Analyzing Data with Cellwise Outliers

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Documentation for package ‘cellWise’ version 2.2.5

Help Pages

cellHandler cellHandler algorithm
cellMap Draw a cellmap
checkDataSet Clean the dataset
data_dogWalker Dog walker dataset
data_dposs DPOSS dataset
data_glass The glass dataset
data_mortality The mortality dataset
data_philips The philips dataset
data_VOC VOC dataset
DDC Detect Deviating Cells
DDCpredict DDCpredict
DI Detection-Imputation algorithm
estLocScale Estimate robust location and scale
generateCorMat Generates correlation matrices
generateData Generates artificial datasets with outliers
ICPCA Iterative Classical PCA
MacroPCA MacroPCA
MacroPCApredict MacroPCApredict
outlierMap Plot the outlier map.
transfo Robustly fit the Box-Cox or Yeo-Johnson transformation
truncPC Classical Principal Components by truncated SVD.
wrap Wrap the data.