Download and Processing of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) Data of INMET-Brazil

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Documentation for package ‘BrazilMet’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

daily_eto_FAO56 Eto calculation based on FAO-56 Penman-Monteith methodology, with data from automatic weather stations (AWS) downloaded and processed in function *daily_download_AWS_INMET*
download_AWS_INMET_daily Download of hourly data from automatic weather stations (AWS) of INMET-Brazil in daily aggregates
ea_dew_calculation Actual vapour pressure (ea) derived from dewpoint temperature
ea_rh_calculation Actual vapour pressure (ea) derived from relative humidity data
es_calculation Mean saturation vapour pressure (es)
es_ea_calculation Vapour pressure deficit (es - ea)
eto_hs Hargreaves - Samani ETo
Patm Atmospheric pressure (Patm)
psy_const Psychrometric constant
radiation_conversion Conversion factors for radiation
ra_calculation Extraterrestrial radiation for daily periods (ra)
rh_calculation Relative humidity (rh) calculation
rnl_calculation Net longwave radiation (rnl)
rns_calculation Net solar or net shortwave radiation (rns)
rn_calculation Net radiation (rn)
rso_calculation_1 Clear-sky solar radiation with calibrated values available
rso_calculation_2 Clear-sky solar radiation when calibrated values are not available
rs_nearby_calculation Solar radiation data from a nearby weather station
see_stations_info Localization of the automatic weather station of INMET
sr_ang_calculation Solar radiation based in Angstrom formula (sr_ang)
sr_tair_calculation Solar radiation data derived from air temperature differences
u2_calculation Wind speed at 2 meters high