Climate Water Balance for Irrigation Purposes

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Documentation for package ‘CropWaterBalance’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

Compare Compare Data From Two Samples
CWB Crop Water Balance Accounting
CWB_FixedSchedule Crop Water Balance Accounting With Fixed Time Periods for Irrigation
DataForAWC Soil Texture and Plant Available Water Capacity (AWC)
DataForCWB Data for Water Balance Accounting
DataForSWC Typical Soil Water Characteristics for Different Soil Types (Teta)
Descriptive Descriptive Statistics for Weather Variables
Dinitial Soil Water Deficit in the Root Zone
ET0_HS Reference Evapotranspiration Using Hargreaves-Samani Method
ET0_PM Reference Evapotranspiration Using the Penman and Monteith Method
ET0_PT Reference Evapotranspiration Using the Preistley-Taylor Method
Soil_Heat_Flux Soil Heat Flux