Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models

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Documentation for package ‘condvis’ version 0.5-1

Help Pages

condvis-package Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models
arrangeC Make a list of variable pairings for condition selecting plots produced by plotxc
ceplot Interactive conditional expectation plot
condtour Conditional tour; a tour through sections in data space
condvis Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models
cont2color Assign colours to numeric vector
crab Brockmann's crab data
dist1 Minkowski distance
factor2color Assign colours to factor vector
interpolate Interpolate
interpolate.character Interpolate
interpolate.factor Interpolate
interpolate.integer Interpolate
interpolate.numeric Interpolate
makepath Make a default path for conditional tour
plotxc Condition selector plot
plotxc.full Condition selector plot
plotxc.pcp Condition selector plot
plotxs Visualise a section in data space
powerplant Tuefekci's powerplant data
savingby2d Assess advantage of 2-D view over 1-D view for identifying extrapolation
similarityweight Calculate the similarity weight for a set of observations
wine Italian wine data