Distribution-Free Bayesian Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘DFBA’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

dfba_bayes_vs_t_power Simulated Distribution-Free Bayesian Power and _t_ Power
dfba_beta_bayes_factor Bayes Factor for Posterior Beta Distribution
dfba_beta_contrast Bayesian Contrasts
dfba_beta_contrast_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_beta_descriptive Descriptive Statistics for a Beta Distribution
dfba_beta_descriptive_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_binomial Bayesian Binomial Rate Parameter Inference
dfba_binomial_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_bivariate_concordance Bayesian Distribution-Free Correlation and Concordance
dfba_bivariate_concordance_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_bivariate_concordance_star_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_gamma Goodman-Kruskal Gamma
dfba_gamma_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_interval_BF_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_mann_whitney Independent Samples Test (Mann Whitney U)
dfba_mann_whitney_large_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_mann_whitney_small_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_mcnemar Bayesian Repeated-Measures McNemar Test for Change
dfba_mcnemar_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_median_test Bayesian Median Test
dfba_median_test_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_point_BF_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_power_curve Power Curves
dfba_power_curve_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_sign_test Bayesian Sign Test
dfba_sign_test_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_sim_data Simulated Data Generator and Inferential Comparison
dfba_sim_data_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_t_power_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_wilcoxon Repeated-Measures Test (Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test)
dfba_wilcoxon_large_out-class Classes for DFBA
dfba_wilcoxon_small_out-class Classes for DFBA