Motion Trajectory Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘celltrackR’ version 0.3.1

Help Pages

aggregate.tracks Compute Summary Statistics of Subtracks
analyzeCellPairs Find Distances and Angles for all Pairs of Tracks
analyzeStepPairs Find Distances and Angles for all Pairs of Steps
AngleAnalysis Angle Analysis
angleCells Angle between Two Tracks
angleSteps Angle between Two Steps
angleToDir Angle with a Reference Direction
angleToPlane Angle with a Reference Plane
angleToPoint Angle with a Reference Point
applyStaggered Compute a Measure on a Track in a Staggered Fashion Convert Tracks to Data Frame
as.list.tracks Convert from Tracks to List
as.tracks Tracks Objects Convert from Data Frame to Tracks
as.tracks.list Tracks Objects
asphericity Track Measures
BCells Two-Photon Data: B Cells in a Lymph Node
beaucheminTrack Simulate a 3D Cell Track Using the Beauchemin Model
bootstrapTrack Simulate Tracks via Bootstrapping of Speed and Turning Angle from a Real Track Dataset
boundingBox Bounding Box of a Tracks Object
brownianTrack Simulate an Uncorrelated Random Walk
c.tracks Tracks Objects
cellPairs Find Pairs of Tracks
celltrackR celltrackR: Quantitative analysis of motion.
cheatsheet Open the package cheat sheet
clusterTracks Cluster Tracks
displacement Track Measures
displacementRatio Track Measures
displacementVector Track Measures
distanceCells Minimum Distance between Two Cells
distanceSteps Distance between Two Steps
distanceToPlane Distance to a Reference Plane
distanceToPoint Distance to a Reference Point
duration Track Measures
filterTracks Filter Tracks
fractalDimension Track Measures
getFeatureMatrix Obtaining A Feature Matrix
hotellingsTest Test Unbiasedness of Motion
hurstExponent Track Measures
interpolateTrack Interpolate Track Positions
is.tracks Tracks Objects
maxDisplacement Track Measures
maxTrackLength Length of Longest Track
meanTurningAngle Track Measures
Neutrophils Two-Photon Data: Neutrophils in an Infected Lung
normalizeToDuration Normalize a Measure to Track Duration
normalizeTracks Normalize Tracks
outreachRatio Track Measures
overallAngle Track Measures
overallDot Track Measures
overallNormDot Track Measures
plot.tracks Plot Tracks in 2D
plot3d Plot Tracks in 3D
plotTrackMeasures Bivariate Scatterplot of Track Measures
prefixes Get Track Prefixes
projectDimensions Extract Spatial Dimensions
read.tracks.csv Read Tracks from Text File
repairGaps Process Tracks Containing Gaps
selectSteps Get Single Steps Starting at a Specific Time from a Subset of Tracks
selectTracks Select Tracks by Measure Values
simulateTracks Generate Tracks by Simulation
sort.tracks Sort Track Positions by Time
speed Track Measures
splitTrack Split Track into Multiple Tracks
squareDisplacement Track Measures
staggered Staggered Version of a Function
stepPairs Find Pairs of Steps Occurring at the Same Time
straightness Track Measures
subsample Subsample Track by Constant Factor
subtracks Decompose Track(s) into Subtracks
subtracksByTime Extract Subtracks Starting at a Specific Time
TCells Two-Photon Data: T Cells in a Lymph Node
timePoints Find All Unique Time Points in a Track Dataset
timeStep Compute Time Step of Tracks
trackFeatureMap Dimensionality Reduction on Track Features
trackLength Track Measures
TrackMeasures Track Measures
tracks Tracks Objects
vecAngle Angle Between Two Vectors
wrapTrack Create Track Object from Single Track