Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model Stability Parameters

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Documentation for package ‘ammistability’ version 0.1.4

Help Pages

AMGE.AMMI Sum Across Environments of GEI Modelled by AMMI
ammistability Estimate multiple AMMI model Stability Parameters
ASI.AMMI AMMI Stability Index
ASTAB.AMMI AMMI Based Stability Parameter
AVAMGE.AMMI Sum Across Environments of Absolute Value of GEI Modelled by AMMI
DA.AMMI Annicchiarico's D Parameter
DZ.AMMI Zhang's D Parameter
EV.AMMI Averages of the Squared Eigenvector Values
FA.AMMI Stability Measure Based on Fitted AMMI Model
MASI.AMMI Modified AMMI Stability Index
MASV.AMMI Modified AMMI Stability Value
rankdf Ranks in a data.frame
rankslopegraph Rank Slopegraph
SIPC.AMMI Sums of the Absolute Value of the IPC Scores
SSI Simultaneous Selection Indices for Yield and Stability
ZA.AMMI Absolute Value of the Relative Contribution of IPCs to the Interaction