R Interface to the A/B Street Transport System Simulation Software

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Documentation for package ‘abstr’ version 0.4.1

Help Pages

ab_json Convert geographic ('sf') representation of OD data to 'JSON list' structure
ab_save Save OD data as JSON files for import into A/B Street
ab_scenario Generate A/B Street Scenario objects by disaggregating aggregate OD data
ab_sf Convert JSON representation of trips from A/B Street into an 'sf' object
ab_time_normal Generate times for A/B scenarios
leeds_buildings Datasets from Leeds
leeds_desire_lines Datasets from Leeds
leeds_houses Datasets from Leeds
leeds_od Datasets from Leeds
leeds_site_area Datasets from Leeds
leeds_zones Datasets from Leeds
montlake_buildings Example OSM Buildings Table for Montlake
montlake_od Example OD Table for Montlake
montlake_zones Example Zones Table for Montlake
sao_paulo_activity_df_2 Example Activity data for São Paulo
sao_paulo_activity_df_20 Example Activity data for São Paulo
sao_paulo_activity_sf_2 Example Activity data for São Paulo
sao_paulo_activity_sf_20 Example Activity data for São Paulo