A Wrapper to the 'BambooHR' API

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Documentation for package ‘bambooHR’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

build_url Build URL Endpoints with Company Domain and API Version
config_setup Create a JSON config file
get_company_file Retrieve A Company File.
get_employee Get employee data by specifying a set of fields.
get_employee_file Retrieve An Employee File
get_meta Get Meta Information
get_report Get Company Report
get_request Bamboo HR API get request wrapper
get_table Bamboo API get request wrapper for BambooHR tables
get_timeoff_policies Get Time Off policies
get_timeoff_requests Get Time Off Requests
get_timeoff_types Get Time Off Types
get_whos_out Get a list of Who's Out
response_view View Data About a Response.
use_config Use Config File