Powell Miscellaneous Functions for Teaching and Learning Statistics

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Documentation for package ‘CGPfunctions’ version 0.6.3

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aovtype2 Anova Tables for Type 2 sums of squares
bf_display Choose display type for BF formatting.
CGPfunctions CGPfunctions: A package of miscellaneous functions for teaching statistics.
chaidUS U.S. 2000 Election Data (short)
chaid_table Produce CHAID results tables from a partykit CHAID model
cross2_var_vectors Cross two vectors of variable names from a dataframe
Mode Derive the modal value(s) for a set of data
newcancer Tufte dataset on cancer survival rates
newgdp Tufte dataset on Gross Domestic Product, 1970 and 1979
newggslopegraph Plot a Slopegraph a la Tufte using dplyr and ggplot2
OurConf Plotting random samples of confidence intervals around the mean
Plot2WayANOVA Plot a 2 Way ANOVA using dplyr and ggplot2
PlotXTabs Plot a Cross Tabulation of two variables using dplyr and ggplot2
PlotXTabs2 Bivariate bar (column) charts with statistical tests
SeeDist SeeDist - See The Distribution
USvoteS U.S. 2000 Election Data (short)