Exploring Accelerometer Data

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Documentation for package ‘acc’ version 1.3.3

Help Pages

acc Summarizes accelerometer data for multiple types of physical activities
accBatch Summarizes multiple accelerometer datafiles
accSummary Summarizes accelerometer data for a single type of physical activity
aee Creates an aee object
aeefit Fits semiparametric regression models for irregularly observed physical activity data
aeexfit Fits semiparametric regression models robust to informative observation times and censoring
aggAcc Aggregates multiple accelerometer summary files
plotAcc Plots accelerometer data
racePlot Race plots of minutes of activity per day
readCounts Reads counts data in .dat, .agd, or .csv format for Actigraph GT1M and GT3X devices
readCountsBatch Reads multiple accelerometer counts data in a folder
readRaw Reads raw data in .csv format for GT3X devices
simAcc Simulates accelerometer data based on a hidden Markov model
simPA Simulates minutes of physical activity per day
summary.aeefit Summary method for aeefit objects
summary.aeexfit Summary method for aeexfit objects
visGroup Group level plots