Mixed Effects Cox Models

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Documentation for package ‘coxme’ version 2.2-20

Help Pages

anova.coxme Analysis of Deviance for a Cox model.
anova.coxmelist Analysis of Deviance for a Cox model.
coxme Fit a mixed effects Cox model
coxme.control Auxillary parameters for controlling coxme fits.
coxme.object Coxme regression output object
coxmeFull Variance family function for coxme fits.
coxmeMlist Coxme variance function
eortc Simulated data set based on an EORTC trial
expand.nested Expand nested factors
fixed.effects Import from package 'nlme'
fixef Import from package 'nlme'
fixef.coxme Extraction functions for Coxme
fixef.lmekin Extraction functions for Lmekin
lmekin Fit a linear mixed effects model
lmekin.control Auxillary parameters for controlling lmekin fits.
lmekin.object lmekin object
logLik.coxme The logLik method for coxme objects
logLik.lmekin Extraction functions for Lmekin
predict.coxme Predictions for a coxme object.
print.coxme Print method for a coxme fit.
print.lmekin Print function for lmekin
print.summary.coxme Summary method for coxme objects
random.effects Import from package 'nlme'
ranef Import from package 'nlme'
ranef.coxme Extraction functions for Coxme
ranef.lmekin Extraction functions for Lmekin
summary.coxme Summary method for coxme objects
VarCorr Import from package 'nlme'
VarCorr.coxme Extraction functions for Coxme
VarCorr.lmekin Extraction functions for Lmekin
vcov.coxme Extraction functions for Coxme
vcov.lmekin Extraction functions for Lmekin