Categorical Functional Data Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘cfda’ version 0.11.0

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cfda-package Categorical Functional Data Analysis
biofam2 Family life states from the Swiss Household Panel biographical survey
boxplot.timeSpent Boxplot of time spent in each state
care Care trajectories
compute_duration Compute duration of individuals
compute_number_jumps Compute the number of jumps
compute_optimal_encoding Compute the optimal encoding for each state
compute_time_spent Compute time spent in each state
convertToCfd Convert data to categorical functional data
cut_data Cut data to a maximal given time
estimate_Markov Estimate transition matrix and spent time
estimate_pt Estimate probabilities to be in each state
flours Flours dataset
generate_2State Generate data following a 2 states model
generate_Markov Generate Markov Trajectories
get_encoding Extract the computed encoding
get_state Extract the state of each individual at a given time
hist.duration Plot the duration
hist.njump Plot the number of jumps
matrixToCfd Convert a matrix to a cfda data.frame
plot.fmca Plot the optimal encoding
plot.Markov Plot the transition graph Plot probabilities
plotComponent Plot Components
plotData Plot categorical functional data
plotEigenvalues Plot Eigenvalues
predict.fmca Predict the principal components for new trajectories
print.fmca Print a 'fmca' object
remove_duplicated_states Remove duplicated states
statetable Table of transitions
summary.fmca Object Summaries
summary_cfd Summary