Automated Cleaning of Occurrence Records from Biological Collections

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Documentation for package ‘CoordinateCleaner’ version 3.0.1

Help Pages

aohi Artificial Hotspot Occurrence Inventory
buffland Global Coastlines buffered by 1 degree
buffsea Global Coastlines buffered by -1 degree
cc_aohi Identify Coordinates in Artificial Hotspot Occurrence Inventory
cc_cap Identify Coordinates in Vicinity of Country Capitals.
cc_cen Identify Coordinates in Vicinity of Country and Province Centroids
cc_coun Identify Coordinates Outside their Reported Country
cc_dupl Identify Duplicated Records
cc_equ Identify Records with Identical lat/lon
cc_gbif Identify Records Assigned to GBIF Headquarters
cc_inst Identify Records in the Vicinity of Biodiversity Institutions
cc_iucn Identify Records Outside Natural Ranges
cc_outl Identify Geographic Outliers in Species Distributions
cc_sea Identify Non-terrestrial Coordinates
cc_urb Identify Records Inside Urban Areas
cc_val Identify Invalid lat/lon Coordinates
cc_zero Identify Zero Coordinates
cd_ddmm Identify Datasets with a Degree Conversion Error
cd_round Identify Datasets with Rasterized Coordinates
cf_age Identify Fossils with Outlier Age
cf_equal Identify Fossils with equal min and max age
cf_outl Identify Outlier Records in Space and Time
cf_range Identify Fossils with Extreme Age Ranges
clean_coordinates Geographic Cleaning of Coordinates from Biologic Collections
clean_dataset Coordinate Cleaning using Dataset Properties
clean_fossils Geographic and Temporal Cleaning of Records from Fossil Collections
countryref Country Centroids and Country Capitals
institutions Global Locations of Biodiversity Institutions
is.spatialvalid Check spatialvalid object
pbdb_example Example data from the Paleobiologydatabase
plot.spatialvalid Plot Method for Class Spatialvalid
summary.spatialvalid Geographic Cleaning of Coordinates from Biologic Collections
write_pyrate Create Input Files for PyRate