Bayesian Seemingly Unrelated Regression

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Documentation for package ‘BayesSUR’ version 2.0-0

Help Pages

BayesSUR Fitting BayesSUR models
BayesSUR_internal BayesSUR_internal
coef.BayesSUR coef method for class 'BayesSUR'
elpd expected log pointwise predictive density
exampleEQTL Simulated data set to mimic a small expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) example
exampleGDSC Preprocessed data set to mimic a small pharmacogenetic example
fitted.BayesSUR get fitted responses from a 'BayesSUR' object
getEstimator extract the posterior mean of the parameters
plot.BayesSUR create a selection of plots for a 'BayesSUR' class object
plotCPO plot the conditional predictive ordinate
plotEstimator plot the estimators
plotGraph plot the estimated graph for multiple response variables
plotManhattan plot Manhattan-like plots for marginal posterior inclusion probabilities (mPIP) and numbers of responses of association for predictors
plotMCMCdiag plot MCMC diagnostic plots
plotNetwork plot the network representation of the associations between responses and predictors
predict.BayesSUR predict method for class 'BayesSUR'
print.BayesSUR print method for class 'BayesSUR'
summary.BayesSUR summary method for class 'BayesSUR'
targetGene targetGene