Bayesian Smoothing of Remote Sensing Image Classification

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Documentation for package ‘bayesEO’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

bayes_colors Function to retrieve bayesEO color table
bayes_colors_show Function to show colors in SITS
bayes_label Label probability images to create categorical maps
bayes_plot_hist Plot histogram
bayes_plot_map Plot labelled map
bayes_plot_probs Plot probability maps
bayes_plot_rgb Plot RGB data cubes
bayes_plot_var Plot variance maps
bayes_read_image Read probability maps
bayes_read_probs Read probability maps
bayes_run_examples Informs if examples should run
bayes_run_tests Informs if tests should run
bayes_smooth Smooth probability images
bayes_summary Summary of categorical maps
bayes_variance Calculate the variance of a probability cube
bilateral_smooth Smooth probability images with Gaussian filter
gaussian_smooth Smooth probability images with Gaussian filter