Delete or Merge Regressors Algorithms for Linear and Logistic Model Selection and High-Dimensional Data

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Documentation for package ‘DMRnet’ version 0.4.0

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DMRnet-package DMRnet-package
coef.DMR coef.DMR
coef.gic.DMR coef.gic.DMR
cv.DMR cross-validation for DMR
cv.DMRnet cross-validation for DMRnet
DMR Delete or Merge Regressors
DMRnet Delete or Merge Regressors net
gic.DMR gic.DMR
miete miete dataset
plot.DMR plot.DMR
plot.gic.DMR plot.gic.DMR
predict.DMR predict.DMR
predict.gic.DMR predict.gic.DMR
print.DMR print.DMR
promoter promoter dataset