More Statistical Methods for Composite Material Data

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Documentation for package ‘cmstatrExt’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

augment.average_curve_lm Augment a 'data.frame' with the results from 'average_curve_lm'
augment.average_curve_optim Augment a 'data.frame' with the results from 'average_curve_optim'
average_curve_lm Generate an average curve using 'lm'
average_curve_optim Generate an average curve using 'optim'
fff_shear Example shear stress-shear strain data
iso_equiv_two_sample Calculate t1 and t2 pairs that have the same p-Value
k_equiv_two_sample Calculate the factors for a two-sample acceptance test
pa12_tension Example stress-strain data
power_sim_dual Rejection rate for dual acceptance criteria based via simulation
print.average_curve_lm Print an 'average_curve_lm' object
print.average_curve_optim Print an 'average_curve_optim' object
p_equiv p-Value for one-sample equivalency
p_equiv_two_sample p-Value for two-sample equivalency
summary.average_curve_lm Summarize an 'average_curve_lm' object