Case Based Reasoning

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Documentation for package ‘CaseBasedReasoning’ version 0.3

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asDistObject Converts a distance vector into an object of class 'dist'
call_function Call a function by character strings using the namespace and custom parameters.
CaseBasedReasoning Case Based Reasoning
CBRBase Root class for common functionality of this package
CoxModel Cox-Beta Model for Case-Based-Reasoning
depth_distance Depth Distance
distanceRandomForest Distance calculation based on RandomForest Proximity or Depth
edges_between_terminal_nodes Number of Edges between Terminal Nodes
generate_grid Generate Grid
LinearModel Linear Regression Model for Case-Based-Reasoning
LogisticModel Logistic Regression Model for Case-Based-Reasoning
proximity_distance Get proximity matrix of an ranger object
ranger_forests_to_matrix Forest2Matrix
RegressionModel Root class for Regression Models, e.g., CPH, logistic, and linear regression
RFModel RandomForest Model for Searching Similar Cases
terminalNodes Get the terminal node id of a RandomForest Object
weightedDistance Weighted Distance calculation