Bayesian Mortality Modelling

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Documentation for package ‘BayesMortalityPlus’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

blc Lee-Carter Bayesian Estimation
dlm Dynamic Linear Model for mortality table graduation
dlm_close DLM: Fitting the advanced ages of the life tables.
expectancy Generic expectancy function
expectancy.BLC Life Expectancy for fitted models and forecast
expectancy.DLM DLM: Life expectancy
expectancy.HP HP Model: Life expectancy
fitted.BLC Fitted values for BLC fitted models
fitted.DLM DLM: Fitted death probabilities (qx)
fitted.HP HP Model: Fitted death probabilities (qx)
Heatmap Generic Heatmap function
Heatmap.BLC Draw a Heat Map for BLC or PredBLC fitted models
Heatmap.DLM DLM: Heatmap for the life expectancy.
Heatmap.HP HP Model: Heatmap for the life expectancy.
Heatmap.list Heatmap for the life expectancy.
hp Bayesian HP
hp_close HP Model: Fitting the advanced ages of the life tables.
hp_mix HP Model mixture
improvement Improvement for BLC fitted models
kd.filter Kalman Filter with Drift
kd.smoother Kalman Smoother with Drift
mean.BLC Arithmetic Mean for BLC fitted models
mean.PredBLC Arithmetic Mean for Predictions
plot.BLC Plot of BLC fitted models
plot.DLM DLM: Plot the life table.
plot.HP HP Model: Plot the life table.
plot.list Plot a set of life tables.
plot.PredBLC Plot the log-mortality of a prediction
plot_chain Chain's plot
predict.BLC Forecast for fitted BLC models
predict.DLM Prediction of death probability for a fitted DLM
print.BLC Print Values for BLC fitted models
print.DLM Print Values for DLM fitted models
print.HP Print Values for HP fitted models
print.PredBLC Print Values for BLC prediction models
PT Mortality Data from Portugal to be used as example
quantile.BLC Sample Quantiles for BLC fitted models
quantile.PredBLC Sample Quantiles for Predictions
qx_ci Predictive intervals for deaths probabilities.
summary.DLM Summary for DLM fitted models
summary.HP Summary for HP fitted models
USA Mortality Database from United States to be used as example