Exploratory Graph Analysis – a Framework for Estimating the Number of Dimensions in Multivariate Data using Network Psychometrics

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Documentation for package ‘EGAnet’ version 2.0.6

Help Pages

EGAnet-package EGAnet-package
auto.correlate Automatic correlations
boot.ergoInfo Bootstrap Test for the Ergodicity Information Index
boot.wmt 'bootEGA' Results of 'wmt2'Data
bootEGA Bootstrap Exploratory Graph Analysis
CFA CFA Fit of 'EGA' or 'hierEGA' Structure
color_palette_EGA 'EGA' Color Palettes
community.compare Compares Community Detection Solutions Using Permutation
community.consensus Applies the Consensus Clustering Method (Louvain only)
community.detection Apply a Community Detection Algorithm
community.homogenize Homogenize Community Memberships
community.unidimensional Approaches to Detect Unidimensional Communities
compare.EGA.plots Visually Compare Two or More 'EGAnet' plots
convert2igraph Convert networks to 'igraph'
convert2tidygraph Convert networks to 'tidygraph'
depression Depression Data
dimensionStability Dimension Stability Statistics from 'bootEGA'
dnn.weights Loadings Comparison Test Deep Learning Neural Network Weights
dynEGA Dynamic Exploratory Graph Analysis
dynEGA.ind.pop Intra- and Inter-individual 'dynEGA'
EBICglasso.qgraph 'EBICglasso' from 'qgraph' 1.4.4
EGA Exploratory Graph Analysis
EGA.estimate Estimates 'EGA' for Multidimensional Structures
EGA.fit 'EGA' Optimal Model Fit using the Total Entropy Fit Index ('tefi')
ega.wmt 'EGA' Network of 'wmt2'Data
EGAnet EGAnet-package
EGAnet-plot S3 Plot Methods for 'EGAnet'
Embed Time-delay Embedding
entropyFit Entropy Fit Index
ergoInfo Ergodicity Information Index
genTEFI Generalized Total Entropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum Information Theory) for correlation matrices
glla Generalized Local Linear Approximation
hierEGA Hierarchical 'EGA'
igraph2matrix Convert 'igraph' network to matrix
infoCluster Information Theoretic Mixture Clustering for 'dynEGA'
intelligenceBattery Intelligence Data
invariance Measurement Invariance of 'EGA' Structure
itemStability Item Stability Statistics from 'bootEGA'
jsd Jensen-Shannon Distance
LCT Loadings Comparison Test
modularity Computes the (Signed) Modularity Statistic
net.loads Network Loadings
net.scores Network Scores
network.estimation Apply a Network Estimation Method
network.generalizability Estimate the Generalizability of Network
network.predictability Predict New Data based on Network
optimism Optimism Data
plot.EGAnet S3 Plot Methods for 'EGAnet'
polychoric.matrix Computes Polychoric Correlations
prime.num Prime Numbers through 100,000
riEGA Random-Intercept 'EGA'
sim.dynEGA sim.dynEGA Data
simDFM Simulate data following a Dynamic Factor Model
tefi Total Entropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum Information Theory) for correlation matrices
TMFG Triangulated Maximally Filtered Graph
totalCor Total Correlation
totalCorMat Total Correlation Matrix
UVA Unique Variable Analysis
vn.entropy Entropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum Information Theory) for correlation matrices
wmt2 WMT-2 Data
wto Weighted Topological Overlap