Multivariate Likelihood Ratio Calculation and Evaluation

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Documentation for package ‘comparison’ version 1.0-5

Help Pages

calc.ece Empirical cross-entropy (ECE) calculation
calibrate.set Calculate the calibrated set of idea LRs
comparison comparison: A package for computing likelihood ratios for univariate and multivariate evidence.
glass Glass composition data for seven elements from 200 glass items.
plot.ece An S3 plot method for objects of class 'ece'
two.level.comparison.items Create a 'compitem' object.
two.level.components Compute integrated means and covariances
two.level.density.LR Calculate the likelihood ratio using multivariate KDEs
two.level.lindley.LR Likelihood ratio calculation using Lindley's approach
two.level.normal.LR Likelihood ratio calculation - normal