Check User-Supplied Function Arguments

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Documentation for package ‘chk’ version 0.5.1

Help Pages


-- A --

abort_chk Abort Check

-- B --

backtick_chk Deparse Backtick

-- C --

cc Concatenate with Commas
check_data Check Data
check_dim Check Dimension
check_dirs Check Directories Exist
check_files Check Files Exist
check_key Check Key
check_names Check Names
check_values Check Values and Class
chkor Check OR
chk_all Check All
chk_all_equal Check All Equal
chk_all_equivalent Check All Equivalent
chk_all_identical Check All Identical
chk_array Check Array
chk_atomic Check Atomic
chk_character Check Character
chk_character_or_factor Check Character or Factor
chk_chr Check Character Scalar
chk_data Check Data
chk_date Check Date
chk_datetime Check Date Time
chk_date_time Check Date Time
chk_dbl Check Double Scalar
chk_dir Check Directory Exists
chk_double Check Double
chk_environment Check Environment
chk_equal Check Equal
chk_equivalent Check Equivalent
chk_ext Check File Extension
chk_factor Check Factor
chk_false Check FALSE
chk_file Check File Exists
chk_flag Check Flag
chk_function Check Function
chk_gt Check Greater Than
chk_gte Check Greater Than or Equal To
chk_identical Check Identical
chk_integer Check Integer
chk_is Check Class
chk_join Check Join
chk_lgl Check Logical Scalar
chk_list Check List
chk_logical Check Logical
chk_lt Check Less Than
chk_lte Check Less Than or Equal To
chk_match Check Matches
chk_matrix Check Matrix
chk_named Check Named
chk_not_any_na Check Not Any Missing Values
chk_not_empty Check Not Empty
chk_not_null Check not NULL
chk_not_subset Check Not Subset
chk_null Check NULL
chk_null_or Check NULL Or
chk_number Check Number
chk_numeric Check Numeric
chk_orderset Check Set Ordered
chk_range Checks range of non-missing values
chk_s3_class Check Type
chk_s4_class Check Inherits from S4 Class
chk_scalar Check Scalar
chk_setequal Check Set Equal
chk_sorted Check Sorted
chk_string Check String
chk_subset Check Subset
chk_superset Check Superset
chk_true Check TRUE
chk_tz Check Time Zone
chk_unique Check Unique
chk_unused Check ... Unused
chk_used Check ... Used
chk_vector Check Vector
chk_whole_number Check Whole Number
chk_whole_numeric Check Whole Numeric
chk_wnum Check Whole Numeric Scalar

-- D --

deparse_backtick_chk Deparse Backtick

-- E --

err Stop, Warning and Message Messages
expect_chk_error Expect Chk Error

-- M --

message_chk Construct Tidyverse Style Message
msg Stop, Warning and Message Messages

-- P --

p Concatenate Strings
p0 Concatenate Strings

-- U --

unbacktick_chk Deparse Backtick

-- V --

vld_all Check All
vld_all_equal Check All Equal
vld_all_equivalent Check All Equivalent
vld_all_identical Check All Identical
vld_array Check Array
vld_atomic Check Atomic
vld_character Check Character
vld_character_or_factor Check Character or Factor
vld_chr Check Character Scalar
vld_data Check Data
vld_date Check Date
vld_datetime Check Date Time
vld_date_time Check Date Time
vld_dbl Check Double Scalar
vld_dir Check Directory Exists
vld_double Check Double
vld_environment Check Environment
vld_equal Check Equal
vld_equivalent Check Equivalent
vld_ext Check File Extension
vld_factor Check Factor
vld_false Check FALSE
vld_file Check File Exists
vld_flag Check Flag
vld_function Check Function
vld_gt Check Greater Than
vld_gte Check Greater Than or Equal To
vld_identical Check Identical
vld_integer Check Integer
vld_is Check Class
vld_join Check Join
vld_lgl Check Logical Scalar
vld_list Check List
vld_logical Check Logical
vld_lt Check Less Than
vld_lte Check Less Than or Equal To
vld_match Check Matches
vld_matrix Check Matrix
vld_named Check Named
vld_not_any_na Check Not Any Missing Values
vld_not_empty Check Not Empty
vld_not_null Check not NULL
vld_not_subset Check Subset
vld_null Check NULL
vld_number Check Number
vld_numeric Check Numeric
vld_orderset Check Set Equal
vld_range Checks range of non-missing values
vld_s3_class Check Type
vld_s4_class Check Inherits from S4 Class
vld_scalar Check Scalar
vld_setequal Check Set Equal
vld_sorted Check Sorted
vld_string Check String
vld_subset Check Subset
vld_superset Check Superset
vld_true Check TRUE
vld_tz Check Time Zone
vld_unique Check Unique
vld_unused Check ... Unused
vld_used Check ... Used
vld_vector Check Vector
vld_whole_number Check Whole Number
vld_whole_numeric Check Whole Numeric
vld_wnum Check Whole Numeric Scalar

-- W --

wrn Stop, Warning and Message Messages