Checkpoint MCMC Sampling with 'Stan'

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Documentation for package ‘chkptstanr’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

chkptstanr-package chkptstanr: Checkpoint MCMC Sampling with 'Stan'
chkpt_brms Checkpoint Sampling: brms
chkpt_setup Checkpoint Setup
chkpt_stan Checkpoint Sampling: Stan
combine_chkpt_draws Combine Checkpoint Draws
create_folder Create Folder for Checkpointing
extract_chkpt_draws Extract Draws from 'CmdStanMCMC' Objects
extract_hmc_info Extract HMC Sampler Information
extract_stan_state Extract Stan State
make_brmsfit Make 'brmsfit' Object
print.chkpt_brms Print 'chkpt_brms' Objects
print.chkpt_setup Print 'chkpt_setup' Object
print.chkpt_stan Print 'chkpt_stan' Objects