Generate Citation File Format ('cff') Metadata for R Packages

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Documentation for package ‘cffr’ version 0.2.2

Help Pages

as.cff 'cff' objects
cff 'cff' objects
cff_create Create 'cff' object
cff_extract_to_bibtex Create BibTeX entries from a package
cff_gha_update Install a cffr GitHub Action
cff_git_hook Use a git pre-commit hook *[Experimental]*
cff_git_hook_install Use a git pre-commit hook *[Experimental]*
cff_git_hook_remove Use a git pre-commit hook *[Experimental]*
cff_parse_citation Parse a 'bibentry' to 'cff'
cff_parse_person Parse a person to 'cff'
cff_parse_person_bibtex Parse a person to 'cff'
cff_schema Schema utils
cff_schema_definitions_entity Schema utils
cff_schema_definitions_person Schema utils
cff_schema_definitions_refs Schema utils
cff_schema_keys Schema utils
cff_schema_keys_license Schema utils
cff_to_bibtex Create a BibTeX entry from a CITATION file or a 'cff' object
cff_validate Validate a 'CITATION.cff' file or a 'cff' object
cff_write Write a 'CITATION.cff' file
cran_to_spdx Mapping between 'License' fields and SPDX
write_bib Create a .bib file