Compare Two ROC Curves that Intersect

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Documentation for package ‘Comp2ROC’ version 1.1.4

Help Pages

Comp2ROC-package Comparation of Two ROC Curves that Intersect
areatriangles Triangle Areas
cas2015 CAS2015 Dataset
comp.roc.curves Calculate distribution
comp.roc.delong Calculate areas and stats
Comp2ROC Comparation of Two ROC Curves that Intersect
curvesegslope Segment Slopes
curvesegsloperef Segment Slopes to Reference Point
diffareatriangles Difference Between Area Triangles
linedistance Intersection Points
lineslope Sampling Lines Slope
read.file Read data from file
read.manually.introduced Read data manually introduced
roc.curves.boot Compare curves
roc.curves.plot Plot ROC curves
rocboot.summary Summary of Comparation
rocsampling ROC Sampling
rocsampling.summary Summary of ROC Sampling
save.file.summary Save File
zhang Zhang Dataset