Drug Demand Forecasting

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Documentation for package ‘drugDemand’ version 0.1.3

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df1 The subject-level enrollment and event data before enrollment completion.
df2 The subject-level enrollment and event data after enrollment completion.
dosing_schedule_df The dosing schedule data frame.
f_cum_dose Cumulative Dose
f_dispensing_models Drug Dispensing Model Fitting
f_dose_draw Drug Dispensing Data Simulation
f_dose_draw_1 Drug Dispensing Data Simulation for One Iteration
f_dose_draw_t_1 Drug Dispensing Visit Dates Simulation for One Iteration
f_dose_new_cpp Dosing Date Imputation for New Patients
f_dose_observed Observed Drug Dispensing Data Summary
f_dose_ongoing_cpp Dosing Date Imputation for Ongoing Patients
f_dose_pp Drug Demand Per Protocol
f_drug_demand Drug Demand Forecasting
f_fit_di Model Fitting for Dispensed Doses
f_fit_ki Model Fitting for Number of Skipped Visits
f_fit_t0 Model Fitting for Dispensing Delay After Randomization
f_fit_ti Model Fitting for Gap Times
f_ongoing_new Observed Dosing for Ongoing and New Subjects
kit_description_df The kit description data frame.
rdirichlet Random Number Generator for the Dirichlet Distribution
treatment_by_drug_df The data frame indicating the treatments associated with each drug.
visitview1 The observed subject drug dispensing data before enrollment completion.
visitview2 The observed subject drug dispensing data after enrollment completion.