Spline Regression with Adaptive Knot Selection

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Documentation for package ‘aspline’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

aridge_solver Fit B-splines with automatic knot selection.
aspline Fit B-splines with automatic knot selection.
bandsolve bandsolve
band_weight Create the penalty matrix
bladder Bladder Cancer aCGH profile data
block_design Transform a Spline Design Matrix in block compressed form
coal Yearly number of coal mine disasters in Britain
fossil Fossil data
helmet Testing Crash Helmets
hessian_solver Inverse the hessian and multiply it by the score
lidar Lidar data
mat2rot Rotate a band matrix to get the rotated row-wised matrix associated.
montreal Montreal Temperature Data
nmr Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data
rot2mat Get back a symmetric square matrix based on his rotated row-wised version.
titanium Titanium heat data
weight_design_band Fast computation of weighted design matrix for generalized linear model
wridge_solver Fit B-Splines with weighted penalization over differences of parameters