Product Concordance

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Documentation for package ‘concordance’ version 2.0.0

Help Pages

bec_desc BEC Description
concord Concording Different Classification Codes
concord_hs Concord Within HS Codes
concord_hs_naics Converting HS and NAICS Codes
concord_hs_sitc Converting HS and SITC Codes
concord_sitc Concord Within SITC Codes
concord_sitc_naics Converting SITC and NAICS Codes
get_desc Looking Up Product Description
get_proddiff Looking Up Product Differentiation
get_sigma Looking Up Product Elasticity
hs0_desc HS0 Description
hs0_naics HS0-NAICS Concordance
hs0_sitc1 HS0-SITC1 Concordance
hs0_sitc2 HS0-SITC2 Concordance
hs0_sitc3 HS0-SITC3 Concordance
hs0_sitc4 HS0-SITC4 Concordance
hs1_desc HS1 Description
hs1_hs0 HS1-HS0 Concordance
hs1_naics HS1-NAICS Concordance
hs1_sitc1 HS1-SITC1 Concordance
hs1_sitc2 HS1-SITC2 Concordance
hs1_sitc3 HS1-SITC3 Concordance
hs1_sitc4 HS1-SITC4 Concordance
hs2_desc HS2 Description
hs2_hs0 HS2-HS0 Concordance
hs2_hs1 HS2-HS1 Concordance
hs2_naics HS2-NAICS Concordance
hs2_sitc1 HS2-SITC1 Concordance
hs2_sitc2 HS2-SITC2 Concordance
hs2_sitc3 HS2-SITC3 Concordance
hs2_sitc4 HS2-SITC4 Concordance
hs3_desc HS3 Description
hs3_hs0 HS3-HS0 Concordance
hs3_hs1 HS3-HS1 Concordance
hs3_hs2 HS3-HS2 Concordance
hs3_naics HS3-NAICS Concordance
hs3_sitc1 HS3-SITC1 Concordance
hs3_sitc2 HS3-SITC2 Concordance
hs3_sitc3 HS3-SITC3 Concordance
hs3_sitc4 HS3-SITC4 Concordance
hs4_desc HS4 Description
hs4_hs0 HS4-HS0 Concordance
hs4_hs1 HS4-HS1 Concordance
hs4_hs2 HS4-HS2 Concordance
hs4_hs3 HS4-HS3 Concordance
hs4_naics HS4-NAICS Concordance
hs4_sitc1 HS4-SITC1 Concordance
hs4_sitc2 HS4-SITC2 Concordance
hs4_sitc3 HS4-SITC3 Concordance
hs4_sitc4 HS4-SITC4 Concordance
hs5_desc HS5 Description
hs5_hs0 HS5-HS0 Concordance
hs5_hs1 HS5-HS1 Concordance
hs5_hs2 HS5-HS2 Concordance
hs5_hs3 HS5-HS3 Concordance
hs5_hs4 HS5-HS4 Concordance
hs5_naics HS5-NAICS Concordance
hs5_sitc1 HS5-SITC1 Concordance
hs5_sitc2 HS5-SITC2 Concordance
hs5_sitc3 HS5-SITC3 Concordance
hs5_sitc4 HS5-SITC4 Concordance
hs_desc HS (Combined) Description
hs_naics HS-NAICS Concordance
hs_sitc1 HS-SITC1 Concordance
hs_sitc2 HS-SITC2 Concordance
hs_sitc3 HS-SITC3 Concordance
hs_sitc4 HS-SITC4 Concordance
isic2_desc ISIC2 Description
isic3_desc ISIC3 Description
isic4_desc ISIC4 Description
naics2002_desc NAICS 2002 Description
naics2007_desc NAICS 2007 Description
naics2012_desc NAICS 2012 Description
naics2017_desc NAICS 2017 Description
sigma_hs0 Sigma Table (3-Digit HS0)
sigma_sitc3 Sigma Table (5-Digit SITC3)
sitc1_desc SITC1 Description
sitc1_naics SITC1-NAICS Concordance
sitc2_desc SITC2 Description
sitc2_naics SITC2-NAICS Concordance
sitc2_rauch SITC2-Rauch Concordance
sitc2_sitc1 SITC2-SITC1 Concordance
sitc3_desc SITC3 Description
sitc3_naics SITC3-NAICS Concordance
sitc3_sitc1 SITC3-SITC1 Concordance
sitc3_sitc2 SITC3-SITC2 Concordance
sitc4_desc SITC4 Description
sitc4_naics SITC4-NAICS Concordance
sitc4_sitc1 SITC4-SITC1 Concordance
sitc4_sitc2 SITC4-SITC2 Concordance
sitc4_sitc3 A dataset containing concordances between SITC4 and SITC3 classification.