Interface to the CIMIS Web API

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Documentation for package ‘cimir’ version 0.4-1

Help Pages

cimir-package cimir: Interface to CIMIS
cimir cimir: Interface to CIMIS
cimis_compass_to_degrees Compass Direction To Degrees
cimis_data Query CIMIS Data
cimis_degrees_to_compass Degrees to Compass Direction
cimis_flags CIMIS Data Flags
cimis_format_location Format CIMIS Station Location
cimis_items CIMIS Data Items
cimis_spatial_zipcode Query CIMIS Station Metadata
cimis_split_query Split CIMIS Query
cimis_station Query CIMIS Station Metadata
cimis_to_datetime To Datetime
cimis_zipcode Query CIMIS Station Metadata
is_key_set Specify CIMIS API key
remove_key Specify CIMIS API key
set_key Specify CIMIS API key