Spatial Bayesian Methods for Task Functional MRI Studies

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Documentation for package ‘BayesfMRI’ version 0.3.11

Help Pages

.findTheta Perform the EM algorithm of the Bayesian GLM fitting
.getSqrtInvCpp Get the prewhitening matrix for a single data location
.initialKP Find the initial values of kappa2 and phi
.logDetQt Find the log of the determinant of Q_tilde
act_prevalance Activations prevalence.
aic_Param aic
ar_order_Param ar_order
ar_smooth_Param ar_smooth
BayesGLM BayesGLM
BayesGLM2 Group-level Bayesian GLM
BayesGLM_cifti BayesGLM for CIFTI
BayesGLM_group Group-level Bayesian GLM
Bayes_Param Bayes
cderiv Central derivative
combine_sessions_Param combine_sessions
contrasts_Param contrasts
emTol_Param emTol
EM_Param EM
faces_Param faces
HRF Canonical (double-gamma) HRF
id_activations Identify task activations
INLA_Description INLA
is.BfMRI.sess Validate a '"BfMRI.sess"' object.
make_HRFs Make HRFs
make_mask Mask out invalid data
make_mesh Make Mesh
mask_Param_vertices mask: vertices
max.threads_Param max.threads
mesh_Param_either mesh: either
mesh_Param_inla mesh: INLA only
num.threads_Param num.threads
plot.act_BayesGLM_cifti S3 method: use 'view_xifti_surface' to plot a '"act_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
plot.BayesGLM2_cifti S3 method: use 'view_xifti_surface' to plot a '"BayesGLM2_cifti"' object
plot.BayesGLM_cifti S3 method: use 'view_xifti_surface' to plot a '"BayesGLM_cifti"' object
plot.prev_BayesGLM_cifti S3 method: use 'view_xifti' to plot a '"prev_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
print.act_BayesGLM Summarize a '"act_BayesGLM"' object
print.act_BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"act_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
print.BayesGLM Summarize a '"BayesGLM"' object
print.BayesGLM2 Summarize a '"BayesGLM2"' object
print.BayesGLM2_cifti Summarize a '"BayesGLM2_cifti"' object
print.BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"BayesGLM_cifti"' object
print.prev_BayesGLM Summarize a '"prev_BayesGLM"' object
print.prev_BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"prev_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
print.summary.act_BayesGLM Summarize a '"act_BayesGLM"' object
print.summary.act_BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"act_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
print.summary.BayesGLM Summarize a '"BayesGLM"' object
print.summary.BayesGLM2 Summarize a '"BayesGLM2"' object
print.summary.BayesGLM2_cifti Summarize a '"BayesGLM2_cifti"' object
print.summary.BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"BayesGLM_cifti"' object
print.summary.prev_BayesGLM Summarize a '"prev_BayesGLM"' object
print.summary.prev_BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"prev_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
pw_estimate Estimate residual autocorrelation for prewhitening
pw_smooth Smooth AR coefficients and white noise variance
return_INLA_Param return_INLA
scale_BOLD_Param scale_BOLD
scale_design_Param scale_design
seed_Param seed
session_names_Param session_names
summary.act_BayesGLM Summarize a '"act_BayesGLM"' object
summary.act_BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"act_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
summary.BayesGLM Summarize a '"BayesGLM"' object
summary.BayesGLM2 Summarize a '"BayesGLM2"' object
summary.BayesGLM2_cifti Summarize a '"BayesGLM2_cifti"' object
summary.BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"BayesGLM_cifti"' object
summary.prev_BayesGLM Summarize a '"prev_BayesGLM"' object
summary.prev_BayesGLM_cifti Summarize a '"prev_BayesGLM_cifti"' object
task_names_Param task_names
trim_INLA_Param trim_INLA
verbose_Param verbose
vertex_areas Surface area of each vertex
vertices_Param vertices