusters of Effects Curves in Quantile Regression Models
clustMDModel Based Clustering for Mixed Data
clustMixTypek-Prototypes Clustering for Mixed Variable-Type Data
clustcurvDetermining Groups in Multiples Curves
cluster"Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.
cluster.datasetsCluster Analysis Data Sets
clusterCritClustering Indices
clusterGenerationRandom Cluster Generation (with Specified Degree of Separation)
clusterGenomicsIdentifying clusters in genomics data by recursive partitioning
clusterPowerPower Calculations for Cluster-Randomized and Cluster-Randomized Crossover Trials
clusterReproReproducibility of Gene Expression Clusters
clusterSEsCalculate Cluster-Robust p-Values and Confidence Intervals
clusterSimSearching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
clusterabilityPerforms Tests for Cluster Tendency of a Data Set
clusteredinterferenceCausal Effects from Observational Studies with Clustered Interference
clusterhapClustering Genotypes in Haplotypes Distance-Based Clustering for Multidimensional Data with Sequential Constraint
clustermoleUnbiased Single-Cell Transcriptomic Data Cell Type Identification
clustermqEvaluate Function Calls on HPC Schedulers (LSF, SGE, SLURM, PBS/Torque)
clusternomicsIntegrative Clustering for Heterogeneous Biomedical Datasets
clustertendCheck the Clustering Tendency
clustraClustering Trajectories Anchored at Intervention Time
clustrdMethods for Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering
clustreeVisualise Clusterings at Different Resolutions
clustringrCluster Strings by Edit-Distance
clustsigSignificant Cluster Analysis
clustvarselVariable Selection for Gaussian Model-Based Clustering
clvCluster Validation Techniques
cmRAnalysis of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images
cmaRsImplementation of the Conic Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines in R
cmaesCovariance Matrix Adapting Evolutionary Strategy
cmaesrCovariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
cmceComputer Model Calibration for Deterministic and Stochastic Simulators
cmdfunFramework for Building Interfaces to Shell Commands
cmenetBi-Level Selection of Conditional Main Effects
cmfrecCollective Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems
cmlConditional Manifold Learning
cmmCategorical Marginal Models
cmmrCEU Mass Mediator RESTful API
cmnaComputational Methods for Numerical Analysis
cmoceanBeautiful Colour Maps for Oceanography
cmprskSubdistribution Analysis of Competing Risks
cmprskQRAnalysis of Competing Risks Using Quantile Regressions
cmprskcoxmsmUse IPW to Estimate Treatment Effect under Competing Risks
cmpsRR Implementation of Congruent Matching Profile Segments Method
cmrutilsMisc Functions of the Center for Mathematical Research
cmsCalculate Medicare Reimbursement
cmsafA Toolbox for CM SAF NetCDF Data
cmsafopsTools for CM SAF NetCDF Data
cmsafvisTools to Visualize CM SAF NetCDF Data
cmstatrStatistical Methods for Composite Material Data
cmvnormThe Complex Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
cnaCausal Modeling with Coincidence Analysis
cnaOptOptimizing Consistency and Coverage in Configurational Causal Modeling
cnbdistrConditional Negative Binomial Distribution
cncaGUICanonical Non-Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis in R
cnsColor Naming System
cnumChinese Numerals Processing
coRankingCo-Ranking Matrix
coalescentMCMCMCMC Algorithms for the Coalescent
coalitionsBayesian "Now-Cast" Estimation of Event Probabilities in Multi-Party Democracies
coarseDataToolsAnalysis of Coarsely Observed Data
cobaltCovariate Balance Tables and Plots
cobiclustBiclustering via Latent Block Model Adapted to Overdispersed Count Data
cobsConstrained B-Splines (Sparse Matrix Based)
cocaCluster-of-Clusters Analysis
cocktailApp'shiny' App to Discover Cocktails
cocorComparing Correlations
cocorrespCo-Correspondence Analysis Methods
cocronStatistical Comparisons of Two or more Alpha Coefficients
codaOutput Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC
coda.baseA Basic Set of Functions for Compositional Data Analysis
codadiagsMarkov chain Monte Carlo burn-in based on "bridge" statistics
codalmTransformation-Free Linear Regression for Compositional Outcomes and Predictors
codeCollectionCollection of Codes with Labels
codebookAutomatic Codebooks from Metadata Encoded in Dataset Attributes
codebreakerRetro Logic Game
codemetaA Smaller 'codemetar' Package
codenameGeneration of Code Names for Organizations, People, Projects, and Whatever Else
codepMultiscale Codependence Analysis
coderDeterministic Categorization of Items Based on External Code Data
codetoolsCode Analysis Tools for R
codexcopdThe CODEX (Comorbidity, Obstruction, Dyspnea, and Previous Severe Exacerbations) Index: Short and Medium-Term Prognosis in Patients Hospitalized for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Exacerbations
codifiedProduce Standard/Formalized Demographics Tables
codingMatricesAlternative Factor Coding Matrices for Linear Model Formulae
codynCommunity Dynamics Metrics
coefficientalphaRobust Coefficient Alpha and Omega with Missing and Non-Normal Data
coefplotPlots Coefficients from Fitted Models
coenoclinerCoenocline Simulation
coenoflexGradient-Based Coenospace Vegetation Simulator
coexistSpecies coexistence modeling and analysis
cofadContrast Analyses for Factorial Designs
cofeatureRGenerate Cofeature Matrices
coffeeChronological Ordering for Fossils and Environmental Events
cogaConvolution of Gamma Distributions
cogmaprCognitive Mapping Tools Based on Coding of Textual Sources
cognitoRAuthentication for 'Shiny' Apps with 'Amazon Cognito'
cohortsCohort Analysis Made Easy
cohorttoolsCohort Data Analyses
coilContextualization and Evaluation of COI-5P Barcode Data
coinConditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
coinmarketcaprGet 'Cryptocurrencies' Market Cap Prices from Coin Market Cap
cointRegParameter Estimation and Inference in a Cointegrating Regression
cointmonitoRConsistent Monitoring of Stationarity and Cointegrating Relationships
coldCount Longitudinal Data
colfConstrained Optimization on Linear Function
collUtilsAuxiliary Package for Package 'CollapsABEL'
collapseAdvanced and Fast Data Transformation
collapsibleTreeInteractive Collapsible Tree Diagrams using 'D3.js'
collateralQuickly Evaluate Captured Side Effects
collectArgsQuickly and Neatly Collect Arguments from One Environment to Pass to Another
collectionsHigh Performance Container Data Types
collidrCheck for Namespace Collisions Across Packages and Functions on CRAN
collinEffects of Collinearity in Distributed Lag and Other Models
collpcmCollapsed Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Networks
colmozzieDengue Cases and Climate Variables in Colombo Sri Lanka
colocColocalisation Tests of Two Genetic Traits
colocalizationNormalized Spatial Intensity Correlation
colocalizedClusters of Colocalized Sequences
colocrConduct Co-Localization Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images
colorBlindnessSafe Color Set for Color Blindness
colorDFColorful Data Frames in R Terminal
colorRampsBuilds color tables
colorSpecColor Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data
colorblindcheckCheck Color Palettes for Problems with Color Vision Deficiency
colordistanceDistance Metrics for Image Color Similarity
coloredICAImplementation of Colored Independent Component Analysis and Spatial Colored Independent Component Analysis
colorednoiseSimulate Temporally Autocorrelated Populations
colorfindrExtract Colors from Windows BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG Format Images
colorfulVennPlotPlot and add custom coloring to Venn diagrams for 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional data.
colorhcplotColorful Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
colorhexColors and Palettes from Color-Hex
coloristColoring Wildlife Distributions in Space-Time
colorizerColorize Old Images Using the 'DeOldify' Image Colorization API
colormapColor Palettes using Colormaps Node Module
colorpatchOptimized Rendering of Fold Changes and Confidence Values
colorrColor Palettes for EPL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL Teams
colorscienceColor Science Methods and Data
colorspaceA Toolbox for Manipulating and Assessing Colors and Palettes
colortoolsTools for colors in a Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) color model
colourloversR Client for the COLOURlovers API
colourpickerA Colour Picker Tool for Shiny and for Selecting Colours in Plots
colourvaluesAssigns Colours to Values
colourvisionColour Vision Models
colrFunctions to Select and Rename Data
coltCommand-Line Color Themes
comFuncsCommonly Used Functions for R Shiny Applications
comatCreates Co-Occurrence Matrices of Spatial Data
comatoAnalysis of Concept Maps and Concept Landscapes
combinatcombinatorics utilities
combinationpvaluesCombination of Independent P-Values
combinedeventsCalculate Scores and Marks for Track and Field Combined Events
combirocSelection and Ranking of Omics Biomarkers Combinations Made Easy
combiterCombinatorics Iterators
comclimCommunity Climate Statistics
cometExactTestExact Test from the Combinations of Mutually Exclusive Alterations (CoMEt) Algorithm
cometr'Comet' API for R
comfModels and Equations for Human Comfort Research
commentrPrint Nicely Formatted Comments for Use in Script Files
commonmarkHigh Performance CommonMark and Github Markdown Rendering in R
commonsMathJAR Files of the Apache Commons Mathematics Library
communicationFeature Extraction and Model Estimation for Audio of Human Speech
comorbidityComputing Comorbidity Scores
compHclustComplementary Hierarchical Clustering
compactrCreates empty plots with compact axis notation
comparatorComparison Functions for Clustering and Record Linkage
compareComparing Objects for Differences
compareCCompare Two Correlated C Indices with Right-censored Survival Outcome
compareDFDo a Git Style Diff of the Rows Between Two Dataframes with Similar Structure
compareGroupsDescriptive Analysis by Groups
compareODMcomparison of medical forms in CDISC ODM format
comparerCompare Output and Run Time
comparisonMultivariate Likelihood Ratio Calculation and Evaluation
compasConformational Manipulations of Protein Atomic Structures
comperankRanking Methods for Competition Results
comperesManage Competition Results
competitiontoolboxA Graphical User Interface for Antitrust and Trade Practitioners
completejourneyRetail Shopping Data
complexNetComplex Network Generation
complexityCalculate the Proportion of Permutations in Line with an Informative Hypothesis
complexplusFunctions of Complex or Real Variable
complmrobRobust Linear Regression with Compositional Data as Covariates
compositionsCompositional Data Analysis
compositsCompositional, Multivariate and Univariate Time Series Outlier Ensemble
compound.CoxUnivariate Feature Selection and Compound Covariate for Predicting Survival
comprehenrList Comprehensions
compute.esCompute Effect Sizes
comsimitvFlexible Framework for Simulating Community Assembly
comtradrInterface with the United Nations Comtrade API
con2aqiCalculate the AQI from Pollutant Concentration
con2lkiCalculate the Dutch Air Quality Index (LKI)
conStructModels Spatially Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure
conText'a la Carte' on Text (ConText) Embedding Regression
concatenateHuman-Friendly Text from Unknown Strings
concatipedeEasy Concatenation of Fasta Sequences
concavemanA Very Fast 2D Concave Hull Algorithm
conclustPairwise Constraints Clustering
concorRCONCOR and Supplemental Functions
concordanceProduct Concordance
concregConcordance Regression
concurveComputes & Plots Compatibility (Confidence), Surprisal, & Likelihood Distributions
condApproximate Conditional Inference for Logistic and Loglinear Models
condGEEParameter estimation in conditional GEE for recurrent event gap times
condMVNormConditional Multivariate Normal Distribution
condSURVEstimation of the Conditional Survival Function for Ordered Multivariate Failure Time Data
condTruncMVNConditional Truncated Multivariate Normal Distribution
condformatConditional Formatting in Data Frames
condirComputation of P Values and Bayes Factors for Conditioning Data
conditionzControl How Many Times Conditions are Thrown
condmixtConditional Density Estimation with Neural Network Conditional Mixtures
conduscoQuery-Driven Pipeline Execution and Query Templates
condvisConditional Visualization for Statistical Models
condvis2Interactive Conditional Visualization for Supervised and Unsupervised Models in Shiny
coneprojPrimal or Dual Cone Projections with Routines for Constrained Regression
confVisualization and Analysis of Statistical Measures of Confidence
conf.designConstruction of factorial designs
confSAMEstimates and Bounds for the False Discovery Proportion, by Permutation
confidenceConfidence Estimation of Environmental State Classifications
configManage Environment Specific Configuration Values
configrAn Implementation of Parsing and Writing Configuration File (JSON/INI/YAML/TOML)
configuralMultivariate Profile Analysis
confinterpretDescriptive Interpretations of Confidence Intervals
confintrConfidence Intervals
conflictedAn Alternative Conflict Resolution Strategy
conflrClient for 'Confluence' API
conformalClassificationTransductive and Inductive Conformal Predictions for Classification Problems
confoundrDiagnostics for Confounding of Time-Varying and Other Joint Exposures
confreqConfigural Frequencies Analysis Using Log-Linear Modeling
conicfitAlgorithms for Fitting Circles, Ellipses and Conics Based on the Work by Prof. Nikolai Chernov
conicsPlot Conics
conjointAn Implementation of Conjoint Analysis Method
conjurerA Parametric Method for Generating Synthetic Data
conleyregEstimations using Conley Standard Errors
conmetConstruct Measurement Evaluation Tool
connectwidgetsOrganize and Curate Your Content Within 'RStudio Connect'
conogiveCongeneric Normal-Ogive Model
conosClustering on Network of Samples
conover.testConover-Iman Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
conquerConvolution-Type Smoothed Quantile Regression
conquestrAn R Front End for 'ACER ConQuest'
conserveRIdentifying Conservation Prioritization Methods Based on Data Availability
consortCreate Consort Diagram
consortrInteractive Consort Flow Diagrams
constantsReference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty
constellationIdentify Event Sequences Using Time Series Joins
constrainedKrigingConstrained, Covariance-Matching Constrained and Universal Point or Block Kriging
contTimeCausalContinuous Time Causal Models
contactCreating Contact and Social Networks
contactdataSocial Contact Matrices for 152 Countries
containerExtending Base R List
contentidAn Interface for Content-Based Identifiers
contfracContinued Fractions
contingBayesian Analysis of Contingency Tables
contingencyDiscrete Multivariate Probability Distributions
contourPlotPlots x,y,z Co-Ordinates in a Contour Map
contoureRContouring of Non-Regular Three-Dimensional Data
contrastA Collection of Contrast Methods
contributionA Tiny Contribution Table Generator Based on 'ggplot2'
controlA Control Systems Toolbox
controlTestQuantile Comparison for Two-Sample Right-Censored Survival Data
convdistrConvolute Probabilistic Distributions
convergEUMonitoring Convergence of EU Countries
convertGraphConvert Graphical Files Format
convertidConvert Gene IDs Between Each Other and Fetch Annotations from Biomart
convertrConvert Between Units
convevolAnalysis of Convergent Evolution
convexjlrDisciplined Convex Programming in R using 'Convex.jl'
conveyIncome Concentration Analysis with Complex Survey Samples
convoSPATConvolution-Based Nonstationary Spatial Modeling
cooccurProbabilistic Species Co-Occurrence Analysis in R
coopCo-Operation: Fast Covariance, Correlation, and Cosine Similarity Operations
coopProductGameCooperative Aspects of Linear Production Programming Problems
cooptreesCooperative aspects of optimal trees in weighted graphs
copBasicGeneral Bivariate Copula Theory and Many Utility Functions
copCARFitting the copCAR Regression Model for Discrete Areal Data
copeCoverage Probability Excursion (CoPE) Sets
copentEstimating Copula Entropy and Transfer Entropy
coppeCosenzaRCOPPE-Cosenza Fuzzy Hierarchy Model
copsCluster Optimized Proximity Scaling
copulaMultivariate Dependence with Copulas
copulaDataData Sets for Copula Modeling
copulaedasEstimation of Distribution Algorithms Based on Copulas
copularegCopula Regression
corHMMHidden Markov Models of Character Evolution
corTestRobust Tests for Equal Correlation
corToolsTools for processing data after a Genome Wide Association Study
coraCora Data for Entity Resolution
corazonApply 'colorffy' Color Gradients Within 'shiny' Elements
corclassCorrelational Class Analysis
cordCommunity Estimation in G-Models via CORD
cordilleraCalculation of the OPTICS Cordillera
coreCTProgrammatic Analysis of Sediment Cores Using Computed Tomography Imaging
coreNLPWrappers Around Stanford CoreNLP Tools
coreSimCore Functionality for Simulating Quantities of Interest from Generalised Linear Models
coreTDTTDT for compound heterozygous and recessive models
coreheatCorrelation Heatmaps
corehunterMulti-Purpose Core Subset Selection
corelsR Binding for the 'Certifiably Optimal RulE ListS (Corels)' Learner
corkscrewPreprocessor for Data Modeling
corncobCount Regression for Correlated Observations with the Beta-Binomial
cornetElastic Net with Dichotomised Outcomes
coro'Coroutines' for R
coroICAConfounding Robust Independent Component Analysis for Noisy and Grouped Data
coronaCoronavirus ('Rona') Data Exploration
coronavirusThe 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Dataset
corpcorEfficient Estimation of Covariance and (Partial) Correlation
corporaStatistics and Data Sets for Corpus Frequency Data
corporaexplorerA 'Shiny' App for Exploration of Text Collections
corpusText Corpus Analysis
corpustoolsManaging, Querying and Analyzing Tokenized Text
corr2DImplementation of 2D Correlation Analysis in R
corrDNAFinding Associations in Position-Wise Aligned DNA Sequence Dataset
corrarrayCorrelation Arrays and 2-Sample Correlation Matrices
corrcoverageCorrecting the Coverage of Credible Sets from Bayesian Genetic Fine Mapping
correctedAUCCorrecting AUC for Measurement Error
corregpFunctions and Methods for Correspondence Regression
correlationMethods for Correlation Analysis
correlationfunnelSpeed Up Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with the Correlation Funnel
correlbinomCorrelated Binomial Probabilities
corrgramPlot a Correlogram
corrgrapherExplore Correlations Between Variables in a Machine Learning Model
corrplotVisualization of a Correlation Matrix
corrrCorrelations in R
corsetArbitrary Bounding of Series and Time Series Objects
cortSome Empiric and Nonparametric Copula Models
cortoInference of Gene Regulatory Networks
corxCreate and Format Correlation Matrices
cosaBound Constrained Optimal Sample Size Allocation
cosinorTools for estimating and predicting the cosinor model
cosinor2Extended Tools for Cosinor Analysis of Rhythms
cosmoFnsFunctions for cosmological distances, times, luminosities, etc.
cossoFit Regularized Nonparametric Regression Models Using COSSO Penalty.
costatTime Series Costationarity Determination
costsensitiveCost-Sensitive Multi-Class Classification
cotramCount Transformation Models
cotrendConsistent Co-Trending Rank Selection
couchDBConnect to and Work with CouchDB Databases
countHMMPenalized Estimation of Flexible Hidden Markov Models for Time Series of Counts
countToFPKMConvert Counts to Fragments per Kilobase of Transcript per Million (FPKM)
countTransformersTransform Counts in RNA-Seq Data Analysis
countcolorsLocates and Counts Pixels Within Color Range(s) in Images
countdataThe Beta-Binomial Test for Count Data
countfitteRComprehensive Automatized Evaluation of Distribution Models for Count Data
countgmifsDiscrete Response Regression for High-Dimensional Data
countrycodeConvert Country Names and Country Codes
countyfloodsQuantify United States County-Level Flood Measurements
countytimezonesConvert from UTC to Local Time for United States Counties
covBMBrownian Motion Processes for 'nlme'-Models
covLCALatent Class Models with Covariate Effects on Underlying and Measured Variables
covRobustRobust Covariance Estimation via Nearest Neighbor Cleaning
covTestRCovariance Matrix Tests
covafillrLocal Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models
covatestTests on Properties of Space-Time Covariance Functions
coveffectsplotProduce Forest Plots to Visualize Covariate Effects
covequalTest for Equality of Covariance Matrices
covfefeCovfefy Any Word, Sentence or Speech
covglassoSparse Covariance Matrix Estimation
covid19.analyticsLoad and Analyze Live Data from the COVID-19 Pandemic
covid19brBrazilian COVID-19 Pandemic Data
covid19dbcandSelected 'Drugbank' Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment Related Data in R Format
covid19franceCases of COVID-19 in France
covid19indiaPulling Clean Data from
covid19italyThe 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Italy Dataset
covid19sfThe Covid19 San Francisco Dataset
covid19swissCOVID-19 Cases in Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein
covid19usCases of COVID-19 in the United States
covidcastClient for Delphi's 'COVIDcast Epidata' API
covidprobabilityEstimate the Unit-Wide Probability of COVID-19
covidregionaldataSubnational Data for COVID-19 Epidemiology
covidsymptomCOVID Symptom Study Sweden Open Dataset
covrTest Coverage for Packages
covregA simultaneous regression model for the mean and covariance
covsepTests for Determining if the Covariance Structure of 2-Dimensional Data is Separable
covsimVITA, IG and PLSIM Simulation for Given Covariance and Marginals
cowbellPerforms Segmented Linear Regression on Two Independent Variables
cowplotStreamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'
cowsayMessages, Warnings, Strings with Ascii Animals
coxedDuration-Based Quantities of Interest for the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
coxintervalCox-Type Models for Interval-Censored Data
coxmeMixed Effects Cox Models
coxphMICSparse Estimation of Cox Proportional Hazards Models via Approximated Information Criterion
coxphSGDStochastic Gradient Descent log-Likelihood Estimation in Cox Proportional Hazards Model
coxphfCox Regression with Firth's Penalized Likelihood
coxphwWeighted Estimation in Cox Regression
coxrobustRobust Estimation in Cox Model
coxrtCox Proportional Hazards Regression for Right-Truncated Data
coxseiFitting a CoxSEI Model
cp4pCalibration Plot for Proteomics
cpaConfirmatory Path Analysis through the d-sep tests
cpcaMethods to perform Common Principal Component Analysis (CPCA)
cpdComplex Pearson Distributions
cpkClinical Pharmacokinetics
cplmCompound Poisson Linear Models
cpmSequential and Batch Change Detection Using Parametric and Nonparametric Methods
cpp11A C++11 Interface for R's C Interface
cppRoutingFast Implementation of Dijkstra Algorithm
cprControl Polygon Reduction
cprobitConditional Probit Model for Analysing Continuous Outcomes
cprrFunctions for Working with Danish CPR Numbers
cpsRLoad CPS Microdata into R Using the 'Census Bureau Data' API
cpssChange-Point Detection by Sample-Splitting Methods
cpsurvsimSimulating Survival Data from Change-Point Hazard Distributions
cpsvoteA Toolbox for Using the CPS’s Voting and Registration Supplement
cptClassification Permutation Test
cptcity'cpt-city' Colour Gradients
cptecAn Interface to the 'CPTEC/INPE' API
cqcrAccess 'Care Quality Commission' Data
cqrRegQuantile, Composite Quantile Regression and Regularized Versions
cquadConditional Maximum Likelihood for Quadratic Exponential Models for Binary Panel Data
craggTests for Weak Instruments in R
cramerMultivariate Nonparametric Cramer-Test for the Two-Sample-Problem
crandepNetwork Analysis of Dependencies of CRAN Packages
crankCompleting Ranks
cranlikeTools for 'CRAN'-Like Repositories
cranlogsDownload Logs from the 'RStudio' 'CRAN' Mirror
cranlyPackage Directives and Collaboration Networks in CRAN
crantasticVarious R tools for
crassmatConditional Random Sampling Sparse Matrices
crawlFit Continuous-Time Correlated Random Walk Models to Animal Movement Data
crayonColored Terminal Output
crchCensored Regression with Conditional Heteroscedasticity
crctStepdownUnivariate Analysis of Cluster Trials with Multiple Outcomes
credentialsTools for Managing SSH and Git Credentials
creditmodelToolkit for Credit Modeling, Analysis and Visualization
credsubsCredible Subsets
creduleCredit Default Swap Functions
creggSimple Conjoint Tidying, Analysis, and Visualization
crestrA Probabilistic Approach to Reconstruct Past Climates Using Biological Climate Proxies
crfsuiteConditional Random Fields for Labelling Sequential Data in Natural Language Processing
cricketrAnalyze Cricketers and Cricket Teams Based on ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru
crimCVGroup-Based Modelling of Longitudinal Data
crimedataAccess Crime Data from the Open Crime Database
crimelinkageStatistical Methods for Crime Series Linkage
crimeutilsA Comprehensive Set of Functions to Clean, Analyze, and Present Crime Data
crispFits a Model that Partitions the Covariate Space into Blocks in a Data- Adaptive Way
crispRdesignRGuide Sequence Design for CRISPR/Cas9
criticalpathAn Implementation of the Critical Path Method
critpathSetting the Critical Path
crmPackObject-Oriented Implementation of CRM Designs
crmRegCellwise Robust M-Regression and SPADIMO
crmnCCMN and Other Normalization Methods for Metabolomics Data
crnDownloads and Builds datasets for Climate Reference Network
crochetImplementation Helper for '[' and '[<-' of Custom Matrix-Like Types
cromwellDashboardA Dashboard to Visualize Scientific Workflows in 'Cromwell'
cronRSchedule R Scripts and Processes with the 'cron' Job Scheduler
croneStructural Crystallography in 1d
cronologiaCreate an HTML Vertical Timeline from a Data Frame in 'rmarkdown' and 'shiny'
cropGraphics Cropping Tool
cropDemandSpatial Crop Water Demand for Brazil
cropZoningClimate Crop Zoning Based in Air Temperature for Brazil
cropdatapeOpen Data of Agricultural Production of Crops of Peru
cropgrowdaysCrop Growing Degree Days and Agrometeorological Calculations
cropsChangepoints for a Range of Penalties (CROPS)
crossRegConfidence intervals for crossover points of two simple regression lines
crossdesConstruction of Crossover Designs
crossmapApply Functions to All Combinations of List Elements
crossmatchThe Cross-match Test
crossrunJoint Distribution of Number of Crossings and Longest Run
crosstableCrosstables for Descriptive Analyses
crosstalkInter-Widget Interactivity for HTML Widgets
crossvalGeneric Functions for Cross Validation
crossvalidationCPCross-Validation for Change-Point Regression
crosswalkrRename and Encode Data Frames Using External Crosswalk Files
crossword.rGenerating Crosswords from Word Lists
crovConstrained Regression Model for an Ordinal Response and Ordinal Predictors
crplyrA 'dplyr' Interface for Crunch
crqaRecurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
crrSCCompeting risks regression for Stratified and Clustered data
crrcbcvBias-Corrected Variance for Competing Risks Regression with Clustered Data
crrpPenalized Variable Selection in Competing Risks Regression
crrstepStepwise Covariate Selection for the Fine & Gray Competing Risks Regression Model
crsCategorical Regression Splines
crseEventStudyA Robust and Powerful Test of Abnormal Stock Returns in Long-Horizon Event Studies
crsmetaExtract Coordinate System Metadata
crsnlsNonlinear Regression Parameters Estimation by 'CRS4HC' and 'CRS4HCe'
crsoCancer Rule Set Optimization ('crso')
crsraTidying and Analyzing 'Coursera' Research Export Data
crsuggestObtain Suggested Coordinate Reference System Information for Spatial Data
crtestsClassification and Regression Tests
crulHTTP Client Data Tools
crunchyShiny Apps on Crunch
crutsInterface to Climatic Research Unit Time-Series Version 3.21 Data
cryStatistics for Structural Crystallography
crypto2Download Crypto Currency Data from 'CoinMarketCap' without 'API'
cryptowatchRAn API Wrapper for 'Cryptowatch'
crystCalculate the Relative Crystallinity of Starch by XRD and FTIR
csSAMcsSAM - cell-specific Significance Analysis of Microarrays
csaA Cross-Scale Analysis Tool for Model-Observation Visualization and Integration
csaboundsBounds on Distributional Treatment Effect Parameters
csamplingFunctions for Conditional Simulation in Regression-Scale Models
csciCurrent Status Confidence Intervals
cshapesThe CShapes 2.0 Dataset and Utilities
csnClosed Skew-Normal Distribution
csodataDownload Data from the CSO 'PxStat' API
cspecComplete Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Periodogram
csppA Tool for the Correlates of State Policy Project Data
csppDataData Only: The Correlates of State Policy Project Dataset
csrplusMethods to Test Hypotheses on the Distribution of Spatial Point Processes
cssToolsCognitive Social Structure Tools
cstabSelection of Number of Clusters via Normalized Clustering Instability
cstarSubstantive significance testing for regression estimates and marginal effects.
csurveyConstrained Regression for Survey Data
csvRead and Write CSV Files with Selected Conventions
csvreadFast Specialized CSV File Loader
csvwrRead and Write CSV on the Web (CSVW) Tables and Metadata
csvyImport and Export CSV Data with a YAML Metadata Header
ctaContingency Table Analysis Based on ML Fitting of MPH Models
ctfRead and Write Column Text Format (CTF)
ctgdistLikert Category Distance Calculator
ctgtClosed Testing with Globaltest for Pathway Analysis
cthistClinical Trial Registry History
cthreshERContinuous Threshold Expectile Regression
ctlCorrelated Trait Locus Mapping
ctmcdEstimating the Parameters of a Continuous-Time Markov Chain from Discrete-Time Data
ctmcmoveModeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains
ctmleCollaborative Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
ctmmContinuous-Time Movement Modeling
ctpmContinuous-Time Phylogenetic Modeling
ctqrCensored and Truncated Quantile Regression
ctrdataRetrieve and Analyze Clinical Trials in Public Registers
ctrialsgovQuery Data from U.S. National Library of Medicine's Clinical Trials Database
ctrlGeneAssess the Stability of Candidate Housekeeping Genes
ctsemContinuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
ctsemOMXContinuous Time SEM - 'OpenMx' Based Functions
ctvCRAN Task Views
cuReParametric Cure Model Estimation
cubatureAdaptive Multivariate Integration over Hypercubes
cubelyrA Data Cube 'dplyr' Backend
cubeviewView 3D Raster Cubes Interactively
cubfitsCodon Usage Bias Fits
cubicBsplinesComputation of a Cubic B-Spline Basis and Its Derivatives
cubingRubik's Cube Solving
cuda.mlR Interface for the RAPIDS cuML Suite of Libraries
cultevoTools, Measures and Statistical Tests for Cultural Evolution
cumSegChange Point Detection in Genomic Sequences
cuml4rR Interface for the RAPIDS cuML Suite of Libraries
cumstatsCumulative Descriptive Statistics
cumulocityrClient for the 'Cumulocity' API
cuperdecCumulative Percent Decay Curve Generator
curephEMNPMLE for Logistic-Cox Cure-Rate Model
curlA Modern and Flexible Web Client for R
currentSurvivalEstimation of CCI and CLFS Functions
curryPartial Function Application with %<%, %-<%, and %><%
cursrCursor and Terminal Manipulation
curstatCIConfidence Intervals for the Current Status Model
curtailmentFinds Binary Outcome Designs Using Stochastic Curtailment
curvHDRFiltering of Flow Cytometry Samples
curveDepthTukey Curve Depth and Distance in the Space of Curves
curvecompMultiple Curve Comparisons Using Parametric Bootstrap
cuspCusp-Catastrophe Model Fitting Using Maximum Likelihood
customizedTrainingCustomized Training for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
customstepsCustomizable Higher-Order Recipe Step Functions
cusumCumulative Sum (CUSUM) Charts for Monitoring of Hospital Performance
cusumcharterEasier CUSUM Control Charts
cutoffSeek the Significant Cutoff Value
cutoffRCUTOFF: A Spatio-temporal Imputation Method
cutpointrDetermine and Evaluate Optimal Cutpoints in Binary Classification Tasks
cuttlefish.modelAn R package to perform LPUE standardization and stock assessment of the English Channel cuttlefish stock using a two-stage biomass model
cvAUCCross-Validated Area Under the ROC Curve Confidence Intervals
cvCovEstCross-Validated Covariance Matrix Estimation
cvGEECross-Validated Predictions from GEE
cvToolsCross-validation tools for regression models
cvamCoarsened Variable Modeling
cvapCitizen Voting Age Population
cvarCompute Expected Shortfall and Value at Risk for Continuous Distributions
cvcqvCoefficient of Variation (CV) with Confidence Intervals (CI)
cvcrandEfficient Design and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trials
cvequalityTests for the Equality of Coefficients of Variation from Multiple Groups
cvmdiscCramer von Mises Tests for Discrete or Grouped Distributions
cvmgofCramer-von Mises Goodness-of-Fit Tests
cvmsCross-Validation for Model Selection
cvq2Calculate the predictive squared correlation coefficient
cvwraprTools for Cross Validation
cwbtoolsTools to Create, Modify and Manage 'CWB' Corpora
cwhmiscMiscellaneous Functions for Math, Plotting, Printing, Statistics, Strings, and Tools
cwmCluster Weighted Models by EM algorithm
cxhullConvex Hull
cxrA Toolbox for Modelling Species Coexistence in R
cxxfunplusextend cxxfunction by saving the dynamic shared objects
cycleRtoolsTools for Cycling Data Analysis
cyclestreetsCycle Routing and Data for Cycling Advocacy
cyclocompCyclomatic Complexity of R Code
cyclomortSurvival Modeling with a Periodic Hazard Function
cylcopCircular-Linear Copulas with Angular Symmetry for Movement Data
cymruservicesQuery 'Team Cymru' 'IP' Address, Autonomous System Number ('ASN'), Border Gateway Protocol ('BGP'), Bogon and 'Malware' Hash Data Services
cyphidCycle and Phase Identification for mastication data
cyphrHigh Level Encryption Wrappers
cystiSimAgent-Based Model for Taenia_solium Transmission and Control
cytoDivCytometric diversity indices
cytofanPlot Fan Plots for Cytometry Data using 'ggplot2'
cytometreeAutomated Cytometry Gating and Annotation
cytominerMethods for Image-Based Cell Profiling
czechratesCzech Interest & Foreign Exchange Rates
czsoUse Open Data from the Czech Statistical Office in R
D2MCSData Driving Multiple Classifier System
D3GBInteractive Genome Browser with R
D3partitionRInteractive Charts of Nested and Hierarchical Data with 'D3.js'
DADiscriminant Analysis for Evolutionary Inference
DAAGData Analysis and Graphics Data and Functions
DAAGbioData Sets and Functions, for Demonstrations with Expression Arrays and Gene Sequences
DACFData Analysis with Ceiling and/or Floor Data
DAIMEEffects of Changing Deposition Rates
DAISIEDynamical Assembly of Islands by Speciation, Immigration and Extinction
DAKSData Analysis and Knowledge Spaces
DALEXmoDel Agnostic Language for Exploration and eXplanation
DALEXtraExtension for 'DALEX' Package
DALYThe DALY Calculator - Graphical User Interface for Probabilistic DALY Calculation in R
DAMOCLESDynamic Assembly Model of Colonization, Local Extinction and Speciation
DAMiscDave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions
DAPDiscriminant Analysis via Projections
DArandDifferential Analysis with Random Reference Genes
DBESTDetecting Breakpoints and Estimating Segments in Trend
DBGSAmethods of distance-based gene set functional enrichment analysis.
DBIR Database Interface
DBItestTesting 'DBI' 'Backends'
DBfitA Double Bootstrap Method for Analyzing Linear Models with Autoregressive Errors
DCADynamic Correlation Analysis for High Dimensional Data
DCCADetrended Fluctuation and Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis
DCDDifferential Community Detection in Paired Biological Networks
DCEMClustering Big Data using Expectation Maximization Star (EM*) Algorithm
DCEmgmtDCE Data Reshaping and Processing
DCEtoolCreate, Survey and Analyse Discrete Choice Experiments
DCGData Cloud Geometry (DCG): Using Random Walks to Find Community Structure in Social Network Analysis
DCGLDifferential Co-expression Analysis and Differential Regulation Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
DCLClaims Reserving under the Double Chain Ladder Model
DCLEARDistance Based Cell Lineage Reconstruction
DCODEList Linear n-Peptide Constraints for Overlapping Protein Regions
DCPODynamic Comparative Public Opinion
DCSmoothNonparametric Regression and Bandwidth Selection for Spatial Models
DCchoiceAnalyzing Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Data
DChaosChaotic Time Series Analysis
DClusterFunctions for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases
DClustermModel-Based Detection of Disease Clusters
DDDDiversity-Dependent Diversification
DDHFmVariance Stabilization by Data-Driven Haar-Fisz (for Microarrays)
DDMDeath Registration Coverage Estimation
DDPNADisease-Drived Differential Proteins Co-Expression Network Analysis
DDRTreeLearning Principal Graphs with DDRTree
DDoutlierDistance & Density-Based Outlier Detection
DECIDEDEComposition of Indirect and Direct Effects
DEEPRDirichlet-multinomial Evolutionary Event Profile Randomization (DEEPR) test
DEEVDDensity Estimation by Extreme Value Distributions
DELTDKernel Density Estimation using Lifetime Distributions
DEMOVADEvelopment (of Multi-Linear QSPR/QSAR) MOdels VAlidated using Test Set
DEPONS2RRead, Plot and Analyse Output from the DEPONS Model
DESDiscrete Event Simulation
DESnowballBagging with Distance-based Regression for Differential Gene Expression Analyses
DETRepresentation of DET Curve with Confidence Intervals
DEoptimGlobal Optimization by Differential Evolution
DEoptimRDifferential Evolution Optimization in Pure R
DFADetrended Fluctuation Analysis
DFA.CANCORLinear Discriminant Function and Canonical Correlation Analysis
DFITDifferential Functioning of Items and Tests
DGCADifferential Gene Correlation Analysis
DGEobjDifferential Gene Expression (DGE) Analysis Results Data Object
DGEobj.utilsDifferential Gene Expression (DGE) Analysis Utility Toolkit
DGLMExtPoisDouble Generalized Linear Models Extending Poisson Regression
DGMDynamic Graphical Models
DHARMaResidual Diagnostics for Hierarchical (Multi-Level / Mixed) Regression Models
DHBinsHexmaps for NZ District Health Boards
DHS.ratesCalculates Demographic Indicators
DICOMreadReading and Saving DICOM Image Files
DIDmultiplegtEstimation in DID with Multiple Groups and Periods
DIFboostDetection of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in Rasch Models by Boosting Techniques
DIFlassoA Penalty Approach to Differential Item Functioning in Rasch Models
DIFplusMultilevel Mantel-Haenszel Statistics for Differential Item Functioning Detection
DIFshinyDifferential Item Functioning via Shiny Application
DIFtreeItem Focussed Trees for the Identification of Items in Differential Item Functioning
DIGSSDetermination of Intervals Using Georeferenced Survey Simulation
DIMEDIME (Differential Identification using Mixture Ensemble)
DIMORADiffusion Models R Analysis
DIRECTBayesian Clustering of Multivariate Data Under the Dirichlet-Process Prior
DISTRIBFour Essential Functions for Statistical Distributions Analysis: A New Functional Approach
DIZutilsUtilities for 'DIZ' R Package Development
DIconvexFinding Patterns of Monotonicity and Convexity in Data
DImodelsDiversity-Interactions (DI) Models
DIscBIOA User-Friendly Pipeline for Biomarker Discovery in Single-Cell Transcriptomics
DJLDistance Measure Based Judgment and Learning
DLASSOImplementation of Adaptive or Non-Adaptive Differentiable Lasso and SCAD Penalties in Linear Models
DLMtoolData-Limited Methods Toolkit
DMCfunDiffusion Model of Conflict (DMC) in Reaction Time Tasks
DMLLZUDouble Machine Learning
DMMFDaily Based Morgan-Morgan-Finney (DMMF) Soil Erosion Model
DMRMarkDMR Detection by Non-Homogeneous Hidden Markov Model from Methylation Array Data
DMRnetDelete or Merge Regressors Algorithms for Linear and Logistic Model Selection and High-Dimensional Data
DMTLTools for Applying Distribution Mapping Based Transfer Learning
DMtestDifferential Methylation Tests (DMtest)
DMwR2Functions and Data for the Second Edition of "Data Mining with R"
DNAseqtestGenerating and Testing DNA Sequences
DNAtoolsTools for Analysing Forensic Genetic DNA Data
DNLCDifferential Network Local Consistency Analysis
DNMFDiscriminant Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
DOBADAnalysis of Discretely Observed Linear Birth-and-Death(-and-Immigration) Markov Chains
DOPEDrug Ontology Parsing Engine
DOSDesign of Observational Studies
DOS2Design of Observational Studies, Companion to the Second Edition
DOSPortfolioDynamic Optimal Shrinkage Portfolio
DOTRender and Export DOT Graphs in R
DOVEDurability of Vaccine Efficacy
DOvalidationKernel Hazard Estimation with Best One-Sided and Double One-Sided Cross-Validation
DPBBMDirichlet Process Beta-Binomial Mixture
DPPInference of Parameters of Normal Distributions from a Mixture of Normals
DPQDensity, Probability, Quantile ('DPQ') Computations
DPQmpfrDPQ (Density, Probability, Quantile) Distribution Computations using MPFR
DPWeibullDirichlet Process Weibull Mixture Model for Survival Data
DPtreeDirichlet-Based Polya Tree
DR.SCJoint Dimension Reduction and Spatial Clustering
DRAYLComputation of Rayleigh Densities of Arbitrary Dimension
DRDIDDoubly Robust Difference-in-Differences Estimators
DRDRtestA Nonparametric Doubly Robust Test for Continuous Treatment Effect
DREGARRegularized Estimation of Dynamic Linear Regression in the Presence of Autocorrelated Residuals (DREGAR)
DRHotNetDifferential Risk Hotspots in a Linear Network
DRIPDiscontinuous Regression and Image Processing
DRRDimensionality Reduction via Regression
DRaWRDiscriminative Random Walk with Restart
DRomicsDose Response for Omics
DSAIDEDynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Ecology/Evolution)
DSAIRMDynamical Systems Approach to Immune Response Modeling
DSBayesBayesian subgroup analysis in clinical trials
DSI'DataSHIELD' Interface
DSLDistributed Storage and List
DSLite'DataSHIELD' Implementation on Local Datasets
DSMolgenisArmadillo'DataSHIELD' Client for 'MOLGENIS Armadillo'
DSOpal'DataSHIELD' Implementation for 'Opal'
DSSATA Comprehensive R Interface for the DSSAT Cropping Systems Model
DSWEData Science for Wind Energy
DSjobtrackerWhat Skills and Qualifications are Required for Data Science Related Jobs?
DSpotyGet 'Spotify' API Multiple Information
DSsimDistance Sampling Simulations
DStreeRecursive Partitioning for Discrete-Time Survival Trees
DSviaDRMExploring Disease Similarity in Terms of Dysfunctional Regulatory Mechanisms
DTA Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'
DTATDose Titration Algorithm Tuning
DTAXGDiagnostic Test Assessment in the Absence of Gold Standard
DTAplotsCreates Plots Accompanying Bayesian Diagnostic Test Accuracy Meta-Analyses
DTComPairComparison of Binary Diagnostic Tests in a Paired Study Design
DTDADoubly Truncated Data Analysis
DTDA.cifDoubly Truncated Data Analysis, Cumulative Incidence Functions
DTDA.niDoubly Truncated Data Analysis, Non Iterative
DTKDunnett-Tukey-Kramer Pairwise Multiple Comparison Test Adjusted for Unequal Variances and Unequal Sample Sizes
DTMCPackSuite of functions related to discrete-time discrete-state Markov Chains
DTREstimation and Comparison of Dynamic Treatment Regimes
DTRlearn2Statistical Learning Methods for Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes
DTRregDTR Estimation and Inference via G-Estimation, Dynamic WOLS, Q-Learning, and Dynamic Weighted Survival Modeling (DWSurv)
DTSgA Class for Working with Time Series Data Based on 'data.table' and 'R6' with Largely Optional Reference Semantics
DTWBIImputation of Time Series Based on Dynamic Time Warping
DTWUMIImputation of Multivariate Time Series Based on Dynamic Time Warping
DTwrappersSimplified Data Analysis with Wrapper Functions for the 'Data.Table' Package
DUBStepRCorrelation-Based Feature Selection for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data
DVHmetricsAnalyze Dose-Volume Histograms and Check Constraints
DWBmodelUNDynamic Water Balance a Hydrological Model
DWDLargeRFast Algorithms for Large Scale Generalized Distance Weighted Discrimination
DWLassoDegree Weighted Lasso
DWregParametric Regression for Discrete Response
DYMDid You Mean?
DamiaNNNeural Network Numerai
DandEFADandelion Plot for R-Mode Exploratory Factor Analysis
DarkThe Analysis of Dark Adaptation Data
DarkDivEstimating Dark Diversity and Site-Specific Species Pools
DasstTools for Reading, Processing and Writing 'DSSAT' Files
DatAssimData Assimilation
Data2LDFunctional Data Analysis with Linear Differential Equations
DataCleanData Cleaning
DataCombineTools for Easily Combining and Cleaning Data Sets
DataEditRAn Interactive Editor for Viewing, Entering, Filtering & Editing Data
DataExplorerAutomate Data Exploration and Treatment
DataFakeRGenerate Fake Data for Relational Databases
DataGraphExport Data from R so 'DataGraph' can Read it
DataLoaderImport Multiple File Types
DataPackageRConstruct Reproducible Analytic Data Sets as R Packages
DataSpaceRInterface to 'the CAVD DataSpace'
DataVisualizationsVisualizations of High-Dimensional Data
DataVizData Visualisation Using an HTML Page and 'D3.js'
DatabaseConnectorConnecting to Various Database Platforms
DatabaseConnectorJarsJAR Dependencies for the 'DatabaseConnector' Package
DatabionicSwarmSwarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering
DatastreamDSWS2RProvides a Link Between the 'Refinitiv Datastream' System and R
DaviesThe Davies Quantile Function
DeCAFSDetecting Changes in Autocorrelated and Fluctuating Signals
DeLoreanEstimates Pseudotimes for Single Cell Expression Data
DeRezende.FerreiraZero Coupon Yield Curve Modelling
DeclareDesignDeclare and Diagnose Research Designs
DecomposeREmpirical Mode Decomposition for Cyclostratigraphy
DecorateRFit and Deploy DECORATE Trees
DeducerA Data Analysis GUI for R
DeducerPlugInExampleDeducer Plug-in Example
DeducerPlugInScalingReliability and factor analysis plugin
DeducerSpatialDeducer for spatial data analysis
DeducerSurvivalAdd Survival Dialogue to Deducer
DeducerTextDeducer GUI for Text Data
DeductiveRDeductive Rational Method
DelaporteStatistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
DelayedEffect.DesignSample Size and Power Calculations using the APPLE and SEPPLE Methods
DeltaMeasure of Agreement Between Two Raters
DemerelateFunctions to Calculate Relatedness on Diploid Genetic Data
DemoDecompDecompose Demographic Functions
DemografixeRExtrapolate Gender, Age and Nationality of a Name
DendSerDendrogram seriation: ordering for visualisation
DendroSyncA Set of Tools for Calculating Spatial Synchrony Between Tree-Ring Chronologies
DensParcorrDens-Based Method for Partial Correlation Estimation in Large Scale Brain Networks
Density.T.HoldOutDensity.T.HoldOut: Non-combinatorial T-estimation Hold-Out for density estimation
DepthProcStatistical Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
DerivSymbolic Differentiation
DescToolsTools for Descriptive Statistics
DescToolsAddInsInteractive Functions to be Used as Shortcuts in 'RStudio'
DescrTab2Publication Quality Descriptive Statistics Tables
DescribeDisplayAn Interface to the 'DescribeDisplay' 'GGobi' Plugin
DescriptiveStats.OBeuDescriptive Statistics ''
DescriptiveWHDescriptive Statistics
DesignCTPBDesign Clinical Trials with Potential Biomarker Effect
DesignLibraryLibrary of Research Designs
DetLifeInsuranceLife Insurance Premium and Reserves Valuation
DetMCDImplementation of the DetMCD Algorithm (Robust and Deterministic Estimation of Location and Scatter)
DetRSuite of Deterministic and Robust Algorithms for Linear Regression
DetSelA Computer Program to Detect Markers Responding to Selection
DevTreatRulesDevelop Treatment Rules with Observational Data
Devore7Data sets from Devore's "Prob and Stat for Eng (7th ed)"
DforestDecision Forest
DiNAMIC.DuoFinding Recurrent DNA Copy Number Alterations and Differences
DiPALMDifferential Pattern Analysis via Linear Modeling
DiPhiSeqRobust Tests for Differential Dispersion and Differential Expression in RNA-Sequencing Data
DiPsDirectional Penalties for Optimal Matching in Observational Studies
DiSSModFitting Sample Selection Models for Discrete Response Variables
DiagrammeRGraph/Network Visualization
DiagrammeRsvgExport DiagrammeR Graphviz Graphs as SVG
DiallelAnalysisRDiallel Analysis with R
DiceDesignDesigns of Computer Experiments
DiceEvalConstruction and Evaluation of Metamodels
DiceKrigingKriging Methods for Computer Experiments
DiceOptimKriging-Based Optimization for Computer Experiments
DiceViewMethods for Visualization of Computer Experiments Design and Surrogate
DictR6 Based Key-Value Dictionary Implementation
DidacticBoostA Simple Implementation and Demonstration of Gradient Boosting
DiderotBibliographic Network Analysis
DiffCorrAnalyzing and Visualizing Differential Correlation Networks in Biological Data
DiffNetDetection of Statistically Significant Changes in Complex Biological Networks
DiffXTablesPattern Analysis Across Contingency Tables
DiffusionRgqdInference and Analysis for Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
DiffusionRimpInference and Analysis for Diffusion Processes via Data Imputation and Method of Lines
DiffusionRjgqdInference and Analysis for Jump Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
DirStatsNonparametric Methods for Directional Data
DireLinear Regressions with a Latent Outcome Variable
DirectEffectsEstimating Controlled Direct Effects for Explaining Causal Findings
DirectStandardisationAdjusted Means and Proportions by Direct Standardisation
DirectedClusteringDirected Weighted Clustering Coefficient
DirectionalA Collection of Functions for Directional Data Analysis
DirichletRegDirichlet Regression
DisHetEstimate the Gene Expression Levels and Component Proportions of the Normal, Stroma (Immune) and Tumor Components of Bulk Tumor Samples
DisImpactCalculates Disproportionate Impact When Binary Success Data are Disaggregated by Subgroups
DiscreteFDRMultiple Testing Procedures with Adaptation for Discrete Tests
DiscreteInverseWeibullDiscrete Inverse Weibull Distribution
DiscreteLaplaceDiscrete Laplace Distributions
DiscreteQvalueImproved q-Values for Discrete Uniform and Homogeneous Tests
DiscreteWeibullDiscrete Weibull Distributions (Type 1 and 3)
DiscriMinerTools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis
DisequilibriumDisequilibrium Models
DisimForMixedCalculate Dissimilarity Matrix for Dataset with Mixed Attributes
DistanceDistance Sampling Detection Function and Abundance Estimation
DistatisRDiSTATIS Three Way Metric Multidimensional Scaling
DistributionFitRFitting Multiple Parametric Distributions
DistributionOptimizationDistribution Optimization
DistributionTestPowerful Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based on the Likelihood Ratio
DistributionUtilsDistribution Utilities
DivEDiversity Estimator
DiversificationREconometric Tools to Measure Portfolio Diversification
DiversityOccupancyBuilding Diversity Models from Multiple Species Occupancy Models
DnEDistribution and Equation
DoE.MIParrayCreation of Arrays by Mixed Integer Programming
DoE.baseFull Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages
DoE.multi.responseConstruct Multi-Response Experimental Designs
DoE.wrapperWrapper Package for Design of Experiments Functionality
DoEstRareRare Variant Association Test Based on Position Density Estimation
DoTCDistribution of Typicality Coefficients
DockerParallelUsing the Docker Container to Create R Workers on Local or Cloud Platform
DodgeAcceptance Sampling Ideas Originated by H.F. Dodge
DominanceCalculate and Visualize Dominance Hierarchies
DominoDataCaptureDomino Data Capture
DoseFindingPlanning and Analyzing Dose Finding Experiments
DoubleConeTest Against Parametric Regression Function
DoubleExpSeqDifferential Exon Usage Test for RNA-Seq Data via Empirical Bayes Shrinkage of the Dispersion Parameter
DoubleMLDouble Machine Learning in R
DowdFunctions Ported from 'MMR2' Toolbox Offered in Kevin Dowd's Book Measuring Market Risk
DpitDistribution Pitting
DrBatsData Representation: Bayesian Approach That's Sparse
DrImputeImputing Dropout Events in Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data
DrInsightDrug Repurposing: Integration and Systematic Investigation of Genomic High Throughput Data
DramaAnalysisAnalysis of Dramatic Texts
DriftBurstHypothesisCalculates the Test-Statistic for the Drift Burst Hypothesis
DrillRR Driver for Apache Drill
DriveMLSelf-Drive Machine Learning Projects
DrugClustImplementation of a Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Drugs Side Effects
DstarMAnalyze Two Choice Reaction Time Data with the D*M Method
DtDDistance to Default
DunnettTestsSoftware implementation of step-down and step-up Dunnett test procedures
DySeqFunctions for Dyadic Sequence Analyses
DykstraQuadratic Programming using Cyclic Projections
DynClustDenoising and clustering for dynamical image sequence (2D or 3D)+T
DynCommDynamic Network Communities Detection and Generation
DynNomVisualising Statistical Models using Dynamic Nomograms
DynTxRegimeMethods for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes
DynaRankRInferring Longitudinal Dominance Hierarchies
DynamicDistributionDynamically visualized probability distributions and their moments
DynamicGPModelling and Analysis of Dynamic Computer Experiments
DynareRA Seamless Integration of 'R' and 'Dynare'
DysPIADysregulated Pathway Identification Analysis
DysPIADataBackground and Pathway Data Used in 'DysPIA'
d3NetworkTools for creating D3 JavaScript network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey graphs from R
d3TreeCreate Interactive Collapsible Trees with the JavaScript 'D3' Library
d3plusSeamless 'D3Plus' Integration
d3poFast and Beautiful Interactive Visualization for 'Markdown' and 'Shiny'
d3r'd3.js' Utilities for R
d4storagehub4RInterface to 'D4Science' 'StorageHub' API
dBlockmodelingDeterministic Blockmodeling of Signed, One-Mode and Two-Mode Networks
dCURDimension Reduction with Dynamic CUR
dChipIOMethods for Reading dChip Files
dCovTSDistance Covariance and Correlation for Time Series Analysis
dGAselIDGenetic Algorithm with Incomplete Dominance for Feature Selection
dHSICIndependence Testing via Hilbert Schmidt Independence Criterion
dLagMTime Series Regression Models with Distributed Lag Models
dModDynamic Modeling and Parameter Estimation in ODE Models
dPCPAutomated Analysis of Multiplex Digital PCR Data
dSVADirect Surrogate Variable Analysis
daaremDamped Anderson Acceleration with Epsilon Monotonicity for Accelerating EM-Like Monotone Algorithms
dabestrData Analysis using Bootstrap-Coupled Estimation
dabrDatabase Management with R
dadThree-Way / Multigroup Data Analysis Through Densities
dadjokeDisplays a Dad Joke
dadjokeapiReturn a Random Dad Joke
daeFunctions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments
daewrDesign and Analysis of Experiments with R
daffDiff, Patch and Merge for Data.frames
dafsData analysis for forensic scientists
dagRR Functions for Directed Acyclic Graphs
dagirliteSpatial Vector Data for Danmarks Administrative Geografiske Inddeling DAGI
dagittyGraphical Analysis of Structural Causal Models
dagwoodDAGs with Omitted Objects Displayed (DAGWOOD)
daiRInterface with Google Cloud Document AI API
dalmatianAutomating the Fitting of Double Linear Mixed Models in 'JAGS' and 'nimble'
damData Analysis Metabolomics
dampackDecision-Analytic Modeling Package
damrInterface to Drosophila Activity Monitor System Result Files
damsDams in the United States from the National Inventory of Dams (NID)
dang'Dang' Associated New Goodies
daniDesign and Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials
dannDiscriminant Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Classification
dapr'purrr'-Like Apply Functions Over Input Elements
daqapoData Quality Assessment for Process-Oriented Data
darkskyTools to Work with the 'Dark Sky' 'API'
dartRImporting and Analysing SNP and Silicodart Data Generated by Genome-Wide Restriction Fragment Analysis
dartsStatistical Tools to Analyze Your Darts Game
dashAn Interface to the Dash Ecosystem for Authoring Reactive Web Applications
dashCoreComponentsCore Interactive UI Components for 'Dash'
dashHtmlComponentsVanilla HTML Components for 'Dash'
dashPivottableInteractive React-Based Pivot Tables for Dash
dashTableCore Interactive Table Component for 'dash'
dashboardInteractive Data Visualization with D3.js
dashboardthemesCustomise the Appearance of 'shinydashboard' Applications using Themes
datTools for Data Manipulation
data.tableExtension of `data.frame`
data.treeGeneral Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure
data360rWrapper for 'TCdata360' and 'Govdata360' API
dataCompareRCompare Two Data Frames and Summarise the Difference
dataMaidA Suite of Checks for Identification of Potential Errors in a Data Frame as Part of the Data Screening Process
dataMetaCreate and Append a Data Dictionary for an R Dataset
dataPreparationAutomated Data Preparation
dataReporterReproducible Data Screening Checks and Report of Possible Errors
dataRetrievalRetrieval Functions for USGS and EPA Hydrologic and Water Quality Data
datacleanrInteractive and Reproducible Data Cleaning
datadigestCreate an Interactive Data Summary
datadogrR Client for 'Datadog' API
dataframeexplorerFamiliarity with Dataframes Before Data Manipulation
dataframes2xlsWrite Data Frames to Xls Files
datafsmEstimating Finite State Machine Models from Data API Wrapper
datamapA system for mapping foreign objects to R variables and environments
datamartUnified access to your data sources
datamodsModules to Import and Manipulate Data in 'Shiny'
datanuggetCreate, Refine, and Cluster Data Nuggets
dataonderivativesEasily Source Publicly Available Data on Derivatives
dataoneR Interface to the DataONE REST API
datapackA Flexible Container to Transport and Manipulate Data and Associated Resources
datapackage.rData Package 'Frictionless Data'
datapastaR Tools for Data Copy-Pasta
dataprepEfficient and Flexible Data Preprocessing Tools
dataquieRData Quality in Epidemiological Research
datardisData from the Doctor Who Series
dataresqcC3S Quality Control Tools for Historical Climate Data
datariumData Bank for Statistical Analysis and Visualization
datarobot'DataRobot' Predictive Modeling API
datasailrRow by Row Data Processing Tool, Using 'DataSailr' Script
datasauRusDatasets from the Datasaurus Dozen
dataseriesSwitzerland's Data Series in One Place
datasets.loadInterfaces for Loading Datasets
datasetsICRDatasets from the Book "An Introduction to Clustering with R"
dataspiceCreate Lightweight Descriptions of Data
datasteprAn Implementation of a SAS-Style Data Step
datastructuresImplementation of Core Data Structures
dataverseClient for Dataverse 4+ Repositories
datawizardEasy Data Wrangling
datazoom.amazoniaSimplify Access to Data from the Amazon Region
dateFunctions for Handling Dates
datefixRFix Really Messy Dates
daterangepickerCreate a Shiny Date-Range Input
datetimeNominal Dates, Times, and Durations
datetimeutilsUtilities for Dates and Times
dateutilsDate Utils
datoramarInterface to the 'Datorama' API
datosTraduce al Español Varios Conjuntos de Datos de Práctica
datplotPreparation of Object Dating Ranges for Density Plots (Aoristic Analysis)
datr'Dat' Protocol Interface
datrProfileColumn Profile for Tables and Datasets
dauphinCompact Standard for Australian Phone Numbers
daveFunctions for "Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology"
dawaiDiscriminant Analysis with Additional Information
daySupplyCalculating Days' Supply and Daily Dose of Prescriptions
daymetrInterface to the 'Daymet' Web Services
dbEmpLikeGOFGoodness-of-fit and two sample comparison tests using sample entropy
dbEmpLikeNormTest for joint assessment of normality
dbMCConfidence Interval for Matrix Completion via De-Biased Estimator
dbWebFormsProduce R Functions to Create HTML Forms Based on SQL Meta Data
dbartsDiscrete Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Sampler
dbcspDistance-Based Common Spatial Patterns
dbdDiscretised Beta Distribution
dbflobrRead and Write Files to SQLite Databases
dbglmGeneralised Linear Models by Subsampling and One-Step Polishing
dbhydroR'DBHYDRO' Hydrologic and Water Quality Data
dblcensCompute the NPMLE of distribution from doubly censored data
dblrDiscrete Boosting Logistic Regression
dbmssDistance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures
dbnRDynamic Bayesian Network Learning and Inference
dbnlearnDynamic Bayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Forecasting
dbparser'DrugBank' Database XML Parser
dbplotSimplifies Plotting Data Inside Databases
dbplyrA 'dplyr' Back End for Databases
dbscanDensity Based Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) and Related Algorithms
dbstatsDistance-Based Statistics
dbxA Fast, Easy-to-Use Database Interface
dc3netInferring Condition-Specific Networks via Differential Network Inference
dcGORAnalysis of Ontologies and Protein Domain Annotations
dccmidasDCC Models with GARCH-MIDAS Specifications in the Univariate Step
dccvalidatorMetadata Validation for Data Coordinating Centers
dcloneData Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods
dclustDivisive Hierarchical Clustering
dcminfoInformation Matrix for Diagnostic Classification Models
dcmleHierarchical Models Made Easy with Data Cloning
dcmodifyModify Data Using Externally Defined Modification Rules
dcmodifydbModifying Rules on a DataBase
dcortoolsProviding Fast and Flexible Functions for Distance Correlation Analysis
dcovA Fast Implementation of Distance Covariance
dcurverUtility Functions for Davidian Curves
dcurvesDecision Curve Analysis for Model Evaluation
dcvConventional Cross-validation statistics for climate-growth model
ddalphaDepth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth
ddeSolve Delay Differential Equations
ddiThe Data Defect Index for Samples that May not be IID
ddivData Driven I-v Feature Extraction
ddpDesirable Dietary Pattern
ddpcaDiagonally Dominant Principal Component Analysis
ddpcrAnalysis and Visualization of Droplet Digital PCR in R and on the Web
ddstData Driven Smooth Tests
deBInferBayesian Inference for Differential Equations
deGradInferParameter Inference for Systems of Differential Equation
deSolveSolvers for Initial Value Problems of Differential Equations ('ODE', 'DAE', 'DDE')
deTSTissue-Specific Enrichment Analysis
deTestSetTest Set for Differential Equations
deaRConventional and Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis
deadbandStatistical Deadband Algorithms Comparison
dealLearning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables
deamerDeconvolution density estimation with adaptive methods for a variable prone to measurement error
debarA Post-Clustering Denoiser for COI-5P Barcode Data
debugmeDebug R Packages
debugrDebug Tool to Watch Objects/Expressions While Running an R Script
decidoBindings for 'Mapbox' Ear Cutting Triangulation Library
decisionStatistical Decision Analysis
decisionSupportQuantitative Support of Decision Making under Uncertainty
deckglAn R Interface to ''
declaredFunctions to Declare Missing Values
decodeDifferential Co-Expression and Differential Expression Analysis
decoderDecode Coded Variables to Plain Text and the Other Way Around
decomposedPSFTime Series Prediction with PSF and Decomposition Methods (EMD and EEMD)
decomprGlobal Value Chain Decomposition
deconDeconvolution Estimation in Measurement Error Models
deconstructSigsIdentifies Signatures Present in a Tumor Sample
deconvolveREmpirical Bayes Estimation Strategies
decorRetrieve Code Decorations
decoratorsExtend the Behaviour of a Function without Explicitly Modifying it
deducorrectDeductive Correction, Deductive Imputation, and Deterministic Correction
deductiveData Correction and Imputation Using Deductive Methods
dedupewiderDeduplication Across Multiple Columns
deepA Neural Networks Framework
deepMOUClustering of Short Texts by Mixture of Unigrams and Its Deep Extensions
deepNNDeep Learning
deepboostDeep Boosting Ensemble Modeling
deepdepVisualise and Explore the Deep Dependencies of R Packages
deepdiveDeep Learning for General Purpose
deepgmmDeep Gaussian Mixture Models
deepgpSequential Design for Deep Gaussian Processes using MCMC
deeplrInterface to the 'DeepL' Translation API
deepnetdeep learning toolkit in R
deepredeffDeep Learning Prediction of Effectors
deepregressionFitting Deep Distributional Regression
deeptimePlotting Tools for Anyone Working in Deep Time
defaultChange the Default Arguments in R Functions
defineCreate FDA-Style Data and Program Definitions
deflateBRDeflate Nominal Brazilian Reais
deformulaIntegration of One-Dimensional Functions with Double Exponential Formulas
degreenetModels for Skewed Count Distributions Relevant to Networks
degrossDensity Estimation from GROuped Summary Statistics
dejaVuMultiple Imputation for Recurrent Events
delayedA Framework for Parallelizing Dependent Tasks
deldirDelaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
deltEstimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive Partitions
deltaPlotRIdentification of Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF) using Angoff's Delta Plot Method
deltarCalculation of Delta R Values
dematelDecision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory Technique in R
demingDeming, Theil-Sen, Passing-Bablock and Total Least Squares Regression
demoGraphicProviding Demographic Table with the P-Value, Standardized Mean Difference Value
demoKdeKernel Density Estimation for Demonstration Purposes
demoShinyRuns a 'Shiny' App as Demo or Lists All Demo 'Shiny' Apps
demogRAnalysis of Age-Structured Demographic Models
demographyForecasting Mortality, Fertility, Migration and Population Data
demuOptimal Design Emulators via Point Processes
dendRoAnalystA Tool for Processing and Analyzing Dendrometer Data
dendextendExtending 'dendrogram' Functionality in R
dendroToolsLinear and Nonlinear Methods for Analyzing Daily and Monthly Dendroclimatological Data
dendroextrasExtra Functions to Cut, Label and Colour Dendrogram Clusters
dendrometeRAnalyzing Dendrometer Data
dendsortModular Leaf Ordering Methods for Dendrogram Nodes
denoiSeqDifferential Expression Analysis Using a Bottom-Up Model
denoiseRRegularized Low Rank Matrix Estimation
denovolyzeRStatistical Analyses of De Novo Genetic Variants
denproVisualization of Multivariate Functions, Sets, and Data
densEstBayesDensity Estimation via Bayesian Inference Engines
denseFLMMFunctional Linear Mixed Models for Densely Sampled Data
densitrAnalysing Density Profiles from Resistance Drilling of Trees
densityClustClustering by Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks
densratioDensity Ratio Estimation
denstripDensity Strips and Other Methods for Compactly Illustrating Distributions
denvaxSimple Dengue Test and Vaccinate Cost Thresholds
depcoeffDependency Coefficients
depend.truncationStatistical Methods for the Analysis of Dependently Truncated Data
depignerA Utility Package to Help you Deal with "Pignas"
depmixDependent Mixture Models
depmixS4Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4
depthNonparametric Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
depth.plotMultivariate Analogy of Quantiles
depthToolsDepth Tools Package
dequerStacks, Queues, and 'Deques' for R
derivmktsFunctions and R Code to Accompany Derivatives Markets
descManipulate DESCRIPTION Files
descomponerSeasonal Adjustment by Frequency Analysis
descrDescriptive Statistics
describedataMiscellaneous Descriptive Functions
describerDescribe Data in R Using Common Descriptive Statistics
descriptrGenerate Descriptive Statistics
descstatTools for Descriptive Statistics
descstatsrDescriptive Univariate Statistics
desctableProduce Descriptive and Comparative Tables Easily
deseasonalizeOptimal deseasonalization for geophysical time series using AR fitting
desiRDesirability Functions for Ranking, Selecting, and Integrating Data
designGGComputational tool for designing genetical genomics experiments.
designmatchMatched Samples that are Balanced and Representative by Design
designrBalanced Factorial Designs
designsizeSample Size Calculation of Various Study Designs
desirabilityFunction Optimization and Ranking via Desirability Functions
desireDesirability functions in R
deslaDesparsified Lasso
desplotPlotting Field Plans for Agricultural Experiments
detailsCreate Details HTML Tag for Markdown and Package Documentation
detectAnalyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error
detectRChange Point Detection
detectRUNSDetect Runs of Homozygosity and Runs of Heterozygosity in Diploid Genomes
detectorDetect Data Containing Personally Identifiable Information
detectseparationDetect and Check for Separation and Infinite Maximum Likelihood Estimates
detpackDensity Estimation and Random Number Generation with Distribution Element Trees
detrendeRStart the detrendeR Graphical User Interface (GUI)
detrendrDetrend Images
detzrcrCompare Detrital Zircon Suites
devEMFEMF Graphics Output Device
devFuncClear and Condense Argument Check for User-Defined Functions
devRateQuantify the Relationship Between Development Rate and Temperature in Ectotherms
devoidA Graphic Device that Does Nothing
devtoolboxTools for the R Developer
devtoolsTools to Make Developing R Packages Easier
dexterData Management and Analysis of Tests
dexterMSTCML and Bayesian Calibration of Multistage Tests
dexterguiA Graphical User Interface for Dexter
dfCompareCompare Two Dataframes and Return Adds, Changes, and Deletes
dfadjustDegrees of Freedom Adjustment for Robust Standard Errors
dfcombPhase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for Combination Studies
dfcrmDose-Finding by the Continual Reassessment Method
dfexploreExplore data.frames by plotting NA and classes of each variable
dfidxIndexed Data Frames
dfmetaMeta-Analysis of Phase I Dose-Finding Early Clinical Trials
dfmtaPhase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for MTA
dfoliatRDetection and Analysis of Insect Defoliation Signals in Tree Rings
dfoptimDerivative-Free Optimization
dformulaData Manipulation using Formula
dfpedExtrapolation and Bridging of Adult Information in Early Phase Dose-Finding Paediatrics Studies
dfphase1Phase I Control Charts (with Emphasis on Distribution-Free Methods)
dfpkBayesian Dose-Finding Designs using Pharmacokinetics (PK) for Phase I Clinical Trials
dfrrDichotomized Functional Response Regression
dfvadDiewert and Fox's Method of Value Added Growth Decomposition
dgaCapture-Recapture Estimation using Bayesian Model Averaging
dglarsDifferential Geometric Least Angle Regression
dglmDouble Generalized Linear Models
dgofDiscrete Goodness-of-Fit Tests
dgumbelThe Gumbel Distribution Functions and Gradients
dhRegDynamic Harmonic Regression
dhgaDifferential Hub Gene Analysis
dhglmDouble Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
dhhA Heavy-Headed Distribution
diDeficit Index (DI)
diagisDiagnostic Plot and Multivariate Summary Statistics of Weighted Samples from Importance Sampling
diagmetaMeta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies with Several Cutpoints
diagonalsBlock Diagonal Extraction or Replacement
diagramFunctions for Visualising Simple Graphs (Networks), Plotting Flow Diagrams
dialectRDoing Dialectometry in R
dialrParse, Format, and Validate International Phone Numbers
dialrjarsRequired 'libphonenumber' jars for the 'dialr' Package
dialsTools for Creating Tuning Parameter Values
diapltBeads Summary Plot of Ranges
diathorCalculate Ecological Information and Diatom Based Indices
diceCalculate probabilities of various dice-rolling events
diceRDiverse Cluster Ensemble in R
dichromatColor Schemes for Dichromats
dicionariosIBGEDictionaries for reading microdata surveys from IBGE
dictionar6R6 Dictionary Interface
didTreatment Effects with Multiple Periods and Groups
did2sTwo-Stage Difference-in-Differences Following Gardner (2021)
didimputationImputation Estimator from Borusyak, Jaravel, and Spiess (2021)
didrooRFMCompute Recency Frequency Monetary Scores for your Customer Data
diefMetrics for Continuous Efficiency
dielectricDefines some physical constants and dielectric functions commonly used in optics, plasmonics.
dietrDiet Estimated Trophic Levels
diezeitR Interface to the ZEIT ONLINE Content API
difNLRDIF and DDF Detection by Non-Linear Regression Models
difRCollection of Methods to Detect Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF)
difconetDifferential Coexpressed Networks
diffEnrichGiven a List of Gene Symbols, Performs Differential Enrichment Analysis
diffIRTDiffusion IRT Models for Response and Response Time Data
diffMeshGPMulti-Fidelity Computer Experiments Using the Tuo-Wu-Yu Model
diffcorFisher's z-Tests Concerning Difference of Correlations
diffdeppropCalculates Confidence Intervals for two Dependent Proportions
diffdfDataframe Difference Tool
diffeRMetrics of Difference for Comparing Pairs of Maps or Pairs of Variables
diffeeFast and Scalable Learning of Sparse Changes in High-Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Model Structure
diffeqrSolving Differential Equations (ODEs, SDEs, DDEs, DAEs)
diffmatchpatchString Diff, Match, and Patch Utilities
diffobjDiffs for R Objects
diffprivEasy Differential Privacy
diffrDisplay Differences Between Two Files using Codediff Library
diffudistDiffusion Distance for Complex Networks
diffusionForecast the Diffusion of New Products
diffusionMapDiffusion Map
diffusrNetwork Diffusion Algorithms
diffviewerHTML Widget to Show File Differences
digestCreate Compact Hash Digests of R Objects
digitTestsTests for Detecting Irregular Digit Patterns
digitalDLSorteRDeconvolution of Bulk RNA-Seq Data Based on Deep Learning
digitalPCREstimate Copy Number for Digital PCR
digitizeUse Data from Published Plots in R
dilsData-Informed Link Strength. Combine multiple-relationship networks into a single weighted network. Impute (fill-in) missing network links.
dimRedA Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
dimensioMultivariate Data Analysis
dimensionsRGathering Bibliographic Records from 'Digital Science Dimensions' Using 'DSL' API
dinaBayesian Estimation of DINA Model
dinamicDiNAMIC A Method To Analyze Recurrent DNA Copy Number Aberrations in Tumors
dineRDifferential Network Estimation in R
dineqDecomposition of (Income) Inequality
dintA Toolkit for Year-Quarter, Year-Month and Year-Isoweek Dates
dipmDepth Importance in Precision Medicine (DIPM) Method
dipropermConduct Direction-Projection-Permutation Tests and Display Plots
dipsausA Dipping Sauce for Data Analysis and Visualizations
diptestHartigan's Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality - Corrected
dipwDebiased Inverse Propensity Score Weighting
directPADirection Analysis for Pathways and Kinases
directlabelsDirect Labels for Multicolor Plots
directotreeCreates an Interactive Tree Structure of a Directory
dirichletprocessBuild Dirichlet Process Objects for Bayesian Modelling
dirmcmcDirectional Metropolis Hastings Algorithm
dirmultEstimation in Dirichlet-Multinomial distribution.
disaggRTwo-Steps Benchmarks for Time Series Disaggregation
disaggregationDisaggregation Modelling
disastr.apiWrapper for the UN OCHA ReliefWeb Disaster Events API
discAUCLinear and Non-Linear AUC for Discounting Data
discSurvDiscrete Time Survival Analysis
discfrailCox Models for Time-to-Event Data with Nonparametric Discrete Group-Specific Frailties
discgolfDiscourse API Client
dischargeFourier Analysis of Discharge Data
disclapDiscrete Laplace Exponential Family
disclapmixDiscrete Laplace Mixture Inference using the EM Algorithm
discnormTest for Discretized Normality in Ordinal Data
discoDiscordance and Concordance of Transcriptomic Responses
discordFunctions for Discordant Kinship Modeling
discourseGTAnalyze Group Patterns using Graph Theory in Educational Settings
discoveRExploratory Data Analysis System
discoverableresearchChecks Title, Abstract and Keywords to Optimise Discoverability
discreteMTPMultiple testing procedures for discrete test statistics
discreteRVCreate and Manipulate Discrete Random Variables
discretecdAlgorithmCoordinate-Descent Algorithm for Learning Sparse Discrete Bayesian Networks
discretefitSimulated Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Discrete Distributions
discretizationData preprocessing, discretization for classification.
discrimModel Wrappers for Discriminant Analysis
disdatData for Comparing Species Distribution Modeling Methods
diseasemappingModelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data
diseqEstimation Methods for Markets in Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
disk.frameLarger-than-RAM Disk-Based Data Manipulation Framework
diskImageRA Pipeline to Analyze Resistance and Tolerance from Drug Disk Diffusion Assays
dismoSpecies Distribution Modeling
disordRNon-Ordered Vectors
dispRityMeasuring Disparity
disparityfilterDisparity Filter Algorithm for Weighted Networks
dispmodModelling Dispersion in GLM
disposablesCreate Disposable R Packages for Testing
dispositionEffectAnalysis of Disposition Effect on Financial Portfolios
disproseDiscriminating Probes Selection
dissCqNMultiple Assemblage Dissimilarity for Orders q = 0-N
dissUtilsUtilities for making pairwise comparisons of multivariate data
disseverSpatial Downscaling using the Dissever Algorithm
distTailsA Collection of Full Defined Distribution Tails
distance.sample.sizeCalculates Study Size Required for Distance Sampling
distancesTools for Distance Metrics
distancetoCalculate Distance to Features
distantiaAssessing Dissimilarity Between Multivariate Time Series
distcompComputations over Distributed Data without Aggregation
distcreteDiscrete Distribution Approximations
distdichoRDistributional Method for the Dichotomisation of Continuous Outcomes
distfree.crDistribution-Free Confidence Region
distill'R Markdown' Format for Scientific and Technical Writing
distilleryMethod Functions for Confidence Intervals and to Distill Information from an Object
distoUnified Interface to Distance, Dissimilarity, Similarity Matrices
distoryDistance Between Phylogenetic Histories
distrObject Oriented Implementation of Distributions
distr6The Complete R6 Probability Distributions Interface
distrDocDocumentation for 'distr' Family of R Packages
distrEllipseS4 Classes for Elliptically Contoured Distributions
distrExExtensions of Package 'distr'
distrModObject Oriented Implementation of Probability Models
distrRmetricsDistribution Classes for Distributions from Rmetrics
distrSimSimulation Classes Based on Package 'distr'
distrTEstEstimation and Testing Classes Based on Package 'distr'
distrTeachExtensions of Package 'distr' for Teaching Stochastics/Statistics in Secondary School
distreg.visFramework for the Visualization of Distributional Regression Models
distribglmDistributed Generalized Linear Models
distributionalVectorised Probability Distributions
distributions3Probability Distributions as S3 Objects
distributionsrdDistribution Fitting and Evaluation
distroLinux Distribution Properties
distromDistributed Multinomial Regression
distrrEstimate and Manage Empirical Distributions
disttoolsDistance Object Manipulation Tools
dittodbA Test Environment for Database Requests
divReport on Diversity and Inclusion in a Corporate Setting
divDynDiversity Dynamics using Fossil Sampling Data
diveMoveDive Analysis and Calibration
diveREasily Install and Load Interactive Data Visualization Tools
diveRsityA Comprehensive, General Purpose Population Genetics Analysis Package
divergeEvolutionary Trait Divergence Between Sister Species and Other Paired Lineages
diverseDiversity Measures for Complex Systems
diversitreeComparative 'Phylogenetic' Analyses of Diversification
diversityForestComplex Split Procedures in Random Forests Through Candidate Split Sampling
divestGet Images Out of DICOM Format Quickly
divoTools for Analysis of Diversity and Similarity in Biological Systems
divsegCalculate Diversity and Segregation Indices
dixonNearest Neighbour Contingency Table Analysis
dixonTestDixon's Ratio Test for Outlier Detection
diyarRecord Linkage and Epidemiological Case Definitions in R
dkDNADiffusion Kernels on a Set of Genotypes
dkanrClient for the 'DKAN' API
dlbayesUse Dirichlet Laplace Prior to Solve Linear Regression Problem and Do Variable Selection
dlibAllow Access to the 'Dlib' C++ Library
dlmBayesian and Likelihood Analysis of Dynamic Linear Models
dlnmDistributed Lag Non-Linear Models
dlookrTools for Data Diagnosis, Exploration, Transformation
dlrDownload and Cache Files Safely
dlsemDistributed-Lag Linear Structural Equation Models
dlstatsDownload Stats of R Packages
dmRelational Data Models
dmaDynamic Model Averaging
dmacsMeasurement Nonequivalence Effect Size Calculator
dmaiDivisia Monetary Aggregates Index
dmbcModel Based Clustering of Binary Dissimilarity Measurements
dmlDistance Metric Learning in R
dmlalgDouble Machine Learning Algorithms
dmmDyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data
dmri.trackingDiST - Diffusion Direction Smoothing and Tracking
dmtDependency Modeling Toolkit
dmtoolsTools for Clinical Data Management
dmutateMutate Data Frames with Random Variates
dnaDifferential Network Analysis
dnetIntegrative Analysis of Omics Data in Terms of Network, Evolution and Ontology
dngDistributions and Gradients
dnrSimulate Dynamic Networks using Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) Family
doData Operator
doByGroupwise Statistics, LSmeans, Linear Contrasts, Utilities
doFutureA Universal Foreach Parallel Adapter using the Future API of the 'future' Package
doMCForeach Parallel Adaptor for 'parallel'
doMIsaulDo Multiple Imputation-Based Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
doMPIForeach Parallel Adaptor for the Rmpi Package
doParallelForeach Parallel Adaptor for the 'parallel' Package
doRNGGeneric Reproducible Parallel Backend for 'foreach' Loops
doRedis'Foreach' Parallel Adapter Using the 'Redis' Database
doSNOWForeach Parallel Adaptor for the 'snow' Package
dobinDimension Reduction for Outlier Detection
dobsonData from the GLM Book by Dobson and Barnett
doc2concreteMeasuring Concreteness in Natural Language
doc2vecDistributed Representations of Sentences, Documents and Topics
dockerfilerEasy Dockerfile Creation from R
docknitrUse Docker Images to Process Rmarkdown Blocks
doconvDocument Conversion to 'PDF' or 'PNG'
docoptCommand-Line Interface Specification Language
docopulaeOptimal Designs for Copula Models
docreviewOpinionated Documentation Checking
docstringProvides Docstring Capabilities to R Functions
docuSignrConnect to 'DocuSign' API
documairAutomatic Documentation for R packages
documentRun 'roxygen2' on (Chunks of) Single Code Files
documenterDocuments Files
docxtoolsTools for R Markdown to Docx Documents
docxtractrExtract Data Tables and Comments from 'Microsoft' 'Word' Documents
dodgrDistances on Directed Graphs
doebioresearchAnalysis of Design of Experiments for Biological Research
doexThe One-Way Heteroscedastic ANOVA Tests
dominanceanalysisDominance Analysis
dominoR Console Bindings for the 'Domino Command-Line Client'
domirTools to Support Relative Importance Analysis
donutNearest Neighbour Search with Variables on a Torus
doolkitExploration of Dental Surface Topography
doremiDynamics of Return to Equilibrium During Multiple Inputs
dosearchCausal Effect Identification from Multiple Incomplete Data Sources
dosedesignRInteractive Designing of Dose Finding Studies
doseminerExtract Drug Dosages from Free-Text Prescriptions
dosresmetaMultivariate Dose-Response Meta-Analysis
dostatsCompute Statistics Helper Functions
dotCall64Enhanced Foreign Function Interface Supporting Long Vectors
dotdotEnhanced Assignment Operator to Overwrite or Grow Objects
dotenvLoad Environment Variables from '.env'
dotgenGene-Set Analysis via Decorrelation by Orthogonal Transformation
dotprofileCreate and Manage Configuration Profiles
dotwhiskerDot-and-Whisker Plots of Regression Results
doubcensSurvivor Function Estimation for Doubly Interval-Censored Failure Time Data
double.truncationAnalysis of Doubly-Truncated Data
doubtEnable Operators Containing the '?' Symbol
downlitSyntax Highlighting and Automatic Linking
downloaderDownload Files over HTTP and HTTPS
downloadthisImplement Download Buttons in 'rmarkdown'
downscaleDownscaling Species Occupancy
downscaledlDownscale of RS Images using Deep Learning
downsizeA Tool to Downsize Large Workflows for Testing
dowserB Cell Receptor Phylogenetics Toolkit
dparserPort of 'Dparser' Package
dpccDynamic Programming for Convex Clustering
dpcidDifferential Partial Correlation IDentification
dplRDendrochronology Program Library in R
dplRConConcordance for Dendroclimatology
dplyrA Grammar of Data Manipulation
dplyr.teradataA 'Teradata' Backend for 'dplyr'
dplyrAssistRStudio Addin for Teaching and Learning Data Manipulation Using 'dplyr'
dpmrData Package Manager for R
dppmixDeterminantal Point Process Mixture Models
dprintPrint Tabular Data to Graphics Device
dpsegPiecewise Linear Segmentation by Dynamic Programming
dqrngFast Pseudo Random Number Generators
drMethods for Dimension Reduction for Regression
dr4plDose Response Data Analysis using the 4 Parameter Logistic (4pl) Model
dracorDecode Draco Format 3D Mesh Data
dragonDeep Time Redox Analysis of the Geobiology Ontology Network
dragonkingStatistical Tools to Identify Dragon Kings
dragracerData Sets for RuPaul's Drag Race
dragulaRDrag and Drop Elements in 'Shiny' using 'Dragula Javascript Library'
drakeA Pipeline Toolkit for Reproducible Computation at Scale
drat'Drat' R Archive Template
drawWrapper Functions for Producing Graphics
drawerAn Interactive HTML Image Editing Tool
drawsampleDraw Samples with the Desired Properties from a Data Set
drcAnalysis of Dose-Response Curves
drdaDose-Response Data Analysis
dreamerDose Response Models for Bayesian Model Averaging
dreamerrError Handling Made Easy
drfDistributional Random Forests
drfitDose-Response Data Evaluation
drgeeDoubly Robust Generalized Estimating Equations
drhurLearning R with Dr. Hu
drifterConcept Drift and Concept Shift Detection for Predictive Models
drimmREstimation, Simulation and Reliability of Drifting Markov Models
driveRPrioritizing Cancer Driver Genes Using Genomics Data
drmdelDual Empirical Likelihood Inference under Density Ratio Models in the Presence of Multiple Samples
drollAnalyze Roll Distributions
dropRAnalyze Drop Out of an Experiment or Survey
droptestSimulates LOX Drop Testing
drordDoubly-Robust Estimators for Ordinal Outcomes
droughtStatistical Modeling and Assessment of Drought
drpopEfficient and Doubly Robust Population Size Estimation
drtmleDoubly-Robust Nonparametric Estimation and Inference
drugpreprPrepare Electronic Prescription Record Data to Estimate Drug Exposure
drumrTurn R into a Drum Machine
dsDescriptive Statistics
ds4psyData Science for Psychologists
dsaSeasonal Adjustment of Daily Time Series
dsampleDiscretization-Based Direct Random Sample Generation
dsbNormalize & Denoise Droplet Single Cell Protein Data (CITE-Seq)
dscoreD-Score for Child Development
dseDynamic Systems Estimation (Time Series Package)
dsimsDistance Sampling Simulations
dslabsData Science Labs
dsliceDynamic Slicing
dsmDensity Surface Modelling of Distance Sampling Data
dsmiscData Science Box of Pandora Miscellaneous
dsrTestTests and Confidence Intervals on Directly Standardized Rates for Several Methods
dssdDistance Sampling Survey Design
dstUsing the Theory of Belief Functions
dstatConditional Sensitivity Analysis for Matched Observational Studies
dtangleCell Type Deconvolution from Gene Expressions
dtiAnalysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) Data
dtpDynamic Panel Threshold Model
dtpcrmDose Transition Pathways for Continual Reassessment Method
dtplyrData Table Back-End for 'dplyr'
dtrSurvDynamic Treatment Regimes for Survival Analysis
dtreeDecision Trees
dttDiscrete Trigonometric Transforms
dttr2Manipulate Date, POSIXct and hms Vectors
dtwDynamic Time Warping Algorithms
dtwSatTime-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis
dtwclustTime Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for the Dynamic Time Warping Distance
dualAutomatic Differentiation with Dual Numbers
dualtreesDecimated and Undecimated 2D Complex Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
duawranglrSecurely Wrangle Dataset According to Data Usage Agreement
dubUnpacking Assignment for Lists via Pattern Matching
duckdbDBI Package for the DuckDB Database Management System
duckduckrSimple Client for the DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API
dumbbellDisplaying Changes Between Two Points Using Dumbbell Plots
dummiesCreate dummy/indicator variables flexibly and efficiently
dummyAutomatic Creation of Dummies with Support for Predictive Modeling
dundermifflinThe Office Quotes on-Demand
dunn.testDunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
dupiRBayesian inference from count data using discrete uniform priors
dupreeIdentify Duplicated R Code in a Project
durmodMixed Proportional Hazard Competing Risk Model
dvirDisaster Victim Identification
dvmiscConvenience Functions, Moving Window Statistics, and Graphics
dvqccDynamic VAR - Based Control Charts for Batch Process Monitoring
dwdradarRead Binary Radar Files from 'DWD' (German Weather Service)
dwlmDoubly Weighted Linear Model
dyadsDyadic Network Analysis
dycdtoolsTools for DYRESM-CAEDYM Model Development: Calibration Assistant and Post-Processing
dydeaDetection of Chaotic and Regular Intervals in the Data
dygraphsInterface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library
dynTime Series Regression
dynBiplotGUIFull Interactive GUI for Dynamic Biplot in R
dynCorrDynamic Correlation Package
dynRBDynamic Range Boxes
dynaSpecDynamic Spectrogram Visualizations
dynaTreeDynamic Trees for Learning and Design
dynamacDynamic Simulation and Testing for Single-Equation ARDL Models
dynamicTreeCutMethods for Detection of Clusters in Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
dynamichazardDynamic Hazard Models using State Space Models
dyncompComplexity of Short and Coarse-Grained Time Series
dyndimredDimensionality Reduction Methods in a Common Format
dynetNLAResistanceResisting Neighbor Label Attack in a Dynamic Network
dynfeatureFeature Importance for Dynamic Processes
dyngenA Multi-Modal Simulator for Spearheading Single-Cell Omics Analyses
dyniaFit Dynamic Intervention Model
dynlmDynamic Linear Regression
dynmixEstimation of Dynamic Finite Mixtures
dynpanelDynamic Panel Data Models
dynparamCreating Meta-Information for Parameters
dynplotVisualising Single-Cell Trajectories
dynpredCompanion Package to "Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis"
dynprogDynamic Programming Domain-Specific Language
dynrDynamic Models with Regime-Switching
dynsbmDynamic Stochastic Block Models
dynsimDynamic Simulations of Autoregressive Relationships
dynsurvDynamic Models for Survival Data
dynutilsCommon Functionality for the 'dynverse' Packages
dynwrapRepresenting and Inferring Single-Cell Trajectories
E4toolsManagement and Processing Tools for Data Produced by the Empatica E4
EAinferenceEstimator Augmentation and Simulation-Based Inference
EBASSSample Size Calculation Method for Cost-Effectiveness Studies Based on Expected Value of Perfect Information
EBCHSAn Empirical Bayes Method for Chi-Squared Data
EBENEmpirical Bayesian Elastic Net
EBMAforecastEstimate Ensemble Bayesian Model Averaging Forecasts using Gibbs Sampling or EM-Algorithms
EBPRSDerive Polygenic Risk Score Based on Emprical Bayes Theory
EBglmnetEmpirical Bayesian Lasso and Elastic Net Methods for Generalized Linear Models
EBrankEmpirical Bayes Ranking
ECGofTestDxA Goodness-of-Fit Test for Elliptical Distributions with Diagnostic Capabilities
ECLRMCEnsemble Correlation-Based Low-Rank Matrix Completion
ECOSolveREmbedded Conic Solver in R
ECOTOXrDownload and Extract Data from US EPA's ECOTOX Database
ECTTDNNCointegration Based Timedelay Neural Network Model
ECctmcSimulation from Endpoint-Conditioned Continuous Time Markov Chains
ECharts2ShinyEmbedding Interactive Charts Generated with ECharts Library into Shiny Applications
ECoLComplexity Measures for Supervised Problems
EDAEnergy Decomposition Analysis
EDFIREstimating Discrimination Factors
EDFtestGoodness of Fit Based on Empirical Distribution Function
EDISONNetwork Reconstruction and Changepoint Detection
EDMeasureEnergy-Based Dependence Measures
EDNE.EQImplements the EDNE-Test for Equivalence
EDOIFEmpirical Distribution Ordering Inference Framework (EDOIF)
EDOtransEuclidean Distance-Optimized Data Transformation
EEMRead and Preprocess Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Data
EEMDSVREnsemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Variant Based Support Vector Regression Model
EEMDelmEnsemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Variant Based ELM Model
EESPCAEigenvectors from Eigenvalues Sparse Principal Component Analysis (EESPCA)
EFA.MRFADimensionality Assessment Using Minimum Rank Factor Analysis
EFA.dimensionsExploratory Factor Analysis Functions for Assessing Dimensionality
EFAtoolsFast and Flexible Implementations of Exploratory Factor Analysis Tools
EFAutilitiesUtility Functions for Exploratory Factor Analysis
EFDRWavelet-Based Enhanced FDR for Detecting Signals from Complete or Incomplete Spatially Aggregated Data
EFSTool for Ensemble Feature Selection
EGAnetExploratory Graph Analysis – a Framework for Estimating the Number of Dimensions in Multivariate Data using Network Psychometrics
EGRETExploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends
EGRETciExploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends Confidence Intervals
EHRElectronic Health Record (EHR) Data Processing and Analysis Tool
EHRtemporalVariabilityDelineating Temporal Dataset Shifts in Electronic Health Records
EIAdataR Wrapper for the Energy Information Administration (EIA) API
EILAEfficient Inference of Local Ancestry
EIXExplain Interactions in 'XGBoost'
EKMCMCMCMC Procedures for Estimating Enzyme Kinetics Constants
ELTwo-sample Empirical Likelihood
EL2SurvEmpirical Likelihood (EL) for Comparing Two Survival Functions
ELISAtoolsELISA Data Analysis with Batch Correction
ELMRExtreme Machine Learning (ELM)
ELMSOImplementation of the Efficient Large-Scale Online Display Advertising Algorithm
ELTExperience Life Tables
ELYPEmpirical Likelihood Analysis for the Cox Model and Yang-Prentice (2005) Model
EM.FuzzyEM Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Non-Precise Information
EMAtoolsData Management Tools for Real-Time Monitoring/Ecological Momentary Assessment Data
EMCEvolutionary Monte Carlo (EMC) algorithm
EMClusterEM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution
EMDEmpirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Spectral Analysis
EMDANNhybridEnsemble Machine Learning Hybrid Model
EMDSVRhybridHybrid Machine Learning Model
EMLRead and Write Ecological Metadata Language Files
EMMAgeoEnd-Member Modelling of Grain-Size Data
EMMIXgeneA Mixture Model-Based Approach to the Clustering of Microarray Expression Data
EMMIXmfaMixture Models with Component-Wise Factor Analyzers
EMMLiA Maximum Likelihood Approach to the Analysis of Modularity
EMMREMLFitting Mixed Models with Known Covariance Structures
EMPExpected Maximum Profit Classification Performance Measure
EMSCExtended Multiplicative Signal Correction
EMSNMEM Algorithm for Sigmoid Normal Model
EMSSSome EM-Type Estimation Methods for the Heckman Selection Model
EMSaovThe Analysis of Variance with EMS
EMTExact Multinomial Test: Goodness-of-Fit Test for Discrete Multivariate Data
EMVSThe Expectation-Maximization Approach to Bayesian Variable Selection
EMbCExpectation-Maximization Binary Clustering
EMpeaksRConducting the Peak Fitting Based on the EM Algorithm
ENMToolsAnalysis of Niche Evolution using Niche and Distribution Models
ENMevalAutomated Tuning and Evaluations of Ecological Niche Models
EPGMrImplementation of the Everglades Phosphorus Gradient Model
EPPEvaluation of Proximity Programs
EPTEnsemble Patch Transform, Visualization and Decomposition
EPXEnsemble of Phalanxes
EQLExtended-Quasi-Likelihood-Function (EQL)
EQUIVNONINFTesting for Equivalence and Noninferiority
EREffect + Residual Modelling
ERPSignificance Analysis of Event-Related Potentials Data
ERSAExploratory Regression 'Shiny' App
ESEdge Selection
ESEAESEA: Discovering the Dysregulated Pathways based on Edge Set Enrichment Analysis
ESGA Package for Asset Projection
ESTEREfficient Sequential Testing with Evidence Ratios
ETASModeling Earthquake Data Using 'ETAS' Model
ETLUtilsUtility Functions to Execute Standard Extract/Transform/Load Operations (using Package 'ff') on Large Data
EValueSensitivity Analyses for Unmeasured Confounding and Other Biases in Observational Studies and Meta-Analyses
EWEdgeworth Expansion
EWGoFGoodness-of-Fit Tests for the Exponential and Two-Parameter Weibull Distributions
EWSEarly Warning System
EXRQExtreme Regression of Quantiles
EZtuneTunes AdaBoost, Elastic Net, Support Vector Machines, and Gradient Boosting Machines
EagleMultiple Locus Association Mapping on a Genome-Wide Scale
EasyABCEfficient Approximate Bayesian Computation Sampling Schemes
EasyDescribeA Convenient Way of Descriptive Statistics
EasyMxEasy Model-Builder Functions for 'OpenMx'
EbayesThreshEmpirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods
EcdatData Sets for Econometrics
EcfunFunctions for 'Ecdat'
EcoDietEstimating a Diet Matrix from Biotracer and Stomach Content Data
EcoHydRologyA Community Modeling Foundation for Eco-Hydrology
EcoIndREcological Indicators
EcoNetGenSimulate and Sample from Ecological Interaction Networks
EcoTrophEcoTroph R package
EcoVirtualSimulation of Ecological Models
EcohydmodEcohydrological Modelling
EconDemandGeneral Analysis of Various Economics Demand Systems
EcotoneFinderCharacterising and Locating Ecotones and Communities
EcumeEquality of 2 (or k) Continuous Univariate and Multivariate Distributions
EdSurveyAnalysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data
EffectLiteRAverage and Conditional Effects
EffectStarsVisualization of Categorical Response Models
EffectStars2Effect Stars
EffectTreatPrediction of Therapeutic Success
EffectsRelBaselineTest changes of a grouped response relative to baseline.
EfficientMaxEigenpairEfficient Initials for Computing the Maximal Eigenpair
EigenRComplex Matrix Algebra with 'Eigen'
EleChemrElectrochemical Reactions Simulation
EloChoicePreference Rating for Visual Stimuli Based on Elo Ratings
EloOptimizedOptimized Elo Rating Method for Obtaining Dominance Ranks
EloRatingAnimal Dominance Hierarchies by Elo Rating
ElstonStewartElston-Stewart Algorithm
EmbedSOMFast Embedding Guided by Self-Organizing Map
EmiStatREmissions and Statistics in R for Wastewater and Pollutants in Combined Sewer Systems
EmissVTools for Create Emissions for Air Quality Models
EmpiricalCalibrationRoutines for Performing Empirical Calibration of Observational Study Estimates
EncDNAEncoding of Nucleotide Sequences into Numeric Feature Vectors
EnergyOnlineCPMDistribution Free Multivariate Control Chart Based on Energy Test
EngrExptData sets from "Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation"
EnsCatClustering of Categorical Data
EnsembleBaseExtensible Package for Parallel, Batch Training of Base Learners for Ensemble Modeling
EnsembleCVExtensible Package for Cross-Validation-Based Integration of Base Learners
EnsemblePCRegExtensible Package for Principal-Component-Regression-Based Heterogeneous Ensemble Meta-Learning
EnsemblePenRegExtensible Classes and Methods for Penalized-Regression-Based Integration of Base Learners
EntropyEstimationEstimation of Entropy and Related Quantities
EntropyExplorerTools for Exploring Differential Shannon Entropy, Differential Coefficient of Variation and Differential Expression
EntropyMCMCMCMC Simulation and Convergence Evaluation using Entropy and Kullback-Leibler Divergence Estimation
EnvCptDetection of Structural Changes in Climate and Environment Time Series
EnvExpIndEnvironmental Exposure on the Individual Level
EnvNJWhole Genome Phylogenies Using Sequence Environments
EnvNicheRNiche Estimation
EnvStatsPackage for Environmental Statistics, Including US EPA Guidance
EnviroPRAEnvironmental Probabilistic Risk Assessment Tools
EnviroStatStatistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes
EpiStatistical Analysis in Epidemiology
EpiContactTraceEpidemiological Tool for Contact Tracing
EpiCurvePlot an Epidemic Curve
EpiDynamicsDynamic Models in Epidemiology
EpiEstimEstimate Time Varying Reproduction Numbers from Epidemic Curves
EpiILMSpatial and Network Based Individual Level Models for Epidemics
EpiILMCTContinuous Time Distance-Based and Network-Based Individual Level Models for Epidemics
EpiModelMathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics
EpiNow2Estimate Real-Time Case Counts and Time-Varying Epidemiological Parameters
EpiReportEpidemiological Report
EpiSignalDetectionSignal Detection Analysis
EpiStatsTools for Epidemiologists
EpistemicGameTheoryConstructing an Epistemic Model for the Games with Two Players
EplotPlotting longitudinal series
Equalden.HDTesting the Equality of a High Dimensional Set of Densities
EquiSurvModeling, Confidence Intervals and Equivalence of Survival Curves
EstCRMCalibrating Parameters for the Samejima's Continuous IRT Model
EstHerEstimation of Heritability in High Dimensional Sparse Linear Mixed Models using Variable Selection
EstMixTumor Clones Percentage Estimations
EstSimPDMPEstimation and Simulation for PDMPs
EstimDiagnosticsDiagnostic Tools and Unit Tests for Statistical Estimators
EstimateGroupNetworkPerform the Joint Graphical Lasso and Selects Tuning Parameters
EstimationToolsMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Probability Functions from Data Sets
EthSEQEthnicity Annotation from Whole Exome Sequencing Data
EuclideanSDAn Euclidean View of Center and Spread
EurosarcBayesBayesian Single Arm Sample Size Calculation Software
EvCombREvidence Combination in R
EvalEstDynamic Systems Estimation - Extensions
EvaluateCoreQuality Evaluation of Core Collections
EvaluationMeasuresCollection of Model Evaluation Measure Functions
EvapotranspirationModelling Actual, Potential and Reference Crop Evapotranspiration
EventDetectGUIGraphical User Interface for the 'EventDetectR' Package
EventDetectREvent Detection Framework
EventStudyEvent Study Analysis
EventWinRatiosEvent-Specific Win Ratios for Terminal and Non-Terminal Events
EvidenceSynthesisSynthesizing Causal Evidence in a Distributed Research Network
EviewsR'Eviews' Knit-Engine
EvoRAGEvolutionary Rates Across Gradients
EvolutionaryGamesImportant Concepts of Evolutionary Game Theory
EvomorphEvolutionary Morphometric Simulation
EwREconometrics with R
ExPanDaRExplore Your Data Interactively
ExPositionExploratory Analysis with the Singular Value Decomposition
ExactUnconditional Exact Test
ExactCIdiffInductive Confidence Intervals for the difference between two proportions
ExactMultinomMultinomial Goodness-of-Fit Tests
ExamPADataData Sets for Predictive Analytics Exam
ExceedanceToolsConfidence regions for exceedance sets and contour lines
ExcelFunctionsRImports Excel Functions to R
ExcessMassExcess Mass Calculation and Plots
ExhaustiveSearchA Fast and Scalable Exhaustive Feature Selection Framework
ExomeDepthCalls Copy Number Variants from Targeted Sequence Data
ExpAnalysis3dPacote Para Analise De Experimentos Com Graficos De Superficie Resposta
ExpDEModular Differential Evolution for Experimenting with Operators
ExpDesExperimental Designs Package
ExpDes.ptPacote Experimental Designs (Portugues)
ExpImageTool For Analysis of Images in Experiments
ExpRepExperiment Repetitions
ExpertChoiceDesign of Discrete Choice and Conjoint Analysis
ExplainPredictionExplanation of Predictions for Classification and Regression Models
ExtDistExtending the Range of Functions for Probability Distributions
ExtMallowsAn Extended Mallows Model and Its Hierarchical Version for Ranked Data Aggregation
ExtractTrainDataExtract Values from Raster
ExtremalDepExtremal Dependence Models
ExtremeBoundsExtreme Bounds Analysis (EBA)
ExtremeRisksExtreme Risk Measures
e1071Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics, Probability Theory Group (Formerly: E1071), TU Wien
eAnalyticsDynamic Web-Based Analytics for the Energy Industry
eBsc"Empirical Bayes Smoothing Splines with Correlated Errors"
eCAREigenvalue CAR Models
eChemSimulations for Electrochemistry Experiments
eDMADynamic Model Averaging with Grid Search
eFREDFetch Data from the Federal Reserve Economic Database
eGSTLeveraging eQTLs to Identify Individual-Level Tissue of Interest for a Complex Trait
eHOFExtended HOF (Huisman-Olff-Fresco) Models
eListList Comprehension and Tools
eMLEloglinFitting log-Linear Models in Sparse Contingency Tables
eNchangeEnsemble Methods for Multiple Change-Point Detection
ePCREnsemble Penalized Cox Regression for Survival Prediction
eRTG3DEmpirically Informed Random Trajectory Generation in 3-D
eRmExtended Rasch Modeling
eSDMEnsemble Tool for Predictions from Species Distribution Models
eadrmFitting Dose-Response Models Using an Evolutionary Algorithm
eafPlots of the Empirical Attainment Function
earlyREstimation of Transmissibility in the Early Stages of a Disease Outbreak
earlygatingProperties of Bayesian Early Gating Designs
earlywarningsEarly Warning Signals Toolbox for Detecting Critical Transitions in Timeseries
earthMultivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
earthtideParallel Implementation of 'ETERNA 3.40' for Prediction and Analysis of Earth Tides
earthtonesDerive a Color Palette from a Particular Location on Earth
easyAHPAnalytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
easyCODACompositional Data Analysis in Practice
easyDesAn Easy Way to Descriptive Analysis
easyDifferentialGeneCoexpressionEasily Computes the Differential Coexpression Analysis
easyNCDFTools to Easily Read/Write NetCDF Files into/from Multidimensional R Arrays
easyPSIDReading, Formatting, and Organizing the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)
easyPubMedSearch and Retrieve Scientific Publication Records from PubMed
easySVGAn Easy SVG Basic Elements Generator
easySdcTableEasy Interface to the Statistical Disclosure Control Package 'sdcTable' Extended with the 'GaussSuppression' Method
easyVerificationEnsemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets
easyalluvialGenerate Alluvial Plots with a Single Line of Code
easyanovaAnalysis of Variance and Other Important Complementary Analyses
easycsvLoad Multiple 'csv' and 'txt' Tables
easylabelInteractive Scatter Plot and Volcano Plot Labels
easynlsEasy Nonlinear Model
easypackagesEasy Loading and Installing of Packages
easypowerSample Size Estimation for Experimental Designs
easyrHelpful Functions from Oliver Wyman Actuarial Consulting
easyregEasy Regression
eatEfficiency Analysis Trees
eatATACreate Constraints for Small Test Assembly Problems
eatDBSpreadsheet Interface for Relational Databases
eatGADSData Management of Large Hierarchical Data
eatRepEducational Assessment Tools for Replication Methods
eatToolsMiscellaneous Functions for the Analysis of Educational Assessments
ebGenotypingGenotyping and SNP Detection using Next Generation Sequencing Data
ebSNPGenotyping and SNP calling using single-sample next generation sequencing data
ebaElimination-by-Aspects Models
ebalEntropy reweighting to create balanced samples
ebciRobust Empirical Bayes Confidence Intervals
ebdbNetEmpirical Bayes Estimation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
ebirdstAccess and Analyze eBird Status and Trends Data
ebmstateEmpirical Bayes Multi-State Cox Model
ebregImplementation of the Empirical Bayes Method
ec50estimatorAn Automated Way to Estimate EC50 for Stratified Datasets
ecapExcess Certainty Adjusted Probability Estimate
ecbProgrammatic Access to the European Central Bank's Statistical Data Warehouse
ecceTranslate English Words into Chinese, or Translate Chinese Words into English
ecdElliptic Lambda Distribution and Option Pricing Model
ecdfHTEmpirical CDF for Heavy Tailed Data
ecespaFunctions for Spatial Point Pattern Analysis
echToolbox for ECH with R
echarts4rCreate Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 5
echartyMinimal R/Shiny Interface to JavaScript Library 'ECharts'
echelonThe Echelon Analysis and the Detection of Spatial Clusters using Echelon Scan Method
echo.findFinding Rhythms Using Extended Circadian Harmonic Oscillators (ECHO)
echogramEchogram Visualisation and Analysis
echorAccess EPA 'ECHO' Data
ecipexEfficient Calculation of Fine Structure Isotope Patterns via Fourier Transforms of Simplex-Based Elemental Models
eclustEnvironment Based Clustering for Interpretable Predictive Models in High Dimensional Data
ecmBuild Error Correction Models
ecmwfrInterface to 'ECMWF' and 'CDS' Data Web Services
ecoCopulaGraphical Modelling and Ordination using Copulas
ecochangeIntegrating Ecosystem Remote Sensing Products to Derive EBV Indicators
ecocomDPTools to Create, Use, and Convert ecocomDP Data
ecodistDissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis
ecolMod"A practical guide to ecological modelling - using R as a simulation platform"
ecolTestCommunity Ecology Tests
ecolotteryCoalescent-Based Simulation of Ecological Communities
econetEstimation of Parameter-Dependent Network Centrality Measures
econetworkAnalyzing Ecological Networks
economiccomplexityComputational Methods for Economic Complexity
econullnetrNull Model Analysis for Ecological Networks
ecopowerPower Estimates and Equivalence Testing for Multivariate Data
ecoregEcological Regression using Aggregate and Individual Data
ecorestConducts Analyses Informing Ecosystem Restoration Decisions
ecosimToolbox for Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling
ecospaceSimulating Community Assembly and Ecological Diversification Using Ecospace Frameworks
ecospatSpatial Ecology Miscellaneous Methods
ecostatsCode and Data Accompanying the Eco-Stats Text
ecostatscaleStatistical Scaling Functions for Ecological Systems
ecotoxAnalysis of Ecotoxicology
ecotoxicologyMethods for Ecotoxicology
ecotrajEcological Trajectory Analysis
ecovalProcedures for Ecological Assessment of Surface Waters
ecpNon-Parametric Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data
ecpcFlexible Co-Data Learning for High-Dimensional Prediction
ecrEvolutionary Computation in R
ectotempQuantitative Estimates of Small Ectotherm Temperature Regulation Effectiveness
ed50Estimate ED50 and Its Confidence Interval
ed50simulationEstimate ED50 and Its Confidence Interval
eda4treeRExperimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement
edbuildmaprDownload School District Geospatial Data, Perform Spatial Analysis, and Create Formatted Exportable Maps
edbuildrAutomated School District Data Download and Processing
edccEconomic Design of Control Charts
edciEdge Detection and Clustering in Images
edcpREcological Data Collection and Processing Package
eddiGet Evaporative Demand Drought Index Raster Data
eddingtonCompute a Cyclist's Eddington Number
edeREmail Data Extraction Using R
edeaRExploratory and Descriptive Event-Based Data Analysis
edfRead Data from European Data Format (EDF and EDF+) Files
edfReaderReading EDF(+) and BDF(+) Files
edfunCreating Empirical Distribution Functions
edgarTool for the U.S. SEC EDGAR Retrieval and Parsing of Corporate Filings
edgarWebRSEC Filings Access
edgeCorrSpatial Edge Correction
edgeRunMore Powerful Unconditional Testing of Negative Binomial Means for Digital Gene Expression Data
edgebundleAlgorithms for Bundling Edges in Networks and Visualizing Flow and Metro Maps
edgebundleRCircle Plot with Bundled Edges
edgedataDatasets that Support the EDGE Server DIY Logic
edinaBayesian Estimation of an Exploratory Deterministic Input, Noisy and Gate Model
editData'RStudio' Addin for Editing a 'data.frame'
editrulesParsing, Applying, and Manipulating Data Cleaning Rules
edlToolbox for Error-Driven Learning Simulations with Two-Layer Networks
edmcrEuclidean Distance Matrix Completion Tools
edmdataData Sets for Psychometric Modeling
edrGraphicalToolsProvides Tools for Dimension Reduction Methods
edstanStan Models for Item Response Theory
educationdataRetrieve Records from the Urban Institute's Education Data Portal API
educineqCompute and Decompose Inequality in Education
edwards97Langmuir Semi-Empirical Coagulation Model
eechidnaExploring Election and Census Highly Informative Data Nationally for Australia
eefAnalyticsRobust Analytical Methods for Evaluating Educational Interventions using Randomised Controlled Trials Designs
eegkitToolkit for Electroencephalography Data
eegkitdataData for package eegkit
eelExtended Empirical Likelihood
eemRTools for Pre-Processing Emission-Excitation-Matrix (EEM) Fluorescence Data
eemdTDNNEEMD and Its Variant Based Time Delay Neural Network Model
eeptoolsConvenience Functions for Education Data
eesimSimulate and Evaluate Time Series for Environmental Epidemiology
efModelling Framework for the Estimation of Salmonid Abundance
efdmImplement European Forestry Dynamics Model
eff2Efficient Least Squares for Total Causal Effects
effectFusionBayesian Effect Fusion for Categorical Predictors
effectRPredicts Oomycete Effectors
effectsEffect Displays for Linear, Generalized Linear, and Other Models
effectsizeIndices of Effect Size and Standardized Parameters
effectsizescrIndices for Single-Case Research
efflogThe Causal Effects for a Causal Loglinear Model
effsizeEfficient Effect Size Computation
eflmEfficient Fitting of Linear and Generalized Linear Models
efreadrRead European Eddy Fluxes CSV Files
eftsHigh-Level Functions to Read and Write Ensemble Forecast Time Series in netCDF
egaError Grid Analysis
egcmEngle-Granger Cointegration Models
eggExtensions for 'ggplot2': Custom Geom, Custom Themes, Plot Alignment, Labelled Panels, Symmetric Scales, and Fixed Panel Size
eggCountsHierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts
egorImport and Analyse Ego-Centered Network Data
ehaEvent History Analysis
ehaGoFCalculates Goodness of Fit Statistics
ehelpEnhanced Help to Enable "Docstring"-Comments in Users Functions
eiEcological Inference
ei.DatasetsReal Datasets for Assessing Ecological Inference Algorithms
eiCompareCompares Ecological Inference, Goodman, Rows by Columns Estimates
eiPackEcological Inference and Higher-Dimension Data Management
eiaAPI Wrapper for 'US Energy Information Administration' Open Data
eicmExplicit Interaction Community Models
eigeninvGenerates (dense) matrices that have a given set of eigenvalues
eigenmodelSemiparametric Factor and Regression Models for Symmetric Relational Data
eigenprcompComputes confidence intervals for principal components
eikosogramsThe Picture of Probability
eimputeEfficiently Impute Large Scale Incomplete Matrix
einetEffective Information and Causal Emergence
einsumEinstein Summation
eiopaRAccess to RFR (Risk-Free Rate) Curves Produced by the EIOPA
eirmExplanatory Item Response Modeling for Dichotomous and Polytomous Items
eiveAn Algorithm for Reducing Errors-in-Variable Bias in Simple Linear Regression
eivtoolsMeasurement Error Modeling Tools
eixportExport Emissions to Atmospheric Models
elaboratorA 'shiny' Application for Exploring Laboratory Data
elasdicsElastic Analysis of Sparse, Dense and Irregular Curves
elassoEnhanced Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator Regression Model
elasticGeneral Purpose Interface to 'Elasticsearch'
elasticIsingIsing Network Estimation using Elastic Net and k-Fold Cross-Validation
elasticnetElastic-Net for Sparse Estimation and Sparse PCA
elecCollection of Functions for Statistical Election Audits
elec.stratFunctions for election audits using stratified random samples
electEstimation of Life Expectancies Using Multi-State Models
electionsUSA Presidential Elections Data
electionsBRR Functions to Download and Clean Brazilian Electoral Data
electivityAlgorithms for Electivity Indices
electoralAllocating Seats Methods and Party System Scores
elementRAn Framework for Reducing Elemental LAICPMS Data from Solid Structures
elevatrAccess Elevation Data from Various APIs
elexrLoad Associated Press Election Results with Elex
elfDistrKumaraswamy Complementary Weibull Geometric (Kw-CWG) Probability Distribution
elhmcSampling from a Empirical Likelihood Bayesian Posterior of Parameters Using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
elisrExploratory Likert Scaling
elitismEquipment for Logarithmic and Linear Time Stepwise Multiple Hypothesis Testing
elliplotEllipse Summary Plot of Quantiles
ellipseFunctions for Drawing Ellipses and Ellipse-Like Confidence Regions
ellipsisTools for Working with ...
ellipticWeierstrass and Jacobi Elliptic Functions
ellipticalsymmetryElliptical Symmetry Tests
elmNNRcppThe Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm
elrmExact Logistic Regression via MCMC
elsaEntropy-Based Local Indicator of Spatial Association
eltrUtilise Catastrophe Model Event Loss Table Outputs
emIRTEM Algorithms for Estimating Item Response Theory Models
emayiliSend Email Messages
embaEnsemble Boolean Model Biomarker Analysis
embedExtra Recipes for Encoding Predictors
embryogrowthTools to Analyze the Thermal Reaction Norm of Embryo Growth
emdbookSupport Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"
emdiEstimating and Mapping Disaggregated Indicators
emdistEarth Mover's Distance
emgExponentially Modified Gaussian (EMG) Distribution
emhawkesExponential Multivariate Hawkes Model
emldEcological Metadata as Linked Data
emmaEvolutionary model-based multiresponse approach
emme2Read and Write to an EMME/2 databank
emmeansEstimated Marginal Means, aka Least-Squares Means
emoaEvolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms
emojiData and Function to Work with Emojis
emojifontEmoji and Font Awesome in Graphics
emonTools for Environmental and Ecological Survey Design
emovEye Movement Analysis Package for Fixation and Saccade Detection
empicharEvaluates the Empirical Characteristic Function for Multivariate Samples
empiricalFDR.DESeq2Simulation-Based False Discovery Rate in RNA-Seq
emplikEmpirical Likelihood Ratio for Censored/Truncated Data
emplik2Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for Two Samples with Censored Data
emsEpimed Solutions Collection for Data Editing, Analysis, and Benchmark of Health Units
emstreeRTools for Fast Computing and Plotting Euclidean Minimum Spanning Trees
emuRMain Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System
emulatorBayesian Emulation of Computer Programs
enRichAnalysis of Multiple ChIP-Seq Data
encPortable Tools for 'UTF-8' Character Data
encodeRepresent Ordered Lists and Pairs as Strings
encryptedRmdEncrypt Html Reports Using 'Libsodium'
encryptrEasily Encrypt and Decrypt Data Frame/Tibble Columns or Files using RSA Public/Private Keys
endoSwitchEndogenous Switching Regression Models
endogenousClassical Simultaneous Equation Models
endorseBayesian Measurement Models for Analyzing Endorsement Experiments
endtoendTransmissions and Receptions in an End to End Network
energyE-Statistics: Multivariate Inference via the Energy of Data
energyrData Published by the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
enerscapeCompute Energy Landscapes
enetLTSRobust and Sparse Methods for High Dimensional Linear and Logistic Regression
englishTranslate Integers into English
engsoccerdataEnglish and European Soccer Results 1871-2016
enplsEnsemble Partial Least Squares Regression
enrichRProvides an R Interface to 'Enrichr'
enrichwithMethods to Enrich R Objects with Extra Components
ensembleBMAProbabilistic Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging
ensembleMOSEnsemble Model Output Statistics
ensembleREnsemble Models in R
ensembleTaxEnsemble Taxonomic Assignments of Amplicon Sequencing Data
ensembleppEnsemble Postprocessing Data Sets
ensrElastic Net SearcheR
ensurerEnsure Values at Runtime
entcnTranslate English Words into Chinese Words
entropartEntropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity
entropyEstimation of Entropy, Mutual Information and Related Quantities
entrymodelsEstimate Entry Models
envDocumentDocument the R Working Environment
envalysisMiscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses
enveomics.RVarious Utilities for Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics
enviEnvironmental Interpolation using Spatial Kernel Density Estimation
enviGCMSGC/LC-MS Data Analysis for Environmental Science
enviPatIsotope Pattern, Profile and Centroid Calculation for Mass Spectrometry
enviPickPeak Picking for High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data
envirManage R Environments Better
enviremGeneration of ENVIREM Variables
envlpasterEnveloping the Aster Model
envnamesKeep Track of User-Defined Environment Names
envoutliersMethods for Identification of Outliers in Environmental Data
eoRData Management Package (Exposure and Occurrence Data in R)
eofficeExport or Graph and Tables to 'Microsoft' Office and Import Figures and Tables
epadeEasy Plots
epandistStatistical Functions for the Censored and Uncensored Epanechnikov Distribution
epanet2toolkitCall 'EPANET' Functions to Simulate Pipe Networks
epanetReaderRead Epanet Files into R
epcaExploratory Principal Component Analysis
epccSimulating Populations of Ectotherms under Global Warming
ephArgentina's Permanent Household Survey Data and Manipulation Utilities
epiDisplayEpidemiological Data Display Package
epiGWASRobust Methods for Epistasis Detection
epiRTools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data
epibasixElementary Epidemiological Functions for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
epicontactsHandling, Visualisation and Analysis of Epidemiological Contacts
epidataTools to Retrieve Economic Policy Institute Data Library Extracts
epidemiaModeling of Epidemics using Hierarchical Bayesian Models
epifitterAnalysis and Simulation of Plant Disease Progress Curves
epiflowsPredicting Disease Spread from Flow Data
epigraphdbInterface Package for the 'EpiGraphDB' Platform
epikitMiscellaneous Tools for the 'R4Epis' Project
epimdrFunctions and Data for "Epidemics: Models and Data in R"
epinetEpidemic/Network-Related Tools
epinetrEpistatic Network Modelling with Forward-Time Simulation
epiphyAnalysis of Plant Disease Epidemics
episcanScan Pairwise Epistasis
episensrBasic Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiological Results
episplineDensityDensity Estimation with Soft Information by Exponential Epi-splines
epistasisDetecting Epistatic Selection with Partially Observed Genotype Data
epitabFlexible Contingency Tables for Epidemiology
epitoolsEpidemiology Tools
epitrixSmall Helpers and Tricks for Epidemics Analysis
epitweetrEarly Detection of Public Health Threats from Twitter Data
eplusrA Toolkit for Using Whole Building Simulation Program 'EnergyPlus'
eplyApply a Function Over Expressions
epocEndogenous Perturbation Analysis of Cancer
epocakirClinical Coding of Patients with Kidney Disease
epongeKeep Your Environment Clean
eposEpilepsy Ontologies' Similarities
eprEasy Polynomial Regression
epsiwalExact Post Selection Inference with Applications to the Lasso
epubrRead EPUB File Metadata and Text
epwshiftrCreate Future 'EnergyPlus' Weather Files using 'CMIP6' Data
epxToRImport 'Epidata' XML Files '.epx'