Disaggregation Modelling

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Documentation for package ‘disaggregation’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

as.disag_data Function to fit the disaggregation model
build_mesh Build mesh for disaggregaton model
disaggregation-deprecated Deprecated functions in disaggregation
disag_model Fit the disaggregation model
dummy Roxygen commands
fit_model Fit the disaggregation model
getCovariateRasters Get a SpatRaster of covariates from a folder containing .tif files
getPolygonData Extract polygon id and response data into a data.frame from a sf object
getStartendindex Function to match pixels to their corresponding polygon
make_model_object Create the TMB model object for the disaggregation model
plot.disag_data Plot input data for disaggregation
plot.disag_model Plot results of fitted model
plot.disag_prediction Plot mean and uncertainty predictions from the disaggregation model results
predict.disag_model Predict mean and uncertainty from the disaggregation model result
predict_model Function to predict mean from the model result
predict_uncertainty Function to predict uncertainty from the model result
prepare_data Prepare data for disaggregation modelling
print.disag_data Print function for disaggregation input data
print.disag_model Print function for disaggregation fit result.
print.disag_prediction Print function for disaggregation prediction
summary.disag_data Summary function for disaggregation input data
summary.disag_model Summary function for disaggregation fit result
summary.disag_prediction Summary function for disaggregation prediction