Conduct Simulation Study of Bayesian Optimal Interval Design with BOIN-ET Family

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Documentation for package ‘boinet’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

boinet Conducting simulation study of BOIN-ET design
fp.logit Fractional polynomial logistic regression
gboinet Conducting simulation study of gBOIN-ET design
gridoptim Grid search to find optimal threshold values of toxicity and efficacy interval
multi.iso Model averaging of multiple unimodal isotopic regression Optimal biological dose selection
print.boinet Print boinet
print.gboinet Print gboinet
print.tite.boinet Print tite.boinet
print.tite.gboinet Print tite.gboinet
tite.boinet Conducting simulation study of TITE-BOIN-ET design
tite.gboinet Conducting simulation study of TITE-gBOIN-ET design
utility.scoring Utility defined by scoring
utility.truncated.linear Utility defined by truncated linear function
utility.weighted Utility defined by weighted function