Bayesian Latent Variable Models

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Documentation for package ‘blatent’ version 0.1.1

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blatent blatent: A package for estimating Bayesian latent variable models.
blatentControl blatent estimation specifications
blatentEstimate Use blatent to estimate a Bayesian latent variable model. Currently supports estimation of the LCDM (Loglinar Cognitive Diagnosis Model).
blatentPPMC blatentPPMC
blatentSimulate Simulates data using blatent syntax and simulated parameters input
blatentSyntax Syntax specifications for blatent
calculateDIC calculateDIC
calculateWAIC calculateWAIC
createParameterVector Creates named numeric vector with parameter names for analysis specified by modelText
latent Declares latent variables in a blatent model
observed Declares observed variables in a blatent model
setDefaultInitializeParameters Sets the distribution parameters for initializing all parameters
setDefaultPriors Sets the prior distribution parameters for all parameters not named in priorsList
setDefaultSimulatedParameters Creates simulation specifications for simulating data in blatent
setPosteriorPredictiveCheckOptions Posterior Predictive Model Checking Options