Analytic Hierarchy Process for Survey Data

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Documentation for package ‘ahpsurvey’ version 0.4.1

Help Pages

ahp Canned routine for AHP
ahp.aggjudge Aggregate individual judgments
ahp.aggpref Aggregate priority weights Calculates the consistency ratio of each decision-maker
ahp.error Matrix of the product between the pairwise comparison value and pj/pi
ahp.harker Replace inconsistent pairwise comparisons
ahp.indpref Computes priority weights of individual decision-makers
ahp.mat Generate AHP pairwise matrices from survey data
ahp.missing Impute missing observations using the method in Harker (1987)
ahp.pwerror Finds the pairwise comparisons with the maximum amount of inconsistency
ahp.ri Generate random indices
ahpsurvey AHP Survey package
city1 Dataframe of one decision-maker based on Saaty (2004)
city200 A dataframe of 200 simulated decision-makers based on Saaty (2004)