Bayesian Synthetic Likelihood

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Documentation for package ‘BSL’ version 3.2.5

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BSL-package Bayesian synthetic likelihood
BSL Bayesian synthetic likelihood
bsl Performing BSL, uBSL, semiBSL and BSLmisspec
BSL-class S4 class "BSL".
BSLclass S4 class "BSL".
cell Cell biology example
cell_prior Cell biology example
cell_sim Cell biology example
cell_sum Cell biology example
combinePlotsBSL Plot the densities of multiple "bsl" class objects.
cor2cov Convert a correlation matrix to a covariance matrix
estimateLoglike Estimate the synthetic likelihood
estimateWhiteningMatrix Estimate the Whitening matrix to be used in the "wBSL" method of Priddle et al. (2021)
gaussianRankCorr Gaussian rank correlation
gaussianSynLike Estimate the Gaussian synthetic (log) likelihood
gaussianSynLikeGhuryeOlkin Estimate the Gaussian synthetic (log) likelihood with an unbiased estimator
getGamma Obtain the gamma samples (the latent parameters for BSLmisspec method) from a "BSL" object
getGamma-method S4 class "BSL".
getLoglike Obtain the log-likelihoods from a "BSL" object
getLoglike-method S4 class "BSL".
getPenalty Obtain the selected penalty values from a "PENALTY" object
getPenalty-method S4 class "PENALTY"
getTheta Obtain the samples from a "BSL" object
getTheta-method S4 class "BSL".
ma2 An MA(2) model
ma2_prior An MA(2) model
ma2_sim An MA(2) model
ma2_sim_vec An MA(2) model
ma2_sum An MA(2) model
mgnk The multivariate G&K example
mgnk_sim The multivariate G&K example
mgnk_sum The multivariate G&K example
MODEL S4 class "MODEL"
MODEL-class S4 class "MODEL"
newModel S4 class "MODEL"
obsMat2deltax Convert an observation matrix to a vector of n-day displacements
PENALTY-class S4 class "PENALTY"
PENALTYclass S4 class "PENALTY"
plot-method S4 class "BSL".
plot-method S4 class "PENALTY"
selectPenalty Selecting the Penalty Parameter
semiparaKernelEstimate Estimate the semi-parametric synthetic (log) likelihood
show-method S4 class "BSL".
show-method S4 class "PENALTY"
simulate_cell Simulation function of the cell biology example
simulation Run simulations with a give "MODEL" object
simulation-method S4 class "MODEL"
sim_toad The simulation function for the toad example
summary-method S4 class "BSL".
summStat Compute the summary statistics with the given data
summStat-method S4 class "MODEL"
synLikeMisspec Estimate the Gaussian synthetic (log) likelihood whilst acknowledging model incompatibility
toad Toad example
toad_prior Toad example
toad_sim Toad example
toad_sum Toad example