Clusterwise Independent Component Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘CICA’ version 1.0.2

Help Pages

CICA CICA: Clusterwise Independent Component Analysis
computeRVmat Compute modified RV matrix
embed_papaya Embed images with Papaya
FindRationalStarts Plot method for rstarts object
GenRanStarts Generate random starts
GenRatStarts Title
get_papaya_version Get Papaya Version
loadNIfTIs Load Nifti files from directory
matcher Match components between cluster specific spatial maps
matcher.CICA Match components between cluster specific spatial maps
mpinv Moore Penrose inverse
papaya View images with Papaya
papaya_div Papaya Div element output
pass_papaya View images with Papaya
plot.CICA Plot method for CICA
plot.ModSel Plot method for sequential model selection
plot.rstarts Plot method for rstarts object
SequentialScree Sequential Model Selection for Multiple CICA model
Sim_CICA Simulate CICA data
Sr_to_nifti Convert Cluster specific independent components to NIFTI format
summary.CICA Summary method for class CICA
summary.MultipleCICA Summary method for class MultipleCICA
update_papaya_build Update Papaya build version from GitHub