Analysis of Basketball Data

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Documentation for package ‘BAwiR’ version 1.2.7

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BAwiR-package Analysis of Basketball Data
acb_games_1718 ACB games 2017-2018
acb_players_1718 ACB players 2017-2018
capit_two_words Capitalize two-word strings
do_add_adv_stats Advanced statistics
do_EPS Efficient Points Scored (EPS)
do_four_factors_df Four factors data frame
do_join_games_bio Join games and players' info
do_map_nats Data frame for the nationalities map
do_OE Offensive Efficiency (OE)
do_scraping_games Player game finder data
do_scraping_rosters Players profile data
do_stats Accumulated or average statistics
do_stats_teams Accumulated and average statistics for teams
eurocup_games_1718 Eurocup games 2017-2018
eurocup_players_1718 Eurocup players 2017-2018
euroleague_games_1718 Euroleague games 2017-2018
euroleague_players_1718 Euroleague players 2017-2018
get_barplot_monthly_stats Barplots with monthly stats
get_bubble_plot Basketball bubble plot
get_four_factors_plot Four factors plot
get_games_rosters Get all games and rosters
get_heatmap_bb Basketball heatmap
get_map_nats Nationalities map
get_pop_pyramid Population pyramid
get_shooting_plot Shooting plot
get_similar_players Similar players to archetypoids
get_similar_teams Similar teams to archetypoids
get_stats_seasons Season-by-season stats
get_table_results League cross table
join_players_bio_age_acb Join ACB games and players' info
join_players_bio_age_euro Join Euroleague and Eurocup games and players' info
scraping_games_acb ACB player game finder data
scraping_games_euro Euroleague and Eurocup player game finder data
scraping_rosters_acb ACB players' profile
scraping_rosters_euro Euroleague and Eurocup players' profile