Analysis of Conflicting Claims

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Documentation for package ‘ClaimsProblems’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

AA Average of awards rule
allrules Summary of the division rules
APRO Adjusted proportional rule
CD Concede-and-divide rule
CE Constrained egalitarian rule
CEA Constrained equal awards rule
CEL Constrained equal losses rule
coalitionalgame Coalitional game associated with a claims problem
cumawardscurve Cumulative awards curve
deviationindex Deviation index
DT Dominguez-Thomson rule
dynamicplot Dynamic plot
giniindex Gini index
indexgpath Index path
lorenzcurve The Lorenz curve
lorenzdominance Lorenz-dominance relation
MO Minimal overlap rule
pathawards The path of awards for two claimants
pathawards3 The path of awards for three claimants
PIN Piniles' rule
plotrule Plot of an awards vector
PRO Proportional rule
problemdata Claims problem data
RA Random arrival rule
schedrule Schedules of awards of a rule
schedrules Schedules of awards of several rules
setofawards Set of awards vectors for a claims problem
Talmud Talmud rule
verticalruleplot Vertical rule plot