Convenience Functions for Education Data

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Documentation for package ‘eeptools’ version 1.2.5

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age_calc Function to calculate age from date of birth.
autoplot.lm A function to replicate the basic plot function for linear models in ggplot2
cleanTex Remove Unwanted LaTeX files after building document
crosstabplot Draw a visual crosstab (mosaic plot) with shading for correlations and labels in each cell.
crosstabs Build a list of crosstabulations from a dataset
cutoff A function to calculate thresholds of cumulative sums in a vector.
decomma Remove commas from numeric fields and return them as numerics
defac Convert a factor to a character string safely
eeptools Evaluation of educational policy tools
gelmansim Generate prediction intervals for model functions
isid A function to check if a set of variables form a unique ID in a dataframe.
lag_data Create a lag
leading_zero Function to add leading zeroes to maintain fixed width.
makenum a function to convert numeric factors into numeric class objects
max_mis A function to safely take the maximum of a vector that could include only NAs.
midsch A dataframe of aggregate test scores for schools in a Midwest state.
moves_calc Function to calculate the number of times a student has changed schools.
nth_max Find the nth maximum value
profpoly Creates a proficiency polygon in ggplot2 for showing assessment categories Creates a data frame suitable for building custom polygon layers in ggplot2 objects
remove_char A function to replace an arbitrary character like a "*" in redacted data with an NA in R
retained_calc Function to calculate whether a student has repeated a grade.
statamode A function to mimic the mode function in Stata.
stuatt Student Attributes from the Strategic Data Project Toolkit
stulevel A synthetic data set of K-12 student attributes.
theme_dpi a deprecated ggplot2 theme developed for PDF and PNG for use at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
theme_dpi_map a deprecated ggplot2 theme developed for PDF or SVG maps
theme_dpi_map2 an alternate deprecated ggplot2 theme developed for PDF or SVG maps
theme_dpi_mapPNG an deprecated ggplot2 theme developed for PNG or JPG maps
thresh A function to return the maximum percentage of the cumulative sum represented by a subset of the vector