Provides Ready to Use Shapefiles for Geographical Map of Bangladesh

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Documentation for package ‘bangladesh’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

area_names Banlgadesh administrative levels names in English
bd_plot sample function for plotting map of different administrative levels
bd_search search for specific areas
get_area_names get area names in English, available in the shapefiles
get_coordinates get centroids of administrative areas
get_divisions get partial maps for divisions
get_map get shapefile for different administrative levels
map_country Banlgadesh administrative level 0 shapefile
map_district Banlgadesh administrative level 2 shapefile
map_division Banlgadesh administrative level 1 shapefile
map_union Banlgadesh administrative level 4 shapefile
map_upazila Banlgadesh administrative level 3 shapefile
pop_district_2011 Banlgadesh population census-2011 data for district level
pop_division_2011 Banlgadesh population census-2011 data for division level
pop_upazila_2011 Banlgadesh population census-2011 data for upazila level