Better Statistics for OLS and Binomial Logistic Regression

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Documentation for package ‘BetterReg’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

depbcomp Power for Comparing Dependent Coefficients in Multiple Regression with Two or Three Predictors Requires correlations between all variables as sample size. Means, sds, and alpha are option. Also computes Power(All)
indbcomp Comparing Independent Coefficients in Multiple Regression
LRchi Compute Likelihood Ratio Chi-square for Binomial Logistic Regression with up to 10 predictors
Mahal Compute Mahalanobis Distance for Multiple Regression
parts Compute squared semi partial correlations for Multiple Regression
pseudo Pseudo R-square Values for Binomial Logistic Regression
R2change R-square change for Hierarchical Multiple Regression
testlog testlog
testreg testreg
tolerance Compute tolerance for Multiple Regression