Subset Partitioning via Anticlustering

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Documentation for package ‘anticlust’ version 0.5.6

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anticlust anticlust: Subset Partitioning via Anticlustering
anticlustering Anticlustering
balanced_clustering Create balanced clusters of equal size
categorical_sampling Random sampling employing a categorical constraint
dispersion_objective Cluster dispersion
diversity_objective (Anti)cluster editing "diversity" objective
fast_anticlustering Fast anticlustering
generate_partitions Generate all partitions of same cardinality
kplus_objective Objective value for the k-plus criterion
matching Matching
mean_sd_obj An objective function measuring similarity of sets
mean_sd_tab Means and standard deviations by group variable formatted in table
n_partitions Number of equal sized partitions
plot_clusters Visualize a cluster analysis
plot_similarity Plot similarity objective by cluster
schaper2019 Ratings for 96 words
variance_objective Objective value for the variance criterion
wce Exact weighted cluster editing