Acoustic Telemetry Data Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘actel’ version 1.3.0

Help Pages

advEfficiency Calculate beta estimations for efficiency
blankWorkspace Create a Blank Workspace
completeMatrix Complete a Distances Matrix
createWorkspace Deprecated function.
dataToList Import RData in a list format
distancesMatrix Calculate Distances Matrix
dualArrayCJS Calculate estimated last-array efficiency
emptyMatrix Create a Template Distances Matrix
exampleWorkspace Deploy Example Data
explore Explorative Analysis
extractCodeSpaces Extract Code Spaces from transmitter names
extractSignals Extract signals from transmitter names
getSpeeds Extract speeds from the analysis results.
getTimes Extract timestamps from the analysis results.
loadSpatial Load Spatial File
migration Migration Analysis
plotArray Plot simultaneous/cumulative presences at a give array or set of arrays
plotDetections Plot detections for a single tag
plotLive Plot array live times
plotMoves Plot moves for one ore more tags
plotRatios Plot global/group residency
plotResidency Plot residency for a single tag
plotSensors Plot sensor data for a single tag
plotTimes Print circular graphics for time series.
preload Load a dataset before running an analysis
readDot Read dot file or string
recoverLog Recover latest actel crash log
residency Residency Analysis
shapeToRaster Load shapefile and convert to a raster object.
simpleCJS Analytical CJS model
stationName Find original station name
timesToCircular Convert a data frame with timestamps into a list of circular objects
transitionLayer Calculate Transition Layer