Exploratory Principal Component Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘epca’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

epca-package Exploratory Principal Component Analysis
absmin Absmin Rotation
absmin.criteria Absmin Criteria
cpve Cumulative Proportion of Variance Explained (CPVE)
dist.matrix Matrix Column Distance
distance Matrix Distance
exp.frac Calculate fractional exponent/power
fftshift ffshift
hard Hard-thresholding
inner Matrix Inner Product
labelCluster Label Cluster
misClustRate Mis-Classification Rate (MCR)
norm.Lp Element-wise Matrix Norm
permColumn Permute columns of a block membership matrix
pitprops Pitprops correlation data
polar Polar Decomposition
prewhiten Pre-whiten Image
print.sca Print SCA
print.sma Print SMA
prs Polar-Rotate-Shrink
pve Proportion of Variance Explained (PVE)
rootmatrix Find root matrix
rotation Varimax Rotation
sca Sparse Component Analysis
shrinkage Shrinkage
sma Sparse Matrix Approximation
soft Soft-thresholding
trim.fringe Trim Image
varimax Varimax Rotation
varimax.criteria The varimax criterion
vgQ.absmin Gradient of Absmin Criterion