Big Data Mapping

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Documentation for package ‘bigMap’ version 2.3.1

Help Pages

bdm.boxp Clustering statistics box-plot.
bdm.cost ptSNE cost & size plot.
bdm.dMap Class density maps
bdm.dMap.plot Class density maps plot.
bdm.example Example dataset
bdm.fName Default bdm file name
bdm.init Create bdm instance
bdm.labels Get data-point clustering labels.
bdm.local Set/get default local machine name or IP address
bdm.merge.s2nr Merging of clusters based on signal-to-noise-ratio.
bdm.mybdm Set/get default path for mybdm
bdm.optk.plot Plots the signal-to-nois-ratio as a function of the number of clusters.
bdm.optk.s2nr Find optimal number of clusters based on signal-to-noise-ratio.
bdm.pakde Perplexity-adaptive kernel density estimation
bdm.pakde.plot Plot paKDE (density landscape)
bdm.ptsne Parallelized t-SNE
bdm.ptsne.plot Plot ptSNE (low-dimensional embedding)
bdm.qMap ptSNE quantile-maps Save bdm instance
bdm.scp Transfer bdm instance to a remote machine.
bdm.wtt Watertrack transform (WTT)
bdm.wtt.plot Plot WTT (clustering)