Functions and Data for the Book "Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods", 5th Edition

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Documentation for package ‘ANSM5’ version 1.1.0

Help Pages

ansari.bradley Perform Ansari-Bradley test
app1 Data in Appendix 1
binom Perform Binomial test
blomqvist Calculate Blomqvist coefficient
bowker Perform Bowker's extension of McNemar's test Perform Breslow and Day test
bs Create bootstrap confidence interval
ch10 Data used in Chapter 10
ch11 Data used in Chapter 11
ch12 Data used in Chapter 12
ch13 Data used in Chapter 13
ch14 Data used in Chapter 14
ch15 Data used in Chapter 15
ch3 Data used in Chapter 3
ch4 Data used in Chapter 4
ch5 Data used in Chapter 5
ch6 Data used in Chapter 6
ch7 Data used in Chapter 7
ch8 Data used in Chapter 8
ch9 Data used in Chapter 9
chisqtest.ANSM Perform Chi-squared test
cochran.q Perform Cochran Q test
cohen.kappa Calculate Cohen's kappa
conover Perform Conover test using standard or squared ranks
control.median Perform Control median test
cox.stuart Perform Cox-Stuart test
cramer.von.mises Perform Cramer-von Mises test
fishertest.ANSM Perform Fisher exact test
friedman Perform Friedman test
friedman.lsd Perform Least Significant Differences test after the Friedman test
gehan.wilcoxon Perform Gehan-Wilcoxon test
hettmansperger.elmore Perform Hettmansperger and Elmore interaction test
hodges.ajne Perform Hodges-Ajne test
jonckheere.terpstra Perform Jonckheere-Terpstra test
kendall.concordance Calculate Kendall's concordance
kendall.tau Perform Kendall's tau
kruskal.wallis Perform Kruskal-Wallis test
kruskal.wallis.lsd Perform Least Significant Differences test after the Kruskal-Wallis test
kruskal.wallis.vdW Perform Kruskal-Wallis test with van der Waerden scores
kstest.ANSM Perform Smirnov test and Kolgomorov test
lik.ratio Perform Likelihood ratio test
lilliefors Performs Lilliefors test of Normality Perform Linear by linear association test
logoddsratio.2x2 Perform Log odds ratio test
logrank Perform logrank test
mantel.haenszel Perform Mantel-Haenszel test
med.test Perform Median test
mood Perform Mood test
moses.extreme.reactions Perform Moses test for extreme reactions
noether Calculate Noether approximation
normal.scores.test Perform Normal Scores test
oddsratio.2x2diff Perform test for difference in odds ratios
pearson Calculate Pearson correlation
pearson.beta Calculate Pearson beta
peto.wilcoxon Perform Peto-Wilcoxon test
pitman Perform Pitman test
print.ANSMstat Prints an ANSMstat object
print.ANSMtest Prints an ANSMtest object
rng.test Perform Range test
runs.2cat Perform Runs test for two categories
runs.ncat Perform Runs test for three or more categories
sgn.test Perform Sign test
shapirotest.ANSM Perform Shapiro-Wilk test of Normality
siegel.tukey Perform Siegel-Tukey test
spearman Calculate Spearman correlation
spearman.beta Calculate Spearman beta
theil.kendall Calculate Theil-Kendall beta
wilcoxon.mann.whitney Perform Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test
wilcoxon.signedrank Perform Wilcoxon signed-rank test
zelen Perform Zelen test