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Documentation for package ‘expandFunctions’ version 0.1.0

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expandFunctions-package expandFunctions: a feature matrix builder
coefPlot Plots coefficients in an impulse response format
distMat Make a matrix with coefficients distributed as dist
easyLASSO Select and fit sparse linear model with LASSO
eDiff Matrix size-preserving diff function
eLag Convert vector into a matrix of lag columns
eMatrixOuter Extends eOuter to allow a matrix for the first argument
eOuter Extend outer product.
ePow Convert vector x into a matrix X_{ij} = {x_i}^j
eQuad Multivariate second order polynomial expansion.
eReplace Replace values in an R object coerible to a matrix
eTrim Remove padded rows from matrix X
expandFunctions expandFunctions: a feature matrix builder
freemanTukey Freeman-Tukey transform
lagshift Helper function for eLag.
polywrapper Generate special functions using orthonormal functions
rapt Expand an input matrix X using raptObj.
raptMake Define a Random Affine Projection Transformation (RAPT) object
reset.warnings Reset annoyingly persistent warning messages.
Ydiagnostics Informative plots for Y and Yhat
yyHatPlot Plot y and yHat on the same scale w/reference line