Miscellaneous Functions for the Analysis of Educational Assessments

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Documentation for package ‘eatTools’ version 0.7.0

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addLeadingZerosToCharInt Add leading zeros to all columns that can be identified as integers in a character data.frame
asNumericIfPossible Convert a Vector, Matrix or Data Frame Into Numeric Values If Possible
catch_asNumericIfPossible Use 'asNumericIfPossible' with modified warning.
contr.wec.weighted Calculates contrasts for a weighted factor variable based on weighted effect coding
crop Remove Trailing and Leading Characters From Character Strings
descr Descriptive statistics for one or several variables
do_call_rbind_withName Row bind a list while assigning names to rows
eatTools eatTools: Miscellaneous Functions for the Analysis of Educational Assessments
existsBackgroundVariables Internally needed function for consistency checks and data preparation.
facToChar Transform columns in a data frame
gsubAll Pattern matching and replacement
halveString Split string exactly in two parts
insert.col Insert Columns into a Data Frame in a Specific Position
multiseq multiple sequences
na_omit_selection Drop rows containing missing values
num.to.cat Transform continuous variables into ordered factors
readMultisep Read in data.frames with separator characters >=1Byte
recodeLookup Recode a variable according to a lookup table
removeNonNumeric Removes all non-numeric characters from a string.
removeNumeric Removes alphanumeric characters from a string.
removePattern Removes a specified pattern from a string.
set.col.type Set the Class of Columns in a Data Frame
tablePattern Creates skeleton for frequency tables with desired values
tableUnlist Frequency table for data frames, e.g. across multiple columns
whereAre Matches a scalar with elements of a vector.
wideToLong Transform wide format data sets into the long format necessary for eatRep analyses
wtdTable Computed weighted frequency tables
wtdVar Computed weighted variance